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  1. missmudd

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Marle/Aqua in a medium please
  2. missmudd


    Bumping this as it was rescheduled due to the weather, new date is Aus Day weekend. There are a couple of spots still available.
  3. missmudd

    Seaton L2 Stepup

    Great ride report! Spewing i couldnt make it. Won’t be missing out next time that’s for sure [emoji1362]
  4. missmudd

    Summer merchandise

    Can i get a ladies singlet M in black/teal and a black cap please
  5. missmudd

    2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    What an awesome weekend. Arrived late Friday night to find everyone relaxing around fires having a drink or two. After the epic unload (I thought cabins meant you packed less shit... but no, kids make you near on pack the kitchen sink!) we enjoyed a beer around the fires catching up with people and meeting new faces. Saturday I didn't do the main ride, endurance and skill level isn't there at the moment so I opted to hang back with the fam and go out for a ride with (hubby) Toby after 10 years off the bike. Managed to do 2 hr morning ride and again in the arvo. Tracks on the property were lots of fun with Toby managing to do a superman on his first day back riding. Hahahaa! Rocks and dust galore certainly kept you on your toes. BBQ lunch on Sat with the Moe Crays was awesome (thank you lovely BBQ chefs [emoji8]) plus the spit for dinner had us in food comas. Huge thanks to the sponsors and team behind the scenes for arranging the huge amount of prizes. We managed to do well and took a few goodies home. Winning!!! Watching the Sat night fire shenanigans is always something I look forward to and it didn't disappoint. Banter and conversations a plenty and so much laughing. Sunday went out for a squirt with Miranda and Macca for another ride around the property, not far into it I was already thinking faaaar out I'm exhausted plus I was needing a bit of help from Macca which he graciously did with a smile. 3/4 way back up the hill the new WR just wouldn't go. No clutch just slipping. Lots of f bombs. Macca adjusted it as much as he could so I could get up the hill and putt it back to the lodge. Half way back it went again so lucky I could roll down the hill. 365km and clutch already gone?!? WTF. So I decided to have a beer instead. Quiet sun night around the fire with lots of people heading off home. Monday was much of the same with packing the epic amount of shit back up to fit in the car again. Must travel lighter next time. Hubby, Kids and I had a ball. Thanks to: Geoff and crew for arranging another fabulous weekend, Starglen lodge for their awesome hospitality and delicious food , all the sponsors again. So much work goes into these weekends behind the scenes and it's much appreciated [emoji1362][emoji1598]until next year.
  6. missmudd

    Sat 21st Oct Neerim Level 2 Ride Report

    What a fab ride!! It was great to ride some tracks out there I haven't done before and meet some new faces. With not many km's on the new bike it certainly tested my skill level and bike fitness, both are well and truely lacking which meant some serious gumby riding. (FX I missed out on starring in any vids, no one needs to see that again [emoji23]). Perfect weather, lots of technical stuff with some open flowing trails with woops to practice on. I might stick to level 1's for a bit hahahaa. 2/3 of the way I pulled the pin, I was absolutely spent. Thanks for accompanying me back to the cars Ozzyla, there is no way I could have done another hour or so. My muscles are killing me today- payback for sitting down too much! Chatting at the carpark meant I was still there when the group got in so I stayed for a chinwag and that ice cold beer went down a treat. Thanks Brenagade and Ozzyla for organising and leading, Graham for putting up with me being sweep and everyone that assisted me over the ride, all your help is greatly appreciated.
  7. missmudd


    Hi Chikz! Just wanted to share this Fox Womens weekend to see if anyone else is interested in going. It sounds really good and look I forward to meeting more girls that ride. https://www.jemmawilson.com.au/camp-out/ FOX WOMENS OFFROAD CAMP OUT #3 - BRIGHT, VIC Where: Bright (Porepunkah), VIC Who is the camp for? We want Ladies who are looking for the perfect girls moto weekend away! Ages 18-100 of all riding abilities welcome. Arrival time: The best time to arrive is after 4 pm Friday December 1, otherwise before 8:00am Saturday. Coaches: Jemma Wilson Other coaches TBA All participants will get the opportunity to work with each of the coaches at some point over the two days! What You Need To Bring: A race licence if you have one, otherwise a one event licence will be available for $30.00 Motorcycle All riding gear Fuel Snacks and Drinks A camel pack if you have one Camping Equipment - there will be plenty of people to lend a hand setting up if needed. What we will cover: Standing Position Braking Corner Entry Flat Corners Logs Single Lane Hillclimbs How to pick up your bike How to load and unload your bike General maintenance tips Course Fees: The cost is $275 + Motorcycling Australia 1 event licence if required ($30) This covers your riding, camping and brekkies, lunches and dinners. Please note that at the moment the only payment option is Direct Deposit. (Once you've filled out the form below payment details will be provided.)
  8. missmudd

    2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    They look mint! Ladies Medium X1 Men's Large X1 Youth Extra Small X1
  9. missmudd

    Fuel Range on 17 WR250

    Awesome thanks all. It's a 100km ride and I don't want to be THAT person [emoji23] [emoji1360]
  10. Hey, What fuel range can I expect out of my 2017WR250 on Level 2 type stuff? Heading out for a big ride in 2 weeks and don't want to get caught in a pickle![emoji23] Al
  11. missmudd

    Ozzyla's Neerim South Ride 2/6/17

    Thanks for leading dirt girlie, I had a fun day and still can't believe the Toolshed is so close. Huge thanks to Husky Mark for sweeping, picking me up and giving great pointers to help me ride better on the new bike. Your pep talk at the bottom and half way up that big hill was ace, thanks to all for the cheer squad when I finally reached the top. Everyone's assistance is greatly appreciated. Love a good yarn over lunch, the stories were great - so was the Parma. Who would have thought chutney would be so yum! What a fabulous bunch of people to go riding with [emoji1362]
  12. missmudd

    dirtriderZ 7 Years Old

    Well done Geoff and Happy Birthday DirtriderZ! Thanks to you, the admin and all the members for making it what it is xx
  13. missmudd

    Sunday 21st May - beginner ride Hazelwood

    What a great ride!!! I couldn't think of a better way to run in the new bike. Thanks so much Greasa for leading a top ride, and Bill for your assistance over the day. I even got on a corner a few times. WINNING!! This was my first group ride in a very loooong time and have to say, DirtriderZ people are just the best. It's always daunting heading out on a ride solo when you don't know anyone but there was plenty of support and encouragement from everyone. It was great to meet new people & I always love seeing other girls out there. Im absolutely stuffed and geez that beer went down a treat when I got home. I did at least wash the bike first [emoji23]
  14. Thanks for the pointers! It's been that long since i ran in the 230 that i was second guessing myself hahaha!
  15. missmudd

    I'm back!!!

    Hey ChickZ I'm back!!!!! Would love to catch up with some of you on the trails!