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  1. Yes they are great, especially the 250 and 350exc's, they are phenomical on fuel when trailriden.
  2. Alert, "Jarvis bogged in Neerim boghole" after following a 4 wheel drives line. Ha, ha
  3. The 450 is very good,about 110-120km's for the same conditions. 9ltr tank. All ktm 4t are teriffic on fuel.
  4. Good find. They look very good but a bit pricey especially is you need a few sets,we use 3 sets. We use the rear wheel ratchet type tiedowns which work well but they take a bit of time in comparison to those ones. I'm still not 100% on supporting a bike down by the footpegs safety wise but many do it and even rack n roll do it on rear vechicle carriers which is scary for me. At least this system goes right over the peg for more load capacity and is not just a single point loaded hook which from a licenced riggers point of view doesn't look as safe. The new ktm pegs are very light and thin is this area compared to bikes a few years old. Weakening after a hard wildwood or cobaw ride also needs to be thought about and could become an issue. At least in a van the bike will only lean over so it'll be minimal damage compared to coming of a rear carrier or trailer.
  5. Good tip also is to check that the gas cartridge pump works properly as i've seen that a few brands have issues with not sealing properly and losing all the air without it going into the tube. Also not all brands of cartridges fit all pumps as i've also seen different threads before that won't screw in.
  6. Happy birthday Dustin. Have a great day and drink responsibly.
  7. These are the rides you remember most. I lead one from labatouche in winter years ago when we used to ride after work regulary through the week and we got caught out with the daylight,thick fog and poor ktm lights. Lucky a mate had a wr450 which had better lights then the ktm's and we ended up following him. We went down woodall track in the wet and couldn't get back up. It's the slipperest track when really wet where the yellowish clay sections are and you can hardly even stand up let alone ride up it. After an hour of trying,pushing,pulling we gave up and had to go right around. It definately turned into a true adventure and we got back to the cars at about 9pm and freezing cold. Spewing that area got so heaverly shut down as it was excellent riding in the wet,so much fun.
  8. Ktm 620,what a beast of a bike. A mate abondoned his cr 80 years ago when we were riding up the buckland valley on yarraback track when we were 18year olds. Not broken down but to dark to ride and lost. He followed somebody else wheeltracks as he thought they were ours. No waiting back then just a race back to camp and everyman for themselves. We found him in my patrol about 9pm walking back to camp. We went back to get the bike and he rode it infront of my 4by using my lights.
  9. Murphys law. There is no way you could risk going out in the bush like that though.You would be stranded for sure.
  10. No,this is the pits. I always feel sorry for the guy that can't get his bike going at the unloading area while everybody else takes off for the best day.
  11. Being a boutique brand the importers, dealers lack of support and back up,experience and knowledge most likely added to the time it took to diagnose the issue here in Australia. Tech info from head office needs to flow onto dealers here in Australia to make it easier and less frustrating for owners.
  12. I remember you having that issue with your sherco Eagle. It went on for months and a many dissapointing rides. You did well to persist and finally sort it out. Mess had a 300 sherco and had some major engine issues after it was about a year old i recall. Dirtpilot was another loyal sherco owner and rode the 250f, not the 300f and was always happy with it and it done alot of work. I haven't seen him for around for years but he got involved in the commitee with Amtra,not sure about now?
  13. Good that it was reliable but those prices are daylight robbery,wow.
  14. They seem like a very good bike and go well. There was a guy on one in pro class at our last race meeting and this guy was right up there with the front runners who were on bigger cc bikes. I asked him if it was a 500 and he said no it's a 300. I rode Biggies sherco 300 4t once and it was very nice, steered and handled well. It was either a 14 or 15 model. Not sure on their reliability. What sort of hrs did you get out of a topend and how many hrs did you keep it for Shaun?
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