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  1. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

  2. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

    I the TE 150 ! Phew!! Never bought a bike with out ever riding it but the reviews and suggestions I received paid off Was a great transition into two strokes from the WRF250. OMG the weight or should I say lack of it was AMAZING ! Felt like I was riding a hoverboard. It has been set up pretty dumbed down or nanna style as I prefer to call it Just went for a quick ride 45kms and was able to make it up hills much easier than the 4T. I still have a big 2t learning curve ahead of me but thank god I love it and cant wait to get out again. Just thought I would let you guys know thanks for all the advice Cheers
  3. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

    Thanks but not my colour of choice
  4. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

    If I don't like it U could test ride mine and buy it
  5. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

    I like your thinking simonj
  6. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

    Yes I have and liked it the 150 just appeals to me more
  7. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

    thanks for input but sadly no test ride available :( already called them
  8. TooTimid

    2018 TE 150

    ok looking at one of these for my next bike I need to lose bike weight currently riding a WRF250F and I am a 1.5 to 2 level rider:) Does anyone know where I could possibly test ride one of these before I buy ? Thanks for reading Cheers Deb
  9. TooTimid

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Cruiser !!!!!!
  10. TooTimid

    Reefton Spur to Big River 2+

    Thanks for the ride. Had a ball. Perfect conditions and great company. Will make it up heart attack hill first go one day
  11. TooTimid

    Queens bday Monday Level 1+ At Neerim

    Thats right Frank cant wait to do it all again ! It was a great crew and such a fantastic day out the ride flowed really well ! Mmmm don't know about those stickers though
  12. TooTimid

    Queens bday Monday Level 1+ At Neerim

    Now back to the ride report The only disappointment was that Frank wouldn't swap bikes with me No thanks needed this is how the ride was. FANTASTIC
  13. TooTimid

    Queens bday Monday Level 1+ At Neerim

    I am very sorry hear of your mates friend accident KTM Shane and yes things can go wrong in a second unfortunately I have witnessed some of that over the years. But please let me assure that none of the tracks that Andy took us on were way out of the depth of the riders that attended. Of the 6 that attended there was only really two Level 1+ the rest were level 2 and 2+ riders. Me being one of the 1+ I have to say I was comfortably challenged and at no time did I feel threatened about my safety. I would have to rate this ride as one of the best I have been on and cant wait to go again.
  14. TooTimid

    Queens bday Monday Level 1+ At Neerim

    Andy obviously assessed how we were all riding as a group it was a great day challenging not breaking with plenty of help we all had fun
  15. Well Luke and I were not planning on riding today as we rode yesterday and Luke wanted sleep in but when I saw Badger66 had posted a 1+ ride at Neerim I could not help but pester Luke till he gave in I may have been a little bit excited (up at 5.40am) as I had not ridden Neerim since a level 2 ride some years back (which clearly I was not ready for) Met Andy Melissa Bill Lindon and Frank at servo quick chat and off to unloading area. Tracks were flowing still rutted as I remembered but grip was pretty good. A few flowing tracks and some "tight" fire trail which was challenging but achievable. Obviously the group was flowing so well that Andy took us through some more challenging tracks which included ruts as deep as seat height, bog holes and tree rooted uphills. All in all we all travelled well and plenty of help was offered when needed. Such a great group made it a fantastic day. Melissa you rock and took on every challenge thrown at you ! Cant wait to ride with you again. Thanks Andy for organising and Bill for sweeping. Well today made me fall in love with tracks at Neerim even though I am sure Andy threw in a few extra ++ or maybe +++++++++++++++++ this many. PS Andy when is the next one ??????