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  1. I had a misfire on my YZ250 when it was pretty new, turned out to be a loose connection in the first electrical plug from the stator. It took me quite a while to figure it out, just happened to notice the plastic was a little bit melted when I was blowing water out of the plugs. Worth a look if you can't find anything wrong with the kill switch.
  2. It's starting to sink in but I'm waiting till late September early October. It's killing me! A part of me wants to quit drinking and pump up the tyres on my mtb, try and improve the cardio a little bit over the next couple of months but that part of me only comes out after a few beers 😂
  3. Yeah I finally decided to update and put a deposit on Brand- Sherco Model- SE 300 factory Terrain- General trail riding
  4. "Will not be impacted" as in you're still allowed to ride on named tracks and roads. All the tracks will have gates on them and the gravel roads will be the only place you can ride. Even the adv guy's will be devastated.
  5. That's bull. The only place you can legally ride a dirtbike in a national park is the well groomed roads to and from the information board. All 4wd tracks will be gated off but for maybe one or two that are seasonal closure that you could drive a car through, in winter when it's seaseonally closed. National park is national park. I've signed and shared this petition with as many people I can.
  6. C'mon guys, in a world of gender and racial equality "that guy" lives matter
  7. Awesome day out at Chewton, with all the wild weather of late the place was in primo condition. There was no dilly dally thanks to Riles keeping the group moving with minimal stopping. We had the majority of the loop smashed out by 1:30 which gave us a couple of hours of extra fun. I don't know if it's just me but I find that place relentlessly tiring, if I had a dollar for every time the bike unexpectedly tried to throw me off...so many loose rocks that you don't notice. Thanks for posting it up Riles and thanks Marko for sweeping all day. Was good to ride with a couple of people I haven't seen for a while and I had fun. Until next time!
  8. Been wanting to get out to Mt Cole on one of Pete's rides for ages and I'm glad I finally did. What a great place, just like Cobaw only bigger and awesome to ride in the wet just the same. Was a good mix of tracks throughout the day with a nice technical downhill towards the end which would be a challenge to ride up. Would definitely love to go back for some more of that stuff... Thanks for the day Pete, I had a good ride and keen for another some time.
  9. I've got my eye on the Sherco's and as I understand it you can order the 22 factory range now and get one mid July. Otherwise you have to wait until early September.
  10. Great thread Buzz just thought I'd chime in. It's about time I got a new bike, it's been playing on my mind for a while now. I rode a Sherco 300 with kyb's last year and really liked it. Now we all take other people's bikes for a spin and think yeah that was alright or nah or whatever but this was like a defining moment for me. Safe to say I have a genuine interest and kinda working towards getting a 2022 model...maybe Got a few questions if you don't mind. Just wondering how you go with spare parts like say doing a top end, is it something you need to plan ahead for or can you have it sorted in a few days? Things like levers, sprockets, brake pads and disks, are they easy to get or interchangeable with other more common bikes? How did it hold up through summer in regards to overheating? Do you know of any other people to have a cdi fail?
  11. It was the only job I had to do, should've taken 5 minutes lol!
  12. Went to change the fuel screw on an fcr carb to a hand adjustable one and the tiny washer stayed in the carb for a second then fell out. A spent a few hours crawling around on the floor and drank 3/4 of a bottle of Jack Daniels looking for it. I eventually found it in the rear shock and then managed to drop it again and loose it for good. What an evening...
  13. First off I'd like to thank Fab for posting this ride up and also for not cancelling it due to the lack of interest. With just the 3 of us it was great, we rode with minimal stops and pumped the loop out quite efficiently. I spent the lead up to this ride watching the weather and with a forecast of nearly 30 I was expecting a hot and dusty crappy day but I was totally wrong. Somehow most of the soil throughout the day was moist and the only dust to deal with was on the gravel roads which was great and it never felt like it got anywhere near 30 either. There was a good mix of tracks with a few nice ones I haven't ridden before, I really enjoyed them. All in all it was a great day out and thanks again Fab, until next time!
  14. Yesterday's ride was great fun, Riles lead a nice fun loop and I had a really good time. It rained every day this week and I knew it was going to be a bit wet, was starting to worry if my shagged tyre was going to cut the mustard but it was fine. The conditions were fantastic really, a bit slippery in places but overall perfect for Wombat. Highlight of the day for me was having a little friendly battle with Eric, he likes to make cheeky (cheap) passes on me sometimes so I started closing the door on him where I could. There was a few moments of light contact, overlapping and banging bars, maybe even a brake check at one stage...oh and taking advantage of every puddle when I was in front of him hehehe. If I accidentally roosted anyone else by accident during this then I apologize. We were both laughing in our helmets though it was fun. Just like to thank Riles for posting it up and everyone else who came along, it was a great day out on the bikes and looking forward to the next one.
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