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  1. cluffie

    Exploring the bay - July 14th

    Awesome job guys,cant wait for this ride.
  2. cluffie

    New brake pads for beta 300

    Get them off beta or grab some nissans from yamaha. Nissans are great pads,last well and are good value.
  3. cluffie

    Wet Day Riding

    And change back into your dirty gear to take it off and wash it. [emoji106]
  4. cluffie

    Husaberg rear brake lock up

    Sounds like the pad brand as long as your rotor is ok. Clean the rotor anyway with sand paper then brake cleaner to get some consistency. Get some organic pads to try if you don't ride in wet muddy conditions as organics don't like it wet.They have more progression and give you weaker braking with the same lever input in comparison.
  5. cluffie

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    Great to ride on open stuff,shit for logs,step ups on hills. Power in spades. Good rider can make them work. The faster you ride and hit things the better the bike behaves.
  6. Fit a rebuild kit to it and flush the system completely out with fresh fluid.
  7. cluffie

    Cobaw in search for Dakota`s tracks

    Awesome place cobaw and looks like you all had fun,spewing i had to work. Great to see that Dakota's legacy is being keeped alive and hopefully i can make the next one marko.
  8. cluffie

    Bayside Gas gas ride day

    Where is this been held and by who?Any gp models available to ride?I've heard they are a fair bit different in character.
  9. cluffie


    Awesome effort in going through with this dream and making it happen. Good planning and meticulous preparation while your over there will help with your success.Oh and some luck. All the best mevstar and buzz and good luck.[emoji106]
  10. cluffie

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    Great vid habs. Angled logs were extremely slippery.
  11. Awesome stuff and congratulations to dirtriderz for their generosity and efforts. [emoji3]
  12. cluffie

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    Oakley are mx googles. They have always fogged up in slow tough conditions.
  13. cluffie

    Sunday 24th June - Black Range L3+

    That was actually Chewy that did the spectacular 360 infront of you Olly. I was behind you but unfortunately never saw it. I saw you tumble a few times into the bush while trying to get over that super slippery elevated angled log,geez that was a slippery sucker.
  14. cluffie

    Lvl 3 rides

    Great question gypsy. These two grading descriptions are completely different and we need to only have one(either way) so everybody is on the same page.
  15. cluffie

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    From my experience of being on many rides in all conditions and terrains I think it's a comfort thing also. Once the rider starts working a bit, they get hot and the googles hold the heat in,fogging them up or making the rider hotter. The more unfit you are or the harder you are working the hotter you get.Also some people just run hot and some riders just hate googles. Safety glasses do work for some riders but i never had any luck with them. Everybody has seen a riders head steaming when the helmut is removed and then there's another rider with no steam at all after the same terrain. If the googles are steaming up between the lens then the lens is toasted and needs binning. Replace the lens or try another brand if this is a reoccuring problem. Don't wash them under warm or hot water or leave them to dry in direct sunlight. For safety try and work out a way that works for you to keep the googles on for all but the most extreme conditions or as long as possible. If your a glasses wearer, then you will have your own system already or you don't ride in extreme /wet conditions and i can't comment here.Safe riding. Good post mr noodle. [emoji106]