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  1. Dann

    Hoffs Dissapointment.

    Yeah totally agree with you about the bolt hoff. If that's their opinion then for one they're admitting that their product is sub par and secondly where does it say in the workshop manual that the motor requires a full dismantle/reassemble after the warranty period is over?
  2. Dann

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Big thanks to Coggs, 2t4me amd Buzz for for leading the rides and thank you to everyone else who chipped in with the cooking and stuff, these rides are great and wouldn't happen without you. I had some good fun on Coggs's lvl2 ride, good tracks, good crew and the ride was flowing well. Dazzas battery was a bit of a fizzer, very lucky we got that thing out asap with no damage done to the new steed and good to see a modern dirt bike that will still run without a battery. After having a long break from riding it was great to get out and catch up with everyone and enjoy a few beers after the ride.
  3. Dann

    The great debate, wholly smokes.

    Gun rider wants a 2 stroke? Get a YZ250, it may not look exotic but "he" will spend more time riding it with a big grin than looking at it. Dirt cheap in the second hand market too.
  4. Dann


    Congratulations guys and well done! With all the effort and training you've had to put in which always comes with increased risk, you've done really well making it over there and such an awesome experience that will be hard to top, I can't wait to hear all about it out on the trail. Well done!
  5. Dann

    Otways fun with TurboTim 3 June 18

    Hello hello Thoroughly enjoyed the vid Bruce, looks like you guys had a great day out, got me frothing at the gills...
  6. Dann

    Careful out there lads n ladies

    Willful endangerment of life is a 10yr prison sentence, nuff said...
  7. Dann

    TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    That sucks Noods, time to upgrade to a carb 2 stroke I reckon
  8. Dann

    running on empty at Dindi

    Can't give too much info yet but had an mri this arvo, won't know anything till Monday probably. Was on crutches yesterday but thanks to a nice cocktail of drugs I'm able to hobble around without them today. It doesn't feel like it wants to collapse when I stand on it so that's a good sign.
  9. Dann

    running on empty at Dindi

    I forgot to thank everyone for helping me load up, thanks guys
  10. Dann

    running on empty at Dindi

    Thanks to Cruiser, Nath and Cujo for lead and sweep duties, was a good ride while it lasted (for me), had my mojo going for a little while there until I lost the front wheel and basically hit the deck doing the splits and twisted my left knee. Just kicking back with a beer and an ice pack, a little disappointed and really bad timing for an injury but I've had worse, still better go to the doctor tomorrow. Until next time...
  11. Dann

    What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Seeing 3 of my workmates get sacked because there's "no work" only for them to be replaced by casuals 2 days later, casuals who are being ripped off by getting the same hourly rate as the full timers mind you
  12. Dann

    Buzz's "cruisy" level 3 ride

    I'm hearing ya Sabo, had it all last week, was hoping to get on this ride but didn't want to make everyone else sick
  13. Dann

    Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    Hey Hoff I think you're on to something with the fuel discussion we had at Neerim. I used BP 95 and the bike ran like an absolute dream, thanks heaps for the suggestion mate
  14. Dann

    Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    I had a good chuckle while I was sitting near the bottom of swamp hill, everywhere I looked on that hill there were people either trying to take off or picking there bikes up or turning around. It was a perfect moment for the Benny Hill music.
  15. Dann

    Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    Just like to thank Gypsy, Coggs and Buzz for putting this epic day of multi level MOTO heaven together, I for one had a great day and thank you guy's for all the effort you put in to make it happen. Buzz's 3+ loop was awesome, if we weren't climbing massive shaley hills we were smashing creek beds or negotiating severe off camber terrain and having the time of our lives, definitely one of the best rides I've had this year, can't thank everyone enough! Goat track was a cracker, borerline ridiculous, good stuff Buzz!