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  1. It’s been years since I’ve been to tallarook with all the rain rock and tree roots how can I say no. i started of hung over and it’s been a long time since I’ve done that and it definitely didn’t make me ride better for the first hour. Then first hill climb sorted everybody out quickly , good see Noods still has a crack. Into a nice hill climb that made one of the Guys call the quiets. Into a down hill that I have not done in ages last time it put me in the hospital. The rest of the ride was great it flowed well and the 250f was singing into some fire trail were me and Nath had some fun I think the ktm now needs a rebuild. All in all what a great ride and why don’t we ride there more. Nasty great loop and u should be proud of what was thrown together pretty sore now . Shout out to everybody involved and to Cujo for the sweep duties until next time . I’m pretty sure Marko might have some photos of me sending the ktm to the top Until next time boys
  2. Big thanks to gypsy for organising this ride being only my third ride back from injury I thought I could hangout the back and sweep knowing the talent on the ride that help wouldn’t be required. As per normal the pace at the start was cracking conditions were dry and dusty I was actually surprised how loose it was. It was great to be back on the bike confidence coming down some of the down hills wasn’t the best it was good to see gypsy work his way back through the pack to help me give me pointers and get me through. Hardest part was watching the boys play on the hills while I sat on the side lines thinking not today. Hopefully Grant u heal up quickly and get back out u were doing really well before the stump incident glad u didn’t decide to keep going on could of made it much worse. All in all had a great day with a good group of guys enjoying a great sport can’t wait for the next ride hopefully won’t be so much dust.
  3. That's great news Hoff good to see them backing up there product hopefully we can get out soon for a blast
  4. Looks like u guys had a ball won’t be long and I’ll be back enjoying the serenity
  5. What can I say but we’ll done to all involved from the lead riders to the sweeps to the chiefs and to everyone who brought something along it was great to see the dirtriderz spirit alive. It was great to catch up with everyone after the ride and have a beer and listen to the stories from the rides on the day and just good to be around so many that enjoy the sport. I decided to challenge myself and let buzz lead me around his backyard hats off mate what a great loop had my heart rate beating flat out all day just found my place in the pack tried to pick my lines and save energy at all times didn’t really talk to much was trying to survive happy that I got through all day with out holding anyone up. Definitely enjoyed watching the boys have a crack at the window maker and empresed by the guys strength to man handle there bikes on a hill that most couldn’t stand on . At the moment really enjoying the riding I’m doing but starting to understand if u want to ride with the big boys fitness is the key. All in all another great ride with great bunch of people good to see so many make the effort can’t wait for the next one.
  6. I’ve got to say coming of my 300 2013 I thought I would hate the 350 but I actually really enjoy it power delivery is so smooth and just finds traction anywhere very confident inspiring find myself saying to take it easy before u kill you’re self not as nimble in the tight and technical but makes it up every else really happy I tried it I also got my Ecu remapped by fuel torque to stop flaming out issue grate on fuel handles well and stable at high speeds I’ve got 70 hours on it and hasn’t missed a beat definitely feel like I’m faster on it than I was on my 300 last ride on it will be the grand final ride with buzz then going to try a 250excf next
  7. Ok we’re do I start that’s right went to mcg on Friday night to watch my team finally win a final so pumped got home and realised I need to load my bike pack my shit get into bed just before 1 and bang alarm goes off at 5.30 . Get to the unload spot geared up and straight into it I always enjoy the first part of this loop pace Was cracking and conditions were perfect drop into a gully and up the first of many tactical hills for the day usually I struggle on this one but bang straight up happy with my efforts we push through some tight terrain with rock rock and more rock. With a great crew we navigate through some of Wombat’s finiest get to the wall should I or should I not let’s do it hit it with everything the 350 had at the bottom but lost momentum near the top and that was that on my way down I was thinking I hate coming down this bloody hill. Towards the end of the day the lack of sleep started to come into play and really started to fatigue struggled on a rocky climb then Hoff came down probably to help me to here me possibly losing my shit sorry mate and I honestly didn’t mean to spray u with that bog hole but the dry reaching noise u were making I couldn’t help to laugh. Then right when I was cooked Gypsy gives me the lead duties and as Dylan mentioned there were some 2 strokes hot on my tale we work through some of the older tracks back to the sisters were some of us had a go the others probably made a wise choice to wait on the road. Get back to the cars on the 100k mark all in all i had a great ride but I’m pretty sore today. Thanks gypsy for leading and mev for sweeping and to the rest of the boys. And to Hoff u go alright for a bloke who’s not getting any younger.
  8. First let’s start off with a big shout out to dylian for posting up this ride and definitely hit the nail on the head with the ride heading on bikes early quick pace not many stops and no Mx bikes unless you’re sink and back at the cars by 1. Tracks selection was great good mixture of open flowing and tight technical with some big big holes thrown in. The group moved really well definitely the fastest ride I’ve been on in a long time all riders very capable of pretty much anything thrown at them couple of silly offs nothing to major again come a round a corner to see sink on all 4s in a big hole which made me laugh whilst getting chased down by 1 of the 11 in the group and was very suprised the pace actually got quicker in the last 20k all back safe around the 80k mark 2 strokes on the reserve and I forgot to tell the boys I forgot to fill my bike up in the morning luckily the 350 is ridiculously good on fuel and the fuel light wasn’t even on thanks to all for the great ride yesterday had a blast can’t wait for the next one
  9. It’s has been a couple of years since I’ve been out to chewton and hats of to central vic very impressed with the loop that you have been working on conditions were difficult in places and the rocks and logs were deadly definitely had to be on the ball couple of small offs but nothing to serious good to ride with some old faces and new , enjoyed having a bit of race with rusty on the 500 on the motor cross track and chasing marko through the tighter stiuff finally got to give Scorpio another crack which the 350 just loved weather was normal 4 seasons in the one day but all in all great crew big thanks to central vic and Cujo for there duties and all the guys for there positive humour especially Bruce until next time
  10. Thanks to mick for posting up this ride with all the rain we had new it would be slick and in places it was just that. We were of to a slow start Bruce having a tyre issue and mick about to loose his seat then into one of the more difficult tracks were it quickly sorted out a couple. Into another one of mick's gems where myself and Bruce had a bit of a play which was a bit of fun. As the day went on the tracks just kept getting better but we started to loose riders quickly by the 60 k mark there were only 4 us left .Big shout out to mick had a blast and to all the sweeps defiantly always worth the drive. Dare I say I am really starting to enjoy the 350 and really think I might never go back to the dark side but time will tell.
  11. Big shoutout to marko for posting up this ride hadn’t been on the bike in over 5 weeks and hadn’t put the 4 stroke through cobaws yet . So off we set into one of the most technical places to ride and to make it that little bit more technical it wouldn’t stop raining track after track was harder than the next challenge after challenge hill after hill punishing the body the mind and my bike there were times were helping hands were given to get through which was great to see that’s all it’s about having fun whilst enjoying a challenge. By the 60k mark I had had enough my lack of ridding was starting to show but pushed through to the end. All in all had a great day had a couple of silly offs but besides that the 350 got the job done can’t wait for the next one and marko I believe u owe me a couple of beers
  12. Spewing I couldn’t make it would of been good day banging bars with everyone done the loop many times and the hills don’t get any easier
  13. At the end of the day the fuel injection is pushed by the emissions laws in Europe regardless of what bike we ride every 2 stroke will be fuel injected in the future to past the laws if not they will be dropped and extinct and a thing of the past ktm have chosen to lead the way and set a example why wouldn’t u want a 2 stroke that needs no tuning just hit the button and of u go yes there will be more costs to maintain the oil injection but a small price to pay for a perfect burn that’s my opinion but I guess I work for Volkswagen and we all no about our emissions
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