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  1. cluffie

    Get well soon Cobraone

    All the best in the recovery mate.
  2. cluffie

    Bright Last Minute 4.11.18. Massive Epic Ride

    Great report guys,there is some wicked stuff up there. I have been riding around the bright area for 30 years and love it. There are hills everywhere from easy to unrideable. I'll be up that way around xmas time if your up for a ride.
  3. cluffie

    Overheating Husky te300

    Can get air from being upside down or other. 5 min job to crack the screw and worth a check.
  4. cluffie

    Overheating Husky te300

    Good point chris, ^this^ as the previous work may not of been done correctly.
  5. cluffie

    Tallarook Cup Day Tuesday

    That last hill is a tough mother when it's wet. Well done guys and no dust.
  6. cluffie

    Overheating Husky te300

    Sounds good. It's good to go one step at a time. The mikuni needles are hard to find a clean setting without a stutter when going richer on the needle when temperatures change but i have found that if you don't mind a slight stutter or not fully clean running at times they can work well giving very good torque and a smooth transition without wearing you out.
  7. cluffie

    Overheating Husky te300

    I would say the bike would have a r8 and not s4 needle jet (no biggie)from your settings. 2017's had a r8 and the 2018's,2019's have a s4 fitted.
  8. cluffie

    Overheating Husky te300

    If the idle doesn't hang then that is good. Without knowing your setup you have i can't really recommend a setting. Going up on the main(depending whats in there?) may help keep the heat down and it won't really effect economy or rideability in a negative way(as this is mainly affected by the needle) so it's worth looking at. A way to look at it is, if it uses more fuel from this, then it needs it. Proper A/s setting is where it is and not just a case of screwing it in or at at random.It mainly effects the pilot circuit but also very slightly crosses over into the other circuits.
  9. cluffie

    Overheating Husky te300

    Cruiser,imo these new motors do run hotter then the older pre 17 motors so fitting a fan is a good idea. It will pay for itself with less stress on you and the gains in engine longetivity. Fans can be an issue with a non kickstarter model or injected bikes if the battery runs flat and a spare battery isn't carried.
  10. cluffie

    Overheating Husky te300

    This info is only my opinion and not necessarily anybody elses. If the engine is in good working order and your wheel speed is above 10km/hr minimum on a climb and it is still getting hot then the engine is jetted to lean on either 1or 2 or possibly all parts of the curcuit. A sustained high hanging idle at the top of a climb is a dead give away for a lean bike. Alot of riders hit the kill button as soon as they hit the top of a hill as they just try and bury the problem and don't want to deal with it. I see this all the time as these bikes are jetted for max economy or minimal spooge and not for performance and engine longetivity. A slight hanging idle that returns to normal idle within a short time is acceptable for enduro riding but for mx,flat track,sand riding there should be no hanging idle at all. Whats happening here is that the excess mixture in the crankcase (from lugging around or idling on slower trails) is getting used up when the motor is put under stress and the jetting isn't keeping up with the engines needed fuel supply. The combustion chamber is now not getting cooled adequately by enough incoming fuel and this causes the bike to run hot and overheat. More fuel is the proper fix. Adding only a fan will help to keep the engine temp down but it can be a bandaid as the bike is still lean. More fuel,then add a fan is the best solution as it cools the combustion chamber as well as the water jacket around the engine especially when airflow is low.
  11. cluffie

    Lal Lal with Gypsy

    Bummer about the injuries guys and hope you heal up quick ,stepping up can be a tough gig but you'll be back in no time. Well done to gypsy for putting this ride on.
  12. Good luck,at least it's dry to make it easier,ha,ha.
  13. Does anybody know if they do family tickets and if so how much? Site says $20 for an adult,kids under 10 free. I wouldn't mind going but i don't really want to pay $80 for myself,missus and 2 young teenage kids.