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  1. I can't even begin to imagine how much time and your own money you have put into DirtriderZ to make it what it is over the past 10+ years, plus the admins/mods time too. I'm happy to donate as this forum is well worth it and can appreciate where you are coming from with sponsor situation etc. Cheers
  2. Can i please get 1x L Stamp White 1x M Stamp Grey 👍 Cheers
  3. Al Level 1+/slower level 2. (Need to dust out the cobwebs at the moment) I mostly ride Neerim but happy to ride anywhere and swag it overnight 👍
  4. Hi RogueOne and welcome. Fellow chick rider here too, though I don't get out as often as I would like. There are a few on here that do though. Hope to meet you on a ride soon, be sure to check out the Chikz section in the forum! Cheers Al
  5. Hi Maz & Welcome 👋
  6. 1x black medium please
  7. So true!! I'm keen on meeting some other chicks too though. I need riding buddies lol
  8. Toolangi used to be my local, some great riding there!
  9. Hey, Any chickz heading to the Broadford Ladies Day in the dirt? I want to go but id prefer not to be a loner hahaa, I will probably camp overnight too. I desperately need to dust out the cobwebs!!! Suitable for beginner to advanced, rotating through 3 track options, Dirt, MX and Enduro. $40 Entry fee payable, plus $30 recreation license if required.
  10. I'll be keen for that one!!
  11. Hey Seza, I ride mostly Neerim as im SE Melb. I can do the odd mid week rides when kids are at school. Where abouts do you ride?? Al
  12. Unfortunately not!! Bike has been gathering quite alot of dust as i haven't been out since the end of last year. If anyone is doing level 1.5 rides in SE Melb, I'm keen to tag along!!