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  1. Starglen lodge and stump hill are both good spots to stay with riding available and are private property.
  2. This vid is awesome. Amazing that some can do it unassisted.
  3. Jarvis had a great prologue by his standards and was in the first gate. He made the decision to start behind the rest of the gate instead of starting standing in the deep water. Jarvis is a true master in carls dinner.He just keeps the bike moving at minimal energy output,incredible to watch. Only Manni,Bolt and Walker(when both are 100 % fit) and Roman are close but still so far behind. Pol Tarres is also a slower prologue rider that does it tough. He made some awesome passes on his way coming through the pack from gate 4.(i think). Can ride, especially in the technical sections and he's very tall with long legs.
  4. Bad call,he tryed to outsmart the master,ha,ha.
  5. Puts a true perspective on how good these other guys actually are,next level. Tim Coleman passed me (off to the side of the main track) down a gnarly steep section at a recent hard enduro event and i thought to myself, wow i wish i could ride like that and how do you do that in full control,amazing skills he has. Well done to our guys for having a crack and i'm sure Tim will keep training hard and coming back until he conquers the Iron Giant.
  6. Amazing skills from master jarvis. Roman is looking very good over the rocks also and is going to pass Young shortly.
  7. Jarvis 4th atm after getting caught up at the start
  8. Starting soon,computer set up on the large screen,can't wait.
  9. I heard he injured himself recently so maybe this was a factor? If he's fit he'll be passing many and right up there.
  10. Yes some very fine dust will always find it's way through the filter. It was a very dry and dusty summer unfortunately. No movement in the crankshaft bearings is awesome news so just replace the seal.
  11. Replace the seal flush mate. Check for crankshaft movement up and down and for wear (where the seal lip sits) while your in there. If it keeps leaking then a bottom end rebuild may be needed. Loctite is not usually used but i'd say it would be a specialised loctite product and not just thread/nutlocker that they used. Crankseals fail from crankshaft bearing wear allowing excess movement, grit/contamination from airfilter or from drownings or they can just wear out but ktm's typically last for ages under normal riding conditions.
  12. Everything lined up to make it a great weekend away,had the weekend free,awesome crew,great venue and hosts,some rain last week,exceptional weather, good selection of tracks with some excellent scenery and views. Big thanks to Macka for putting "collarbone" on, Gypsy and Bill for sweeping,the vechicle support crew for keeping us topped up with food,fuel and refreshments and servicing the broken down bikes and to all that helped with the saturday night delicious roast,well done. Happy that nobody was injured and that the collarbone trophy didn't add a victim and to see that the riders were well behaved and didn't get to carried away running in such a big pack. Great job with the pics guys.
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