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  1. yes starter clutch , or 1 way bearing ,, I replaced the gear the bearing sits on as well,, it has a very smooth surface and if the bearing has been chattering on the surface and made it rough you need 2 parts
  2. Why do you say that? I replaced one in a wr250f once that was behaving just like that,, i dont know if your bike has a similar set up, but a new starter clutch bearing fixed my problem , was like new again , rather exxy part though
  3. Romania tour ........................ hang on ,,already booked in Be good to get back for another go at wandy,, might have to be 2020
  4. Lets face it fellas level 3 rides will involve doing naughty tracks,, and open forums + naughty tracks =parks or police intervention these days think you will find this is the main reason for going "underground"
  5. most peeps on here just want to go out and have a bit of fun,, I don't really give a stuff about ride levels If you want to be so serious about it all then go racing. and if you're scared of the big bad facebook well that's your loss
  6. how do we know that Mt cole delights the queen ? thanks for leading pete and tailing dan,, always fun up at mount cold Pete making it to the top of that hill,,, awesome effort
  7. I thought he'd be old as by now as well,,, infact though he sold his business years ago I did a tour with him in 1992 I recon,, 3 day from Mt Buller first day some fella burnt his clutch out on a dt200 .. I remember leaving the bike there, think someone dunk the rider out. I offered to help get the bike about 5 pm after the days ride was over,,, and being dunk on the back of an xr600 from Harrietville to the back of Abbeyard somewhere The XR towed the DT with me on it back to Hville very late in the night. I do remember the DT had a great headlight,, both the others on XRs were thankful to see anything with their candle headlights. i did have a good time though
  8. damn ,, thought this was going to be an interesting ride report
  9. yes as everyone has said already,, sleeping (laying down flat) and sneezing are real painful probably for at least a month The older you get the slower you heal unfortunately The new sherco to blame ?
  10. damn lucky that,,,,,,,,,could say more ,, but maybe not
  11. well my old kato 200 had a slipping clutch ,, bought some cheap ebay plates $85 or so ...measured them against the old plates , all 7 together ,,,, and no difference,, what the ? turns out there was too much fluid in the clutch cylinder........equalled no free play..........
  12. i transfered from full to rec reg a while back,, they took the old plate and posted my refund It becomes like a new reg and you pay 12 months reg with the new plate. so long as the roadworthy is good and the compliance plate is readable you shouldn't have to many hassles