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  1. Ohh sorry i missed read the dates. Count me in i will save the date and i will come riding with you all that weekend will bring the Van and camping trailer 👍
  2. Yer I found Dissa very slippery yesterday being dry loose and loamy. Big River i will have to give a miss this weekend as i have a function on Saturday afternoon and its a 5 hour drive away. But any other weekend Im keep to ride with the team Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was riding at Mount Disappointment yesterday with my mate. Not keen to go back there until it has had some rain.
  4. Hi Andy whats the BD ride stand for?
  5. Hi team, I'm David and have recently purchased a KTM 500. I've been out on a few rides at Mount Disappointment, Neerim South and Glenmaggie. I'm looking to go on level 2 rides. I'm keen to head out on Sunday 7th and/or Monday 8th March. Let me know if you're keen to join, message 0432089194.