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  1. Ridepark at parwan is a great venue,safe and caters from the beginner to pro's with 5 different tracks.
  2. Yz250f is the best choice as they as the most reliable,have the better suspension and are very tough.2013 are last of the carby and 2014 on are fuel injected.
  3. Different fork design,xplor. Nothing wrong with them and they have most likely been serviced or revalved anyway by now on a 17 model.They'll be fine.
  4. Good bike mate they are all good just different. Forks were very soft in the valving on the 17's and they need some help if you're over 75kgs geared up. 250 and 300 engine character differences are apparent and the same in carb or tpi. 250 more revvier and a livelier ride,300 being a lazier ride with more torque and more forgiving for the riders mistakes.
  5. They are behind ktm and will take the conservative path and follow later. CB on all bikes now and Injection will be next. ktm will change the tpi as we know it and have been testing different setups recently,always a step ahead of the rest,thats why they are no 1.
  6. Alot of the ktm guys have swapped to sherco for the carb so they'll be spewing on the sherco going to injection. Be interesting to see if the sherco can keep the bikes current personality that makes it so appealing for the slower hard enduro and creek bed type of riding. Map switch being alot different is heaps better then the ktm tpi setup where it's hardly noticeable and really pointless unless you're doing some deeper sand type riding. I've heard that the 2021 300 sherco has been dulled down a touch off the bottom compared to the 2020 sherco model, so maybe this is a deliberate move by sher
  7. Yes,it's a terrible design that you would expect on a cheap chinese branded bike. Ktm aren't big enough to man up and admit it's a issue and tell dealers to fix them before they leave the showroom,piss poor imo. Only us having other bike manufacturers like sherco and beta making good bikes will force their hand into us seeing less of these ridiculous issues in future years,here's hoping.
  8. Power valve leak fixed 3 times? They must be using the incorrect silicone type or not using enough,use heaps. These oil leaks are a 2020 Standard feature on ktm/s,terrible engineering design that should be done at PD by all dealers before the bike is ridden. Hopefully the 21's are rectified and don't leak.
  9. Yeh mate they ride well,bit different in the engine department then the beta but the tpi bikes are so smooth and almost ride themselves. Tpi's are the best running bikes out of the box of any bike i've owned or ridden,especially the 250 it runs amazing,cold,hot,anywhere. 300 tpi is better option for hard enduro so you made the right choice there.Be particular and clean with your fuel,filling up the oil tank/fuel tank and your airfilter maintainance and you'll be ok. Mesage me if you're unsure on anything,glad to help if needed. Enjoy.
  10. Very nice mate,congratulations.. I'm a bit surprised you didn't go with the hard enduro water friendly sherco package.
  11. Great stuff guys,hoping to catch up for a ride with you all soon.So hard to ride after a extended break off the bike but so awesome to be back out there in the bush.
  12. Taylor has always had the best gear from a very young age mate.He keeps his kyb equipped yamahas for only 30hrs.
  13. Sorry to here this Rossco,hope all goes well in hospital and wish Mick a troublefree speedy recovery.
  14. Riders vary in what they like but usually on the side of firm the faster they are. Jumps are designed to land in the same place for all riders but the better riders and pro's scrub low and early on the upramp to gain track speed without overjumping and they land correctly on the throttle with excellent timing so they can actually put less force on the suspension on landings then lesser riders. Supercross is harder on suspension and they need firmness in bumpy corners,under hard braking and whoops to stop packing and when the track roughs up late in the moto. Yes,so generally a pro setup will
  15. Yeh,it's very tough after a break and being over 50 doesn't make it any easier.Hows the legs and arms and shoulders,burn is an understatement.Didn't see any deer so maybe they have been hit by hunters,i seen a few sneaky markers here and there.Plenty of fish jumping in the shallows along the bank but could be carp?