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  1. Thanks for leading the ride! 👍 I enjoyed it. Was great to be back on the bike. Bit stiff and sore yesterday 🙃
  2. I'll pass on this one. Thanks for the heads up though
  3. Thanks to all the organisers of this ride that catered to all. Was a good day out. I was sweep on the 1+, so thanks to RIDER for putting his hand up to lead this ride. I had an easy job with RIDER, macca and Johnny (don't know username, sorry) doing any heavy lifting. Apart from a couple of errant riders and some confusion on the corner man system it was a smooth ride with a nice variety of tracks ridden. Enjoyed by all. Had a bit of a drive home so couldn't stay for the bbchew. It was certainly well catered for, props to all who provided food and gear.
  4. Thanks for organising and leading the ride Greasa. Nice to meet everyone. Thanks to the sweeps. Nice trails enjoyed by all out at Hazelwood. Enjoyed the ride. Thanks all
  5. Thanks to DG for leading this ride and thanks to Ausberg for sweeping. First ride at Kinglake. Was a bit worried on the first slippery track with the wet roots and trees down. Thought the ride was going to be too much for me after 5 months off the bike. After that track the tracks dried out a bit and was all good. Enjoyed my day out. Sorry for bailing early, didn't think we were going to finish at 3 and I was on a deadline lol!
  6. Hey all, I moved down from the Sunshine Coast in June. Live in outer SE Melbourne area. Only managed one ride at Wombat so far. This is probably the wrong spot for it. Keen to get out for a ride this weekend. Has anyone done the 83km Yarra Divide track from the Limberlost Rd TVA lately? Was it ok if you just want to get out on the bike and are not feeling too bike fit? Cheers