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  1. 18 crf or 17 yz450f are both great bikes with mega power and will suit your description. Yz is probably a tougher bike with a better clutch for more abuse then the honda that but both are pretty good.
  2. I'm watching it now live on the livestream,looks tough with the slick conditions. Those logs are a bitch,for the brave this stuff.
  3. I just came up for the day on saturday and rode the morning ride and then led the arvo ride with mr noodle and cruiser. It was good to see a great turnout and some new faces. The morning group ride (level 1+) was dry and dusty on open roads riding around and checking out the area and then to the lookout. Then it was back to starglen for a awesome bbq lunch,thanks alot to the cooks and organisers for this. Then the rain hit and it was wet and slippery for the arvo ride (lvl 3). One long wet greasy hill was awesome fun with plenty of sideways action,slipping and sliding to make our way back up,absolutely loved it. Sat night was great,having a few drinks and catching up with everybody and enjoying the giveaways and raffle prizes,although my tickets sadly never got picked out. Thanks to the sponsors and all the organisers for another great year. It would be great to get a few more riders out in the arvo next year, as cruiser said. Maybe another higher lvl morning ride,possibly a 2 + ride in conjunction with the group ride would work well and get people keener? Till next year.
  4. Good to hear you got the bike sorted. They are a bit difficult to set up properly and some compromising is needed. Perfect bike the 150 for around neerim but a pain around hilly areas and would wear out to quick compared to a 300.
  5. 120/100 is alot better match for the huge fatty and the lasts 2 or 3 times longer then the 110 which can be overpowered easily. I've seen a 110 destroyed in one ride before.
  6. Awesome ride guys,looks like fun. Dunlops usually last the best for high country rocky dargo/bright type terrain and have a very tough carcass. If it's dry the old 952 rear does pretty well and it will wear down to the carcass without chunking out and will survive reliably for multi day or week long rides no problems.They are ordinary on wet clay and off camber terrain. Gt's are high performance light weight race tyres that are designed to be replaced regulary and are excellent for their designed purpose. UHD tubes or mousse is what is recommended for them due to their lighter carcass construction.
  7. Every since Juzzie smashed his case from a chain clip link I have riveted my chain links. One less thing to go wrong. I remember this Daniel,it cost him a full rebuild with new "set " of cases on a springhill ride,a small fortune. He bought the factory did branded riveting tool that cost him about $270 and a heap of rivet links and riveted all his chains from that day on. Juzzie, a bloody legend this guy. Bought a house with his mr's and vanished off the face of the earth,such a shame, he was awesome to ride with. We rode wombat nearly every weekend for a couple of years,rain,hail or snow and found some interesting stuff.
  8. Jd needle will be similar to f or g. 180 is probably a bit to big a main for your type of riding with a 36 with a suzi needle.
  9. How's it running? The j diameter is very lean for a 300 let alone a 150 Mick. G or F is common or maybe H for summer.
  10. Is this for the display cabinet?
  11. erzburg edition is for the lounge room,far to nice to scratch up.
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