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  1. Not sure,just a different feel no better no worse just different. They seem to vary from reports but a trails bike is unique and very low geared so it is different to them.1 I've only had a few short rides on a tpi so i can't make a accurate assesment but i love them when ever i ride them,no complaints or the feeling of a lack of bottom end from me and i've done 1000's of hrs on carbed 2t's. Due to the smoothness and no traditional 2t hit on a tpi i think it gives the feeling of less bottom end and lower mid range that some riders are reporting on but imo it's more a seat of the pants feeling and it is not entirely true. As always it's 90% rider and 10%bike so you just need to get time riding and enjoy.
  2. Alot of our local hard enduro boys are selling their tpi's and going back to the last of the carb models even after experimenting with the get ecu's and tsp ecu/head upgrades. Less complex,more reliable,cheaper to buy and maintain and more suited for this type of riding. For most riders that don't spend all day riding in 1st or 2nd gear and don't understand jetting the tpi is just easier and is an awesome bike.
  3. Interesting,It will be good to see if it increases traction on tricky climbs and what effect it has on engine heat and the fuel range? The stock tpi's are awesome in these departments from what i've seen apart from high engine temps but this seems to be more related to the 2017 on cb engine.
  4. Valve removal tool, spanner to fit rimlock and valve stem nut ,pump,spare chain joining link to suit the chain on the bike.
  5. Fly f2 are another good helmet and a cheaper option. They fit my head well and are very comfortable so maybe worth a try on.
  6. Once you change a few tyres it will only take 10-15mins as your technique improves. Make sure you use 3 good levers and not 2 as it makes it easier. Changes on the trail is not to bad once the wheel is removed as the carcass is usually warm from riding on it and it comes off easier then a cold tyre.
  7. cluffie

    Toy hauler

    Most toyhauler type vans are going to be expensive and heavy so you will need a tow vechicle up to the task. Light duty dual cab utes (ranger/hilux/amarok,etc) are borderline legal when towing these loaded when you add passengers or any gear in the tub so keep this in mind. A custom made tandem trailer keeped up to 2.5t max'm would be a good option but it still may cost a bit depending on how extravagant you want to go. Keep an eye out for a good 2nd hand one as they pop up every now and then.
  8. Happy birthday rider,have an awesome day.
  9. Uhd tubes are the cheapest,easiest and most reliable. Michelin or bridgestone uhd 4mm thick are the go as some other brands although they say uhd are 2.75 to 3mm thick. Tubliss works well but is less reliable and limitations of tyre brands is an issue as some brands with piss weak carcasses aren't really suitable. Added traction can be had in tricky wet times if you let them down. Mousse is the most reliable but expensive and harder to fit plus they need regular relubing especially if riding high speeds or in a hot summer as they can dry out and overheat which destroys them.Pressure can't be adjusted so tuning by brand and extra/less pieces is used for your desired use when fitting.
  10. Yeh,the 150tpi is a bit of a rip off with a huge price increase and a hefty weight gain. The starter is still very average and the motor will need a new case redesign to improve it,thus the kicker being left on the bike. Bit of a shame really but ktm have to start somewhere. Once the kicker is dropped you know the starter is good. The 150i apart from that should be a good bike but not a great bike. I'm sure it will be awesome to ride. Reliability of the engine being supplied with oil injection has me worried with the minimum support of the piston due to the 150's massive exhaust ports in the aim of ktm chasing horsepower for racing teams and chasing the magical 40hp barrier for a small bore. Time and rebuild times will give the true story and i'm hoping it's ok with the prices of parts and especially cylinders here in AUS. A new cylinder every top end rebuild or every 2nd top end would be a deal breaker for many.
  11. Good to hear you got the bike sorted mate. br8eix is a hotter, not colder plug Benny. Stock oem plug is a 9 heat range. Clip 3 is to rich for trailriding and not needed. 470 main is a good all rounder. These engines love a big main if your chasing top end or riding sand and can easily handle up to a 500 mainjet size. Mikuni is fine once it's sorted but ktm did a poor job and definately didn't deliver them sorted. The Keihin is more consistent and better for bottom end running especially in a 36mm version. Some stock oem reeds on certain bikes are horrible also and need to be checked for twisted or non flat reed blocks and large non sealing air gaps between the reed petals and the reed block which make correct jetting impossible. If found faulty, i recommend the v force 4 as a replacement and not oem. I run both our 150's at 40 to 1 premix ratio now. I was originally using a 50 to 1 ratio but i wasn't happy with the amount of residual oil or the wear rates at rebuild time.
  12. No good on a 150 if you want it for racing or performance but teriffic if you ride firetrails and open terrain stuff. On a 300 their ok as a 300 can afford to give up a bit but still you need to richen them right up for hard enduro type riding otherwise the engine runs far to hot then the economy benefits diminish dramatically. The new H series lectron is apparently alot better in this area but i have no experience with them so can't comment. Elevation changes are not an issue for us where we ride so thats no benefit. No overflow helps with fuel loss and is a great feature of the lectron.
  13. Awesome ride guys,you did so well. Weather was great and track conditions were good with some very slippery bits on the shaded sides of the hills. Uphills,downhills,steep,slick sections,rocks,views,logs,creeks,massive roos,deer,it had it all. Gypsy led most of the ride, with me helping out leading here and there. Gypsy was having a bit of an off day by his standards but he still pushed through with no complaints being the true champ he is. We only stopped riding due to us running low on fuel and daylight so the boys dodged a bullet there,ha,ha. We have more planned to add to this loop guys so stay tuned and keep working on your fitness. It was great to catch up again with some old time dirtbike buddies Syd,Troy and Geoff who so happened to be also up there dirtbike riding and were camping next to us. Thanks heaps to Gypsy for organising the ride and for the others that attended. Glad you enjoyed it guys,till the next adventure.
  14. Great maintainance Gypsy.Yes thats what i've found also. The headstem bearings stay pretty good contamination wise in normal riding conditions. Super wet winter conditions and the dreaded pressure washer/steamcleaner (the worst) are the enemy of headstem bearings with factory only or irregular greasing. People who rarely or never wash there bikes can get reasonable life out of factory headstem greasing but pay the penalty if they keep the bike for more then a year. The new owner needs to be aware of this and should strip the bike down and check/regrease as needed.
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