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  1. rode a mates one few weeks back ,, really sweet bike ,,light agile ,, feels way better than anything orange at speed ,, maybe not 1st gear stuff though piss fart tiny battery which results in starting difficulty's is it's main downfall
  2. being a farmer ,, no problems ,, I round up the cows on a husky 300 quite often. just got to remember when you sell the said piece of equipment the govment will want the 10% gst portion back again
  3. pipes up pretty high on 150 , shouldn't need one
  4. not sure ,, but not with me riles ,,, not chewton
  5. might plan a ride one day soon ,,, to tell the truth haven't really missed it that much ..................
  6. no trees being cut , no wombats either
  7. most of us are out of good pics ,,, so I'm gunna say south australia soomewhere
  8. you'd want to be going the easy way that's for sure , and that river crossing can be nasty
  9. yep pete V,, he's down bower bird way though