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  1. Hi Mate im in the Northern suburbs also looking for a newbie to ride with, im level 1 at best hence my broken rib ha ha , let me know if keen for a ride
  2. Hi mate I and a friend are in Mernda and looking for guys to ride with we are both Level 1 at best i havent been on dirt bike for 25 years first ride out i came off and broke a rib ha ha so the other guy needs a riding partner if you are keen. We also have young ones and looking for easy rides
  3. I went up to wandong for a ride today (first one in 25 years) came home with a broken rib lol but gee it was fin
  4. Thanks heaps mate im in mernda go check in the morning
  5. Hi guys Is there anywhere in Melbourne to buy gear for fat shits , i mean big boned people ha ha
  6. Andy you are special mate Love red my favourite colour ha ha
  7. Hi Guys Thanks for letting me join this great group , i havent been on a dirtbike for 30 years and after going away with Andrew and Badger i got the bug and went and purchased a second hand bike.I look forward after some practice to koin a couple of rides in the future Thanks