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  1. Thanks for your input how deep was yours ?
  2. Not really out on the bench but after a off on the bike left big bruising was told I might need to have a 30cm haematoma drained from thigh anyone had this before [emoji2368] just curious what to expect
  3. Hey when you want to ride message me [emoji106]
  4. Jump on 1+ at Big River if you are free ?
  5. congrats Frank welcome to the smokers club you will never look back ! Ringa ding ding
  6. Ha Ha thanks Cruiser Hey just let me know when you are up for a ride ! I dont aspire to be a crusty demon as previously stated just happy to be out there. Hope to ride soon Cheers Deb
  7. I the TE 150 ! Phew!! Never bought a bike with out ever riding it but the reviews and suggestions I received paid off Was a great transition into two strokes from the WRF250. OMG the weight or should I say lack of it was AMAZING ! Felt like I was riding a hoverboard. It has been set up pretty dumbed down or nanna style as I prefer to call it Just went for a quick ride 45kms and was able to make it up hills much easier than the 4T. I still have a big 2t learning curve ahead of me but thank god I love it and cant wait to get out again. Just thought I would let you guys know thanks for all the advice Cheers
  8. Thanks but not my colour of choice
  9. If I don't like it U could test ride mine and buy it
  10. I like your thinking simonj
  11. Yes I have and liked it the 150 just appeals to me more
  12. thanks for input but sadly no test ride available :( already called them
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