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  1. OMG what a day [emoji3] Tracey you have an awesome loop out at Tallarook ! Loved every minute of it [emoji6] thanks to Mark and Luke for sweeping. Great crew to ride with smiles all round. Highlight would be the optional track which everyone made it up [emoji3] thanks to Bear for his support and encouragement also [emoji6] one of the best dirtriderz ride so far [emoji3]
  2. This ride was amazing [emoji3] We all arrived about 9am was a bit chilly all geared up and briefing done we were on our way 9.30. Don’t ask me to name tracks as I just follow [emoji1787] we had a great mix of trails for the day which were challenging but not breaking gave a good sense of achievement. I think the group flowed really well. A great bunch of people to ride with Luke and I really enjoyed it. Big thanks to Bear for organising and Mess for sweeping and for everyone else for their encouragement and tips much appreciated. Let’s do it again [emoji3]
  3. I am not but think [mention]taylor715 [/mention] is
  4. What an awesome day [emoji3] First up we must thank Tracey for organising the ride and Arbo for sweeping. Tracey delivered a ride that was exactly as described we thank you and Mark for the effort of pre rides that you put in to making this day happen. Six of us camped the Saturday nite a few drinks and off to bed early. Woke at 7.30 waiting for others to arrive 9.30ish. The morning greeted us with a drizzle of rain but was clear while gearing up. It kept the dust down which was good considering there were 20 of us on the ride. Headed off to a mixture of fantastic tracks some smooth some rocky
  5. What a great weekend ! [emoji106]I was encouraged by DG to join this ride a bit above my comfort level [emoji51] Saturday was not the perfect start with weather and it got worse ! Big shout out to all who gave me encouragement to finish the ride I was pretty cold by the time we got to the woods point pub was ready to take road the back [emoji31] we pushed on and weather got a tiny bit better on the way back [emoji849] thank you [mention]stinky [/mention] and [mention]Bear [/mention]for looking after me now all warm and toasty I glad I have ticked that off my bucket list [emoji106] [mention]di
  6. Starglen lodge Bonnie Doon has basic accomodation too [emoji106][emoji3]
  7. I think 3 of the chicks have the Ktm 150 tpi not a 21 though
  8. Firstly big shout out to [mention]angelena [/mention] for getting this ride started and for sweeping for the day [emoji3] Thanks to [mention]Yates [/mention] for leading a great day out on the bikes. Small group which kept the dust down and smiles at then end of the day all around [emoji3] great day with some new and familiar faces !
  9. If your not sure about what level you are check this out Rider Grading Video Levels 1 - 3
  10. Welcome just what you ride where your interested in riding and what level you want to ride[emoji3]
  11. Bugger I am working [emoji31]otherwise would join you !
  12. When lock down ends happy for him to give my te150 a go