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  1. Ahh bugger I just got myself 2 new gear sets (one isn't enough when you get your first Sherco) had I have known I might have gone the RAT!
  2. Was another awesome day out on the bikes at Dissa being led by the man with the bushy brows. This bloke knows the place like the back of his hand and leads a good ride regardless of the level. The lvl3 2 weeks ago was a really good ride and this week's 2+ was equally as much fun. Don't hesitate to jump on a Bushy ride at Dissa!
  3. Yeah I love this button thing and now that I've got one I can flaunt it! Not to mention how much better it is at everything. It's like cheating in comparison.
  4. Yeah it does Sean. We had a big 3 phase one at work many jobs ago that had a diesel heater to heat the water. It made minced meat of caked on grease and what not.
  5. So a bit over 100k's and 5 hrs later all I can say is that I love this thing already. Absolutely awesome bike, worth every penny👌
  6. I've had 2 karchers that have had the plastic pressure switch housings crack. I believe you can get a Gerni from Bunnings for around 500 bucks that has an aluminum pressure switch housing. When my cheap Starke one completely dies I'll be getting one of those.
  7. Not to mention the twin chamber KYB's😀
  8. I only went out by myself to run it in today, about 19k's in total. It will take a bit of getting used to, some further adjustments and stuff but overall I'm pretty happy so far. It goes good, steers fantastic and the suspension seems to work pretty good stock. It's not quite love yet but it definitely will be.
  9. Ships have docked...containers have been distributed...watch this space...
  10. Dann

    Dissa Fun!!

    Awesome day out Bushy, these rides of yours are going to fill up quick👍
  11. That's good info thanks. I'm pretty sure I've got those needles brand new in the package. I'm getting it from Ballarat, they're going to jet it for me so I'll see what they put in and run it in like that before I start to muck around. Hopefully I get it this month, but I've been saying that for 2 months now...
  13. I'm happy to do it for you Dusty, was waiting for someone on your side of town to chime in first. I work in South Kingsville, can meet you just over the bridge if you like. Do you need it for this weekend?
  14. It was a good day out, I had heaps of fun and it was good to ride with you guys again. Looking forward to the next one.
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