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  1. TBRiders Out West ride, Sat 18th

    That sucks Noods, time to upgrade to a carb 2 stroke I reckon
  2. running on empty at Dindi

    Can't give too much info yet but had an mri this arvo, won't know anything till Monday probably. Was on crutches yesterday but thanks to a nice cocktail of drugs I'm able to hobble around without them today. It doesn't feel like it wants to collapse when I stand on it so that's a good sign.
  3. running on empty at Dindi

    I forgot to thank everyone for helping me load up, thanks guys
  4. running on empty at Dindi

    Thanks to Cruiser, Nath and Cujo for lead and sweep duties, was a good ride while it lasted (for me), had my mojo going for a little while there until I lost the front wheel and basically hit the deck doing the splits and twisted my left knee. Just kicking back with a beer and an ice pack, a little disappointed and really bad timing for an injury but I've had worse, still better go to the doctor tomorrow. Until next time...
  5. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    Seeing 3 of my workmates get sacked because there's "no work" only for them to be replaced by casuals 2 days later, casuals who are being ripped off by getting the same hourly rate as the full timers mind you
  6. Buzz's "cruisy" level 3 ride

    I'm hearing ya Sabo, had it all last week, was hoping to get on this ride but didn't want to make everyone else sick
  7. Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    Hey Hoff I think you're on to something with the fuel discussion we had at Neerim. I used BP 95 and the bike ran like an absolute dream, thanks heaps for the suggestion mate
  8. Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    I had a good chuckle while I was sitting near the bottom of swamp hill, everywhere I looked on that hill there were people either trying to take off or picking there bikes up or turning around. It was a perfect moment for the Benny Hill music.
  9. Grand Final lvl3+ Dissa

    Just like to thank Gypsy, Coggs and Buzz for putting this epic day of multi level MOTO heaven together, I for one had a great day and thank you guy's for all the effort you put in to make it happen. Buzz's 3+ loop was awesome, if we weren't climbing massive shaley hills we were smashing creek beds or negotiating severe off camber terrain and having the time of our lives, definitely one of the best rides I've had this year, can't thank everyone enough! Goat track was a cracker, borerline ridiculous, good stuff Buzz!
  10. Friday Grand Final Mt Dissa Ride

    C'mon now, 2 strokes don't suck, motorcycle dealers that cut corners suck, I'll bet they charged you for "pre delivery" and handed you a bike that needed a basic thing like the float level set...which should be set to perfection from factory anyway but that's what you get eh. Once you've got it dialed you'll love it don't worry.
  11. A good snug fit around your upper and lower leg and most importantly on either side of your knee. Try the different pads that go either side of your knee until there's no play at all, a nice tight fit. Knee braces aren't meant to be super comfortable, if you can't tell you're wearing them they're not going to work properly.
  12. NEERIM 3+. 22/9

    If it makes you feel any better I was captain snooze at 5pm...just having a nanna nap...
  13. NEERIM 3+. 22/9

    Just like to thank Mick for putting it on, haven't been to Neerim since March so thought I'd better go and ride before the weather started to warm up...epic timing for some random hot weather eh! The ride flowed well with no hiccups and was nice to see some new additions to the loop since I was there last. It's definitely worth the 2hr drive I reckon, hopefully get back there soon. Thanks to Gypsy and Marko for sweep duties and everyone else for a fun squirt, till next time.
  14. Crack heads are everywhere these days, be very careful...
  15. Clutch recomendations?

    I buy oem stuff from Japan sometimes from "webike", some stuff is heaps cheaper, some stuff is the same as here. Check it out