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  1. First off I'd like to thank Fab for posting this ride up and also for not cancelling it due to the lack of interest. With just the 3 of us it was great, we rode with minimal stops and pumped the loop out quite efficiently. I spent the lead up to this ride watching the weather and with a forecast of nearly 30 I was expecting a hot and dusty crappy day but I was totally wrong. Somehow most of the soil throughout the day was moist and the only dust to deal with was on the gravel roads which was great and it never felt like it got anywhere near 30 either. There was a good mix of tracks with a
  2. Yesterday's ride was great fun, Riles lead a nice fun loop and I had a really good time. It rained every day this week and I knew it was going to be a bit wet, was starting to worry if my shagged tyre was going to cut the mustard but it was fine. The conditions were fantastic really, a bit slippery in places but overall perfect for Wombat. Highlight of the day for me was having a little friendly battle with Eric, he likes to make cheeky (cheap) passes on me sometimes so I started closing the door on him where I could. There was a few moments of light contact, overlapping and banging
  3. As much as I hate to admit it a mate of mine has one and apart from normal wear an tear it hasn't missed a beat. Off the top of my head it's done well over 200hrs and he's been changing the piston at the 100hr mark with no issues.
  4. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Cruiser pieced together a good fun loop around Warby which had a bit of everything. You couldn't dream of having better conditions this time of year and it definitely made the ride. I had a bunch of fun. Back at his place the beers and banter were going down sensationally and so did the epic feast that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. This guy is a masterchef! Thanks for having me Cruiser, you're a man of many talents.
  5. I saw the number 44 on the side as he rode towards us, was a little confused for a second then remembered Buzz sold it. He was out with his sons enjoying the beautiful sunny day it was after a full night of rain. We had a bit of a chat, he's happy with the bike.
  6. That video cuts me deep guys. So now you all know why I just keep riding my 14 model...oh and by the way the engine is unchanged from 1999 not 1994...just thought I'd clear that up...
  7. Crossed paths with this particular bike today out at Wombat. Nice!
  8. Your bike was stolen, you deserve to have it back. I wouldn't be worrying about the guy who bought it without checking the vin number, as a matter of natural selection if you will he deserves to loose the bike for being a moron. I would be more inclined to think that between puffs of the crack pipe he's come up with some theory that after 5 years the cops have washed their hands of it and it's good to go. Just my 2 cents...
  9. Regarding flash, we built these massive tanks once and used a quickie to do almost 14 meter long 6mm continuous fillets. It would take nearly an hour and the operator would have to watch it the whole time and adjust the sideways knob. Wearing flash glasses under your sheild you'd still cop it and no matter how hard you tried to put screens up everyone in the vicinity was copping it too. The flash victims were dropping like flies.
  10. If it weren't for injuries I'd clock up a lot more hours on mine too but I don't have a lot of disposal income and can't afford the ridiculous price for a tpi top end every 75 hrs or whatever it is if you change the oil pump every time. I'm happy with my set up.
  11. I have a mint XR400 that I aquired from my old man. There's been times when I was waiting for parts and decided to ride it, had a good ride at Dissa on it once actually. The suspension is stock so it's not hard to find the limitations there but set up properly I think it would handle reasonably well. The lower ground clearance is noticeable on logs. It eats hills for breakfast though and absolutely loves the high speed slides on the gravel road. You can ride it all day and I will go so far as to say it's the best steering bike I have (XR riders from back in the day will know what I mean) and I
  12. Maybe I wouldn't wait until the grass is knee high if I had a mower like that
  13. The whole weight saving thing makes me laugh. They have managed to produce an adr compliant bike with lights, wiring and a battery that weighs the same as a Jap mx bike. The engine cases are so thin you must run a thermo fan to prevent overheating, the plastics are held together with minimal hardware so after the first time you stack you have to hold everything together with cable ties. I've seen the top shock mount on a tpi frame, I think a dinner fork would be stronger. I see a lot of guys on orange and white bikes having to refit their front guard on the trail after toppling over because so