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  1. Big shout out to Murdoch for putting this ride on.Definitely a lot of effort and thought was put into these tracks.I heard a rumour that the first 2 tracks would separate the men from the boys and that it did. The rain added to the level of difficulty and whilst battling through the extreme course i could not stop smiling. It was great to watch everyone help each other and work there way through with all smiles and good banter. Then come swamp hill and I have climbed it on many occasions but 2020 is one of those years we’re shit happens and it was not happening for me. I decided on the 10th go that it was Time to stop holding the group and let it be. Thanks buzz and Gypsy for the pointers I’ll be back there practising soon. Once back at the cars Murdoch put a great feed on and beers we all shared some interesting moments from the day. Thanks to the sweeps and all the that attended Can’t wait to get back out there and do it again soon
  2. Thanks Riles for the day it was great and was good catching up with everyone again. Conditions were great no dust until late in the day which made it very enjoyable. Big group that moved well and on occasions it was good to bang bars on the flowing stuff. Thanks to all involved and to the sweeps. Cant wait for the next one have a good New Years everybody !!!! Go TPI
  3. I believe in the owners manual you are supposed to change the Oil pump at 100 hours but I’ve been told that they have seen some fail before that. Hence changing it a bit sooner should elemante the problem.
  4. Also being a technician for over 20 years with the same brand Of vehicle myself. I was told early that you’re only judging the brand on the broken ones that come to the dealership there are more majority of reliable vehicles out on the road with no issues and you will never have people ringing to tell you how good there cars are it’s the same with KTM. When you’re the leaders in technology everybody’s hoping you fail and want to show the world your problems and once it’s all sorted out there the first to jump on the band wagon and bye the technology. i can honestly say until you own a TPI and experience there rideabilty and the way they can put the traction to the ground it’s whole new world of riding
  5. I have a good freind that works at a busy Ktm dealer.Before i purchased my 300 I asked him what’s the go should I stick to a 4 stroke Or is it safe to go back to a 2stroke tpi. And he told me honestly the only issues they ever had with them is the oil pump failure causing the seizures and it’s on a very minimal scale. To be safe he said just change the pump at 80 hours and you will never have a problem. So far I have 40 hours and it hasn’t missed a beat and it’s a impressive bike straight out of a box.
  6. Cobaws is correct we need to ride it again
  7. Wombat Carroll’s side ?
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