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  1. Thanks Geoffro, ADB forum was the first to close which was a shame because there was a lot of useful information. I reckon that would have been around 13 years ago. Crazy how time flies!
  2. Hi guys, I'm from Latrobe Valley, have been riding for the last 15 years. My usual ride spots are Moondarra, Bluerock, Erica, Walhalla/aberfeldy, Hernes Oak and a bit up Neerim. I'm quite surprised to come across a local dirtbike forum with such a large active userbase. I used to be apart of the ADB forum and MOF (Motorcycle on forum) back in the day before they closed down. A lot of my riding is solo now days due to friends getting out of the sport. Always looking for people to ride with. Cheers.
  3. Well done guys! This was my first event and I'm absolutely stoked with the day. The DMCC did an incredible job and the weather was perfect. I went riding again out there yesterday after the rain and it was so slippery, it just wasn't fun. I really think they would have struggled to run the event if it was that wet on the Saturday!