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  1. cluffie


    No training at ride park as such but there are plenty of mx coaching clinics that cater for juniors at various venues. School holidays is a good time to attend these with 1,2,3 or even weekly clinics for more advanced riders. For racing you will need to join a club,attend a kickstart program to get certified, join motorcycle victoria (mv) and either purchase or hire a transponder.
  2. cluffie


    If your tall you may want to look at a swent. You can sit up in these and its easier to get undressed/dressed.My brother has one from "southern cross canvas" and its great. Not cheap but a1 quality. Swag may be a bit easier to use but unless your using it all the time or for on an extended trip it doesn't really matter.
  3. cluffie

    2018 TE 150

    Well done on the new bike Deb,you'll love it. What year model did you end up getting? My sons 17 150 has been awesome and very reliable with only some tweaking on the carby needed.
  4. cluffie

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Thank you guys,another year down. Had a great night with the family. [emoji3]
  5. Happy Birthday Cluffie.

    Hope you've had a ripper day.

    1. cluffie


      thanks mate,always a great day.

  6. cluffie

    Thanks to the Ride Leaders and Sweeps

    Agree,we have been blessed with some great lead riders over the years. Thanks to all for their hard work,time and patience,much appreciated by myself. Also a big cheer for all the riders that support our leaders by attending the rides and respecting their loops.
  7. cluffie

    300 kit in a husky te250

    Imo it depends on the riders style of riding. If you ride with more throttle and on the pipe then the 250 suits better as a 300 is to much for all but really fast riders. If you don't ride mostly on the pipe then the 300 is great. In saying this both motor are very versatile and can cross over with some tweaking and personal touches.
  8. cluffie

    Closing down events MX races

    Dogooders. Do these people walk everywhere? Hypocrites.
  9. As long as its clean inside the intake boot then it will be ok. Just clean and reoil the filter and add a smear of grease around the filter face. Ktm's 2t's are not good submarines so be careful in future when entering deeper water and bogs. Muddy water ingestion will cost you a full engine rebuild on a 2t.
  10. cluffie


    The younger guys are shining (as they should). Age gets us all but as long as your having fun it's doesn't matter.
  11. cluffie

    Romainiacs 2018

    Good luck guys,kill it.[emoji106]
  12. cluffie


    Jarvis and taddy out,lol.
  13. cluffie

    Yarram Enduro 2018

    Its becoming a problem for clubs to secure propertys to run offroad racing. Alot of extra costs and time obtaining permits. The public whinging about the noise and extra traffic on roads to and from the venue is always a thorn in our sides. Venues are getting further and further away,sometimes 3,4 or 5 hrs one way.
  14. cluffie

    Romainiacs 2018

    Hope your wrists are strong to take the hard hits and slap downs. To much for me but your alot younger. Good luck.
  15. cluffie

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Awesome job guys,cant wait for this ride.