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  1. cluffie

    Dissa on Wednesday

    37k's in 6hrs. Extreme enduro hillclimbing. Looks like alot of fun.
  2. cluffie

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  3. cluffie

    New to the group.

    Welcome Jake,you'll love the rides on Dirtriderz. Make sure you read the grading system and be realistic with your own level.
  4. cluffie

    Bars and Barkbuster wr250f 2017

    Replace them. You can straighten them if your desperate or on a tight budget but they will bend again more easily when you drop it. So annoying to ride with bent bars and it wastes a good ride and time can be very limited for some people. Barkbusters a fine,bend them back. Second hand bars are usually fine also,you just need a bend that suits you.
  5. cluffie

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  6. cluffie

    Spring Hill in the Summer rain

    Looks like a great day out was had. Plenty of bark and leaves on the trails. Hopefully i'll catch the next one.
  7. cluffie

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  8. cluffie

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  9. cluffie

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  10. cluffie

    19 model Yamaha

    Mate has a 19 yz250f and prefers the 18 yz250f for enduro racing/riding. It had more bottom and mid. The 19 has more top to compete with ktm. At your weight the 450 is the only option. I'm thinking of getting a 2020 yz250f for my son to race offroads and for moto. He's racing the 150 again this year but i want to get him on a 4t. The new wr is supposed to be good but still heavy unfortunately compared to a kato. Heaps better suspension though of the yz and no poxy airforks.
  11. cluffie

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  12. cluffie

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  13. cluffie


    Hey bear, the yz 250f and crf250 now have electric start now to make it easier for the weaker younger breed. Dead starts are not an issue now so ktm's have less advantage now in winning holeshots.
  14. cluffie

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