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  1. Sharpening the blade is now in the maintainance schedule.
  2. Great video and pics Marko,makes you want to return and do it all again. My 450 was alot of work in some of the tighter sections but on the long downhills and uphills it was awesome apart from a few rider errors here and there by myself. The change was nice but now it's time to get back on my 300 to start smoking again and appreciate less weight,ha,ha. Thanks again to Gypsy and to all the other dirtriderz that made it to Goughs and supported the RCHGFA for the kids,well done.
  3. Awesome weekend away with some excellent rides. Thanks to an enthusiastic Gypsy for all his efforts in putting a great weekend together and continuing the famous"habs loop). I rode friday and only did a couple of hrs on the saturday morning ride, as i had to get back home early. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and i think i rode pretty well considering i haven't ridden goughs for a long time. Thanks to buzz also for helping out gypsy and all the various sweeps. Goughs bay,it has it all,an unbelievable place.
  4. Heard from Matt,apparently it was very average so no go here.
  5. How did the new motoz gummy perform?
  6. Looks like Milner has joined dirtriderz,awesome.
  7. Good idea Tracy. I was writing my ride report and Lucas had the same idea and was quicker to post his. Can a mod please do this.
  8. I wanted to check out the condition of the tracks after all the rain we have had in the last few days so i arrived early to check it out. I ended up having to modify my planned loop to suit the ride crew so i pre rode and cleaned up the first section that we were going to ride and headed back to the meeting spot. I meet the crew and we all geared up and headed off ontime at 9am. 7 riders in total,so a pretty good turnout for a monday. Weather was excellent and the track conditions were wet and slippery. The riders did very well with a bit of time being spent picking up themselves and their bikes, also a few run away bikes, a few ghosties and some extra stretching exercise routines thrown in. We rode plenty of slippery logs and ruts and some hilly sections and the riders definately improved as the day went on which was great to see,well done. This was a great ride to give all the riders a good warmup for the wet riding season. Now is a good time for some fresh rubber which will make your riding easier and more enjoyable. Keep jumping on some lvl appropiate rides regulary and you'll be killing it by the end of winter. Big thanks to Lucas B for sweeping all day and to all the riders that attended today and also for your kind donations to support the kids that i will be adding to the Dirtriderz RCHGFA fund soon. .
  9. Happy birthday Geoffro,enjoy the day.
  10. You have to phone vic roads and book and pay for an appointment. Once you get a time and date (about 2 weeks) you take your full rego plates in to them and swap the rego over. A new rec reg plate is given to you there. No inspection is needed.
  11. Mate of mine was a good mx racer and he had sinsalo gear and champion boots.
  12. I've ridden in gumboots a few times when we used to camp up the buckiand valley and had to cross the river. I didn't think anything of it back then. How things have changed. Proper moto boots were very rare to see apart from the racer guys. I somehow missed the blundstone riding days. My normal riding boots back then were ex-army boots from aussie disposals and bib and brace overalls. Years later, myself and all my mates progressed and got into moto boots,they were either Vendramini's or Rossi's. I didn't always want to get the army boots wet as they took forever to dry out and got stiff putting them on once they dryed,so for short rides the gumboots worked a treat. I may be able to borrow my mr's crf 230f which is the closest bike to suit this type of event. It does tractor well,suspension is soft as, rear drum brakes, it's air cooled and can be held wide open for long periods so it'll be awesome.
  13. cluffie


    Hopefully he had a bike on the back. We miss him.
  14. Many years ago myself and some mates rode with a bloke up in the bright area in a flano with a fairly worn out shitty tyre on a xr250 and he was out of our sights real quick. Local farm boy that grew up on bikes,could ride. We were all pissing ourselves around the campfire about it that night.
  15. Looks like fun. Some of these dudes with the flanno's on would flog most of us,lol.