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    I started riding to keep up with my boys! Now they don't want to ride its just me and Hubby (Luke) :)

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  1. If your not sure about what level you are check this out Rider Grading Video Levels 1 - 3
  2. Welcome just what you ride where your interested in riding and what level you want to ride[emoji3]
  3. Bugger I am working [emoji31]otherwise would join you !
  4. When lock down ends happy for him to give my te150 a go
  5. I would love too BUT travs 18th tomorrow planning on a pub crawl before it all gets shut down [emoji23]
  6. Haven’t got my work roster yet will let you know ASAP [emoji106]
  7. I ride too slow to lead ! That’s why I thought I could get luke to lead [emoji6]
  8. Well keep an eye out for the next sunny day [emoji23]
  9. Been to Marysville more than a dozen times still don’t my way back LTJ70 happy to lead [emoji106] who wants to to travel that far for an easy ride [emoji2368]
  10. Firstly I can’t lead I just follow the leader [emoji23][emoji23] Maybe can talk LTJ70 into leading one there is a good loop at Narbethong but will have to wait when it’s a bit drier that red clay is a killer in the wet [emoji15] ask SEZA89[emoji23] the Marysville triangle is small and not too bad this time of year and is def a 1+ with optional level 2 track
  11. hi I am based in Mooroolbark small world let’s catch up soon although I am not quite a level 2 yet
  12. That’s no good [emoji31]
  13. Oh yes I went over the bars big time only bruise was on my thigh[emoji3061]