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  1. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Awesome stuff guys! i will be watching your progress and cheering you on every step of the way! if you want a bike that will get you to the end you can borrow my yamaha! Really proud of you guys! What class are you entering?
  2. Either way i think you'll be fine, all it does is support the bearings when you tighten up the axle nut.
  3. That's weird! I've never seen that before and i had a few 310's. The parts diagram doesn't show a flange on the rear wheel crush tube, I can't see it mattering which way it goes in.
  4. A Day at Dindi.

    Ric, I actually don’t have a map of the area so I can’t tell you exactly where it is. But I can tell you it’s off the SEC road up the Taggerty end of the forest.
  5. A Day at Dindi.

    We didn’t look! Aparantly there’s a gimp in there!
  6. A Day at Dindi.

    Where have you been mate? Would be good to catch up for a ride! Been to long
  7. A Day at Dindi.

    That lunch spot is awesome! Maze track in reverse to me was a little harder. It’s a cool track no matter which way you ride it.
  8. Four Word Game

    Ride it lots instead
  9. A Day at Dindi.

    It was great to get my first Murrindindi ride in for 2018. What wasn’t so great was the first hour and a half of my ride! Seven of us set off at 8.30 am and hit up some nice tight trails, after the rain last night the bushes and branches were still wet and by the end of the first track I was soaked right through! But that was the least of my worries! We continued on and that’s when I started riding like an absolute spud! More so than usual. I crashed 4 times in the next hour! Each time losing the front end. I fitted a new front tyre last night so it wasn’t the tyre, we got to a spot out on the road and Gypsy was looking at my tyre and asked about pressure. I said it has 10 psi in it. He pulls out his gauge and checks it. Now I obviously cant read a pressure gauge or use a pump, probably both! But Gypsy’s gague shows about 5psi, so he pumps it up to 10 psi and we continue on. There is night and day difference in my front end and I’m now at one with it and riding as I normally do! And the front end wash outs cease! Thanks Gypsy! We clicked off track after track, stopping occasionally for a breather, then we got to the lookout where we had lunch. After lunch the pace picked up and the stops were few and far between. Cruiser track was fun and pretty slippery! From Cruiser track it was the run back to the cars, and we rolled in to the car park at 2.25 with about 105 km on the clock. The tracks were primo today as was the company! There were no injuries or breakdowns and everyone handled the tracks with ease! Thanks boys for coming out today and making it a top ride! Thanks to Nasty for sweeping all day, much appreciated! Looking forward to the next ride!
  10. Four Word Game

    Don’t wash your Beta
  11. Four Word Game

    Seeing Gypsy on 2T
  12. What are you watching on TV

    That is a good show
  13. What are you watching on TV

    I also love Ice Road Truckers.
  14. What are you watching on TV

    I’ve been watching a show called Hunted on Foxtel it’s very interesting! Basically there’s 20 couples that have agreed to go on the run, there’s $250k for the couple that can evade capture for 28 days. The people hunting them are all ex law enforcement people. It gives a good insight into how every single thing you do these days is monitored by the authorities. It can be something as simple as an atm withdrawal, a text message, number plate recognition! Cctv is everywhere these days and along with smart phones you can be pin pointed very easily. This show give a very good insight into the technology the authorities have to track your every move. So far 15 couples have been caught.
  15. Four Word Game

    Staying between the flags