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  1. Thanks mate, I rode quite a bit of tight @ Neerim couple of months ago and absolutely loved it until the arm pump stopped me from clutching in … Will keep an eye out for the upcoming rides for sure. Thanks
  2. Will do thanks for letting me know. Gotta wait for the lockdown to be lifted cause there is nowhere to ride in SE burbs at present.
  3. Got it at the start of last year … so was able to squeeze in few rides in between lockdowns and a High Country ride too The crew I usually ride with tend to go right tracks … all very good riders but 1
  4. Decided to go mild … with a 300 beta Xtrainer 21 model (due in 2-3 weeks)
  5. Hi all, I am fairly new to riding in a bush, own a wr250r and about to get my first two stroke (no engine breaking is gonna be interesting ;) ). Hoping to pick up some knowledge and get on a ride or two (subject to bloody lockdowns) to improve my skills. Regards, Chris