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  1. Husky310

    E bikes

    Thanks mate i'll check them out, sounds like what i'm after.
  2. Husky310

    E bikes

    I’m looking to get an electric mountain bike. Does anyone have one or know somebody with one? I want the good, the bad and the ugly. Brands to look at and brands to stay away from. Good suspension, brakes and battery life are what I’m after. Hit me with your suggestions!
  3. Husky310

    Cruzin Goughs Bay with Gypsy 2018

    Did you not see my Blackwood ride report?
  4. Husky310

    Blackwood with Dylan

    I didn’t want to bore anyone so I kept it short!
  5. Husky310

    Blackwood with Dylan

    Mint tracks! 23 words to spare! Haha!
  6. Husky310

    Blackwood with Dylan

    Thanks Dylan, awesome ride! It was fun!
  7. Husky310

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Cheers mate.
  8. Husky310

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Thanks guys!
  9. Husky310

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Thanks Geoffro
  10. Husky310

    Found it Cobaw 3+ with Marko

    Thanks Marko for organising the ride and leading us around Cobaw. The rain was annoying for the first few hours but once it cleared conditions were primo! I strained my hamstring about a third of the way through, I continued on and tweaked it twice more which put an end to my day. Cobaw is an awesome place to ride! Marko knows it very well. It was great to ride with some guys that I hadn’t ridden with for ages. Crusty the hammy will be ok, I’m limping a bit today but I should be fine in a few days. I just need to be careful with the deep heat! Thanks to the sweeps and everyone else for a top day.
  11. 3hrs with a broken femur, waiting for the helicopter to come and get me. Eildon 2007, about 20 riders.
  12. Husky310

    iPad / tablet optimised

    Well there you go! I never even knew that theme thing existed. Everything seems to be working as it should.
  13. Chewton is an awesome place to ride! Thanks Fab for organising, Marko, Noodle and Riles for sweeping. Great catch of Markos bike Riles, I will never forget seeing that. Thanks to everyone for the day and being a top crew to ride with.
  14. Husky310

    Murrindindi 2018 RCHGFA sat 31st march

    Thanks mate, I’m hoping to get it dirty on the weekend!
  15. Husky310

    Murrindindi 2018 RCHGFA sat 31st march

    Thanks for the ride report Cluffie. It was good to get out and hit the trails on the new bike and raise a little bit of money for the Children’s Hospital. It’s a pity these rides haven’t been better attended, but that’s life I guess. As has been mentioned the ride flowed very well with no issues at all. I was enjoying the new bike but for some reason on a long down hill I got arm pump, which is rare for me, and I couldn’t use the controls so I slowed down, then came to a stop to tr and shake out the arm pump. After a two minute rest at the bottom, the arm pump went away and didn’t come back thankfully. I wasn’t enjoying the MX3S front tyre, they are good in mud but not the dry slippery stuff we were riding. Thanks guys for coming along and enjoying the ride. Thanks Crusty350 for sweeping all day. We did 94 km and were back at the cars at 1.15pm. The new bike looking a bit different to how it looked on Saturday.