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  1. Another newbie from Melbourne

    250 full rego is cheaper also at $505 compared to larger bikes which is good value. Full rego is handy for heating up the seperate gearbox oil on the hondas with a ride around the street when you're doing oil changes. [emoji106] It was below $500 but they put it up.
  2. Goldentyre 216AA

    Yeh for sure,not likely. Unfortunately we have nobody in aus even near these top guys and no prospects that can challenge at these extreme enduro events to cheer on. In silver class we have some great riders.
  3. Another newbie from Melbourne

    Welcome mate. The 250x is a great bike with ample power and is very capable. Showa suspension is great and the bike is reliable and easy to get parts for. Valves were an issue and needed regular attention but your bike should be fixed by now with better aftermarket valves. Rec reg is ok for most posted forum rides but if doing pub or high country rides full reg is the go as you will be riding into and through towns. Start with a level 2 ride found in the organised rides section to get a feel for your riding level. It will be more fun for you and others. Level 3 and 4 are big steps so take your time and get some ride fitness under your belt.
  4. Goldentyre 216AA

    Yes he could but age will catch up eventually. Roman beat him last weekend with Teasdale 3rd. Two young impressive sherco riders getting better and better each day.
  5. Goldentyre 216AA

    Not sure about now? He actually had pirellis on the other week. They will ride whoever pays them the most. Gt have recently moved from shinko making them so i'm not sure where they are made now. Shinko makes the same 216 tyre now that you can buy,so another option. I've used the fronts and found them good for grip but the side knobs broke off to easily for me, a paying customer. This really pisses me off when the middle knobs are almost still perfect,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Never used the bigger 90/100 as it looks to big for me so can't comment on it.I've heard differing reports on it, from great and poor.
  6. Your existing dust covers should be ok.
  7. Andy fork oil should be done every 40-50hrs for trailriding to keep the bike healthy and handling well. This could be stretched out a bit longer if your not riding in mud or wet conditions and you have a good maintainance schedule. I always change fork oil before and after the winter riding season. Now that you've left it so long, you will most likely need to change the fork bushings as they will be worn and the forks will be apart,so they're easy to change. I pop the dust seals down after every wet muddy ride and clean up in there between the dust and oil seal. This limits leaks and works well. Once the mud and grit is in there it can't get out and it works it's way into the fork and wears the internals. I don't clean in between the oil seal and forktube unless it's leaking as it stretches the seal and crap gets it more easily.
  8. Portable Fridge

    Engel are great fridges but the 60ltr is very heavy on battery power in comparison to a 60ltr waeco. Something to consider if you are basecamping for more then a day with no other charging supplies. Solar will help but sometimes on overcast days you will get minimal charging. If consumption doesn't matter go engel. If consumption is important go engel. Engel are louder to, which can be an issue if your sleeping near them in the van or camper trailer. Arb fridges used to be rebadged engels but now they are not. I don't know much about them so can't help there but no doubt they would be good quality. I've had 2 engels,1 waeco and a national luna and they were all great with no problems.
  9. Chain Issues

    Loosen axle blocks is best as the chain probably needs adjustment anyway or just split the joining link (if it's a clip link joiner) on the chain and rejoin it once the chains on.
  10. Stokie fatal accident

    Great rider,such sad news,RIP champ.
  11. As you stated,the rear sprocket is pretty toasted, front is worn but would go a bit more. You could get at least another ride out of the set but replacement is the go especially if your tackling any longer rides. Letting a group down on an organised ride is not much fun for anybody. Check your chainslider and rear guide also for wear. ktm pds bikes rear sliders wear well but the rear guides usually wear out quicker especially if you've been riding in wet muddy conditions.
  12. You'll have to remove 2 links so you can rejoin it. Master or rivet are fine. Rivet is more reliable but can make trail repairs harder or impossible if you don't carry a chainbreaker. If you carry a breaker,master link and some chain links in your back pack on rides then a rivet link is ok to use.
  13. Original ktm (braking brand) are a bit better for stopping power then motomaster but more expensive. Motomaster are down a notch but still ok. Pads wise, oem,braking,ebc or dp sintered pads are great.
  14. Mounting garmin 62s

    The bottom roller is not needed anyway. Just use zipties,elastic bands or cut down pushbike tube rings to make sure the gps stays put in the cradle and it never moves,to easy. Remove the roller before you even use it,it is junk. I've had the ram mount for 5yrs and i ride tight gnarly terrain every weekend and i have never had an issue. Billet mount is better,yes, but they were not around till recently and they are alot dearer and not essential,especially if your money is tight.
  15. KTM 500 exc f

    Which year are you talking about and you buying new or used? In general- Pro's - great hillclimber,high country,open terrain bike. Extremely fast, good fuel economy, long piston life, reliable,can handle tight terrain with extra input. Pds rear which is easier maintainance and has good ground clearance. Cons- heavy feel and high engine enertia for tighter terrain while in motion,not much fun for extreme type slow riding but it's doable if your very fit. Wp suspension needs work for most riders,springs and a revalve. The bike is great with no real problems. Riding style and preferred terrain will determine whether the bike will suit you.