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  1. craigsx250

    Chain guard busted.?

    Lookes stock to me your tyre is way to big that is the problem. Arfter market wise I have seen stainless but the same would happen
  2. craigsx250

    Peak hour traffic

    I drive truck 3 days a week don't get me started on **** head brain dead drivers .The best of them all is the out of control mobile phone use while driving I'm high up I see it all . I don't now how most drivers got there license I think thay brought it of the internet as thay have no fen ideer.
  3. craigsx250

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Now we are getting somewhere. I'm to old and the body is stuffed so it would be used mailey for open fire trails. As my back is nackered the weight of the bike is paramount.I can ride narrow stuff on my 500 but the weight is a killer .Ive allways owned 300 but in old age I find the 4 bangers a little easer to ride and yes a mxer is so cheap.
  4. craigsx250

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    350/450 no comparison . Thanks Eagle good see some positive compared to all the negative hope he chimes in .
  5. craigsx250

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    No input as yet frome someone that owns one . Suspension, gearing changed as would expect , flame outes, overheating interesting . I would have thought it would be easer to ride than my 13/ 250 sx with jetting ,suspension ,GERING changes,was a very nice bike to ride .
  6. Looking for input from those that have one I'm getting of my 2012 500 exc looking for weight reduction at 101 KG THE SX 450 e start lookes good but are thay suitable for a average trail rider .
  7. I'm surprised to here he is still going he must be as old as the hills . Twenty years ago he had a shitfull reputation plus I've never understood why anybody would pay to go riding . I'd take him to the small claims to recover payment for the damages.
  8. craigsx250

    Show Us Your Bike

    Choice of 3
  9. craigsx250

    Who has an Adventure bike.? Or is getting one

  10. craigsx250

    What Have U Done To Your Bike This Week

    ADVED the new ride full reg rack on the back
  11. craigsx250

    Dirtriderz Fitness Support

    Pushy for me to old to run walk knees and back rooted .
  12. See you finally made it here how is the knee going.
  13. craigsx250

    Bike insurance who do you recommend

    YOUI been with them for years . Friend was with them bike got stolen thay treated him like shit .
  14. craigsx250

    KTM EXC 300 vs Beta 300rr

    Why pay big dollars for a lectron pay small dollars for a 16 keihin put that on . I'm in the same boat no money love my 13 / 300 but I have ridden my sons 17 / 300 yumey
  15. craigsx250

    KTM EXC 300 vs Beta 300rr

    My son and his mate brought 2 / 17 300 KTM I jeted both with jets supplied no air box modes no changing position of Carby both run sweet . My son has had new 300 for the last 5 years and this one is the best so far .