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  1. Gibbit

    Finke Desert Race

    Bit of practice in the whoops before I fried the clutch. Yes it looks slow but I don't want to fall off and scratch it yet. Parts should be here this week to get it going again just in time to drive the 3,000km to Alice. VSb7lGYgYeU&feature
  2. Gibbit

    Finke Desert Race

    Haha. Running 16/46 to reduce the vibration. Pulls it easily and yes it will hit warp speed if your game.
  3. Gibbit

    Finke Desert Race

    You did. It was quite scary how well it handled the whoops. Braking and corners are not so confidence inspiring.
  4. Gibbit

    Finke Desert Race

    Had a good training day today.
  5. Gibbit

    Finke Desert Race

    I'm in this year.
  6. Gibbit

    Best Rear Tyre For A Yz250

    How do the MX51's hold up these days? I used them a few years ago and they where awesome, but I got sick of the side knobs falling off.
  7. Gibbit

    Best Rear Tyre For A Yz250

    I have found the Xtra-X pretty good on the front. What conditions where you using them in when the grip was terrible? I reckon they are a bit skatey in wet hard-pack but otherwise are good. I might have to try the S12's. I have been using the Pirelli 554 on the rear with good results in both grip and wear. Most of my riding is more hard-pack and rocky conditions.
  8. Gibbit

    Yz250 For Bush?

    My YZ250. I do occasionally use it on the MX track but mainly I use it for enduro and did Finke on it last year. I retarded the timing a couple of degrees to soften the power hit and make it a little more torquey. It re-valved the suspension for the bush and put WR426 gears in to give it a wide ratio gearbox. IMS tank, force bash plate, MSC damper ect. Love it to bits.
  9. Gibbit

    My Rm500 Resto

    Any more updates yet??
  10. Gibbit

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Thanks fellers. Don't feel a day over 21!
  11. Gibbit

    Finke 2015 What Do I Need?

    The proframe and leatt go like finger in bum.
  12. Gibbit

    Finke 2015 What Do I Need?

    I like the fox proframe. It gives plenty of freedom in the shoulders but still give protection from roost/rocks which there is plenty of on the Finke track.
  13. Gibbit

    Finke Desert Race

    Different bike.
  14. Gibbit

    Finke 2015 What Do I Need? This was my ride report if you haven't already seen it. Came 152nd that year and about 120th in 2014. 2016 will be my next year although I could get a gig being a sweep rider this year. My 2016 finke bike is coming together nicely.