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  1. https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/media-releases/park-and-forest-closures It’s seems from this update most are open now
  2. Congrats on new bike ! When do you pick it up ?
  3. Whoo hoo got ours today ! Look feel and wear great [emoji106][emoji3] thanks
  4. From a girls point of view electric start would be the top my list nothing worse or more tiring trying to kick over a bike when ur learning and buggered[emoji848]
  5. Tried the enduro not very big from what I recall let’s go to narby one day for free [emoji2368] or kinglake
  6. Thanks for tagging me been before I suck at motor cross but was a good experience to give it a go [emoji23]
  7. sorry for being a pain just trying to understand all the insurance jargon
  8. What am I missing here [emoji2368]
  9. Do you have full reg when I looked tonite rec reg only fire and theft [emoji2368]
  10. Why full comp? is it road reg'd?
  11. I am interested too our insurance with Yamaha is also due for renewal for 3 2018 husky’s [emoji2368]
  12. To be honest I am probably not experienced enough to comment but I love the bike ! It works for me
  13. Didn’t swap carb jetting done by shop seems ok
  14. Never thought I would ever ride 2t but the 2018 150 husqvarna is awesome ! Sez you know it is good [emoji3][emoji3] u rode my mine [emoji106]
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