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  1. At least with a Japanese bike you don't have to worry about ktm buying the company and discontinuing your ride making spare parts unobtainable. It won't be a question of Jap vs Euro it will be a question of Jap vs ktm soon.
  2. Yeah it's great. Wath tv, crank the tunes, dinner going on the stove etc but fresh chain lube and freshly oiled filters are best kept outside otherwise it makes my eyes water lol!
  3. Had a bit of a moment there but I worked it out. As a bachelor I have 6 bikes in the house and my lounge room set up as a workshop with 2 benches and some yellow tongue to protect the floor. It's not for everyone. WD40 is your friend!
  4. Yeah they were the times, kept the boys honest nonetheless lol
  5. What an awesome day, I had so much fun. Rides like this only come around every now and again and they're the ones thak keep the spark light and make you hang for more. With the conditions as wet as they were Dusty showed no mercy with the track selections. At times when I knew what was coming the word "sadistic" was in the back of my mind like a neon sign but it was never that bad and made for a great ride! I loved it, thank you.
  6. If you mean new as in brand new, before you put anything on it grease every bearing on the bike properly and you'll get 4 times the life out of them. Then put all the accessories Gypsy said.
  7. I have to get to Goughs one day
  8. Dann

    BenG is a hero

    Excellent job. Well done Ben!
  9. Was an awesome day out at Dissa today, thanks for posting it up Dusty I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice cruisey lvl 3 with some great tracks in the loop that definitely lived up to level. The conditions were damn near perfect with all the rain we've had lately, a tad slippery in a few places but the hamburgers and 3rd gear hill had plenty of traction to offer, I'd say about as good as it gets. One of the sisters on the other hand was just being a bitch. There was a few attempts and a bit of cursing there but everyone gave it a red hot go. A few nice creeks were covered, always good fun and worth the wet boots. Later in the day we came across a group of fully sick bros riding somewhere they probably shouldn't have been, sermed like there was a path of ruts and destruction behind them...annoying but what can you do. Until next time!
  10. Put a large zinger stacker boxed meal up on top and I'll have a go!
  11. 99 YZ250 - HAPPY 14 YZ250 - HAPPY
  12. Another advocate for the flight vest, best piece of riding gear I've bought. It comes with a 2 litre bladder but you can easily fit a full 3 litre in there which I do. With the even distribution of weight I carry over 7kg of stuff and can barely tell compared to a backpack. Heaps of front pockets which are handy for quick tools, snacks, phone etc.
  13. Dann

    Yess.. freedom

    Just after reading RIDER'S post a mate sent me a screenshot of that Husky and I guess I overreacted a bit.
  14. Dann

    Yess.. freedom

    Just a heads up to everyone it seems that people have been sabotaging tracks with cables and spikes and what not during this lockdown time. Be very careful, take it easy and look ahead.
  15. I have to say that I totally agree. Yamaha Australia want too much money for that bike, and the wide ratio box is only 3rd to 5th. In the really tight stuff the long mx 1st gear is poo.
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