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  1. I put cruise on my 1090 and love it. I use it off-road as well let’s you relax and enjoy it more
  2. Ballarat-Robinvale-Menindee-Tilpa-Cobar-(North Bundy Station) Booroorban-Ballarat. My KTM 1090, 2 BMW gs 1200’s an Africa twin and a mighty DR650 were the steeds. The ride out of Ballarat was a boring one! We headed out to Murtoa to look at “the stick shed” a grain storage shed built in 1941 during world war 2. then it was off to Birchip for a beer and on to Robinvale for the night where we camped on the river. Day 2 seen us travel north (where we hit some serious dirt and sand) to mungo lodge for a bite to eat, it was only a short trip down the road to check out the old sheering sheds. Heading north still the next road was getting worse (sand was starting to get deeper) and our first “off “ happened in the group, A massive tank slapper at around 80 kms in the soft sand seen the Africa twin hit the deck. Bent pannier rack and a sore knee was the result afterward. we got going again and we headed to Menindee lakes to camp the night. Day 3 seen the Africa twin rider head to Broken hill as his knee wasn’t in a good way, this ended his adventure with a trip back to Ballarat. The rest of us headed north towards Wilcannia where one of the gs 1200’s decided to take a slide on some slippery wet red clay, unfortunately it cracked the rocker cover but we had to press on. Getting to Wilcannia we got some oil and some gasket goo and heading north to get to Tilpa for the night. We got to the Tilpa hotel (our accommodation for the night ) had a beer then set out repair the cracked rocker cover. Day 4 we set off and headed to Louth, only to find out the temp repair didn’t work and we needed some more oil. A trucking company helped out with some oil and we were off to Cobar to get it repaired properly. The first part of the road was thick sand ( some of the worst for the trip) but we settled in and made to our destination by lunchtime. A feed at the pub and a few beers seen us settle in to Cobar for the night. Day 5 the first wet day and our longest day on the road. We headed south, was a fairly boring day stopping for a feed in Hillston and on to North Bundy Station for our last night on the trip. We were meet by the owners Lisa and Peter with a box of beer and a well appreciated cheese and biscuit platter. Tomahawk steaks for dinner followed by homemade chocolate brownie with ice cream and a cooked breakfast (can’t recommend this place highly enough) Day 6 we headed to echuca for a coffee and ice cream then on to Bridgewater for lunch. One last beer at the Swiss Mountain Hotel then we parted ways and headed home.
  3. Lal Lal vic just outside of Buninyong !!!!!!!! Sorry Raffy22 couldn’t help myself 🤣😂
  4. Just picked up this klr650 and setting it up to do some weekends away to start with...hope to get away soon to test it out as we have a trip in Tassie planned for feb.
  5. That’s who I had lined up!!
  6. Whipped up a desk today for the missus now she’s working from home.
  7. Hi guys and gals, I have a slight dilemma.... I’ve bought a bike and had someone lined up to pick it up for me but now they can’t do it 😢 . so I’m asking if anyone can pickup a bike from Barellan ( near Griffith) and get it to either Albury or Mulwala so I can pick it up. will pay You for your time ! cheers 🍻
  8. Hi all im looking at buying a 3ton excavator and need it picked up from lillydale way and brought to Lal Lal near Ballarat was just after a price for transport if someone can help out ? cheers legends
  9. I’ll get the suspension set up but it’s sounds like a wet fart... I do tyres every winter
  10. Ok so I found a really good fe350 and went with that .... thanks for the input guys
  11. I live at Lal Lal so most of my riding will be out there ..... 4t
  12. So the time has come when I’m in the market for a new bike. im leaning towards the xc 350. i want to know the good and bad points people have...... and what you guys would recommend!! cheers Darren
  13. Could I please get 1 m grey/black no zip 1 xl black/red no zip 1 2xl gunmetal/orange no zip thankyou ta
  14. I’m in for a few. Got a colour chart like last time ?
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