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  1. I thought he'd be old as by now as well,,, infact though he sold his business years ago I did a tour with him in 1992 I recon,, 3 day from Mt Buller first day some fella burnt his clutch out on a dt200 .. I remember leaving the bike there, think someone dunk the rider out. I offered to help get the bike about 5 pm after the days ride was over,,, and being dunk on the back of an xr600 from Harrietville to the back of Abbeyard somewhere The XR towed the DT with me on it back to Hville very late in the night. I do remember the DT had a great headlight,, both the others on XRs were thankful to see anything with their candle headlights. i did have a good time though
  2. The Walking Dead

    damn ,, thought this was going to be an interesting ride report
  3. Bruised / Fractured Ribs

    yes as everyone has said already,, sleeping (laying down flat) and sneezing are real painful probably for at least a month The older you get the slower you heal unfortunately The new sherco to blame ?
  4. Wombat winter wonderland

    damn lucky that,,,,,,,,,could say more ,, but maybe not
  5. Clutch recomendations?

    well my old kato 200 had a slipping clutch ,, bought some cheap ebay plates $85 or so ...measured them against the old plates , all 7 together ,,,, and no difference,, what the ? turns out there was too much fluid in the clutch cylinder........equalled no free play..........
  6. i transfered from full to rec reg a while back,, they took the old plate and posted my refund It becomes like a new reg and you pay 12 months reg with the new plate. so long as the roadworthy is good and the compliance plate is readable you shouldn't have to many hassles
  7. If the people that border the forests never hear dirt bikes and never complain to the authorities there would be no issue. I really dont think the government can afford to go chasing the major crime of dirtbikes on single trail. The DSE by themselves have no power to detain anyone , and the cops are generally only interested in licence and rego
  8. Yes I Bought A Yz250Fx

    yep 10,000 ,, new piston , valves still untouched at 13000
  9. Yes I Bought A Yz250Fx

    did 10,000 on my wr250f,, no dramas ,, then did piston and camchain
  10. Mount Cole L2+ Sunday Queens Birthday 2017

    I have at times been giving stickman some training Pete,,,,,he has improved lots
  11. 2018 KTM 250/300 EXC TPI

    i just lashed out on a '17 TE300,, very nice,, forks might be a tad soft. personally i think the only advantage the '18 efi models will have is better fuel economy, and a few less jetting hasles. the big disadvantage will probably be a $$$$$$$ premium
  12. just got to hit stuff harder,,,than you brain tells you i recon... don't always come off though,,,