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  1. Word Association...

  2. Cobaw from a different angle

    Sold up,finished,kput,retired,moved on,taken up sewing and bird watching. He is actually selling his piece of paradise so good luck to him in his future travels.
  3. Heal up quick jt. Rehab sucks but your in good hands.
  4. Saturday hazelwood RCHGFA RIDE 7th April

    Glad you had a good ride guys. Well done for your huge efforts in organising,sorting out the loop and leading this ride for a great cause.
  5. Murrindindi never fails to dissapoint and with Nathan leading you are insured of a great ride. 5 riders started the ride and 5 riders finished the ride with no bad off or breakdowns so we made great time with no delays and had an excellent ride. Nathan turned up early with his beautiful looking and prepared new 2018 yz 250fx,wow. I love the BLUE rims but only once they have a bit of dirt and dust on them to tame down the glare,haha. We did a combo of different tracks,tight,open,hills,logs,ruts and ended up at the lookout over the cathederals side for a lunch stop. Weather was perfect but the lookout was a bit hazy from some burnoffs in and around the area. I have never understood the authorities burning off around easter (or other long weekends) and school holidays when people and families are heading into the bush to enjoy the clean air,cough,cough. IMO they are out of touch and clueless as far as the bush goes. After lunch we made ourselves back to the cars with some more great trails. Big thanks to Nathan for organising and leading this ride, crusty 350/300 for sweeping all day and the other riders that jumped on this ride for supporting our leader and the kids with your kind donations.
  6. RCHGFA Cobaw - Mondays ride

    What a great day out at cobaw. Weather was perfect for riding and a crew of 11 riders turned up. A few new faces also, which is always great and we had a few riders that had never ridden cobaw before. I started leading the loop first up and ended up handing the reins over to ktm tiny (the cobaw kid) who knows cobaw like nobody else. Tiny gave us a good mix of trails to cater for the rides description and a few riders that had been off the bike for a while. All in all i think tiny did an excellent job and everybody enjoyed the loop. EarIy into the ride i had a front puncture in my tubliss inner tube,grrrrrr (first one ever) so i borrowed a normal tube off habs and ripped out the whole tubliss. Running 17psi with no rimlock was a bit tough in cobaw but i rode a bit more cautiously and i was able to complete the ride which was awesome,thanks guys. We also had 2 tpi's on the ride,a 250 and a 300 and they survived even with one of them being thoroughly tested by being upside down a few times. They look the goods and get the tick of approval. Big thanks to ktm tiny for leading,habs,mev and rob for sweeping and for everybody that jumped on the ride,much appreciated.
  7. RCHA Mt Dissa Lvl 2

    Great stuff guys,well done to you all. It was good to catch up with you all after your ride. Thanks to coggs for organising this ride and to everybody else for the bbq feed and a softdrink for my kids.
  8. Wombat L1+

    Well done Andy,top effort you you and everybody that rode today. [emoji106]
  9. Wombat L1+

    Glad you guys had a good ride.Well done to Andy and all that rode today,awesome effort. [emoji106]
  10. Lal Lal RCHA 2018

    Glad the ride was awesome. Massive effort guys for getting out their and supporting the kids and to the leader Gypsy for shitloads of time putting this ride together.[emoji106]
  11. NEERIM ride RCH GFA 2018 report

    Awesome ride at neerim. Conditions were great and the crew moved well. Massive effort to mick for leading this ride,marko for the pics,pete for sweeping and all the riders that showed up for the ride and their support for the RCHGFA,much appreciated by myself and the kids. Well done.[emoji3]
  12. WP 48 OC forks

    4cs are shorter by about 40mm then the later oc springs.2008-2016 Early oc like yours may be different,not sure.
  13. Smokers Lounge

    Bigger main only effects 1/2 throttle and so topend. Running richer in the main jet is just extra safety for sustained high revs to keep combustion temps down and you did mention the fear of seizure. You would want a 460 absolute minimum to 470 main jet for desert. Also running 40:1 leans the mixture so that equals 1 jet size by itself. Imo 50:1 isn't enough oil on a 250 for desert,trailriding yes. On a 125cc you would need 30:1 to insure engine survival. 250cc from 36 to 40:1
  14. Smokers Lounge

    14/50,40:1,put an 8 plug if your running a 7,up the main jet one or 2 sizes depending whats in it now.