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  1. Wow! What a ride! This was only the fourth time I’ve ridden at Tallarook and what a place! Like Marko and Sabo said why don’t we ride there more? Congratulations Nasty on putting together a cracker of a loop! Can’t wait to see the rest of the stuff that we didn’t ride. Hopefully you put this ride on again real soon. A few highlights for me were chasing Sabo up a long hill with the 250’s pinned! And then Sabo Marko and me racing through a tight track with a couple of riders moving out of the way of the 250f freight train coming through. Thanks Nasty for putting the ride on and Cujo for sweeping all day.
  2. Yeah yamaha’s are crap! Good luck with the pumpkin.
  3. He’s probably busy trying to work out how to fit the KYB’s to the pumpkin!
  4. The bike has 4 power settings, Eco, Tour, Emtb and Turbo. depending on which mode you ride it in and the terrain you are riding determines how far you go. I mainly use the Emtb setting. In that setting the bike senses how much power you are putting through the pedals and then provides assistance via the electric motor to get you out of corners and up hills. On some long uphill road sections I’ll flick it into turbo and then the electric motor is doing most of the work, riding the bike between the two settings I’ll get 50km out of a battery.
  5. May as well be! The suspension on this bike is amazing! Much better than WP stuff
  6. It’s a Trek Powerfly LT9 My shoulder is pretty good so I’ll be riding this weekend.
  7. On Friday afternoon after work I headed out on the Mountain bike for a 30km ride. About 2/3rds of the way through I clobbered a tree with my right shoulder on a fast right hand sweeping bend. I woke up on Saturday morning with my shoulder pretty sore but I thought I’d be ok to ride. Turns out I was wrong! It was a battle hanging on to the bike and I thought it best to pull the pin before doing more damage to myself or holding up the group. I blame Scotland for this! He got me hooked on mountain bike riding and I didn’t think I’d love riding an electric mountain bike so much. with a bit of physio, rest and ice ( the frozen water kind ) my shoulder is pretty good. Judging by the reports, pics and vid It looks like I missed an awesome ride!
  8. I haven't looked at anything on torpedo7 since MX Store popped up.
  9. You forgot a flat peak cap that you tuck your ears into, for when you’re cruising the pits.
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