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  1. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Have no affiliation with this product at all BUT if you are removing or planning to resticker your bike. I recommend this product for getting the residue and grime off. It's not as harsh as thinners but man does it do the job unbelievably well! I've just taken stickers off my plastics, aluminium frame and forks and this product just wipes the goo off clean! It's from Woolies or Bunnings and maybe other outlets.
  2. Thankyou. All good with the LAMS, I've sorted the plates and everything. Licence is next on the list. Cheers
  3. Hi all, can I rec reg a bike without a licence? I am transferring rec reg from another bike into my name but don't have a motorbike licence. Vicroads have issues with this?
  4. Cheers. Yeah rec reg is sorted for the exact two statements you make, injury (Hope not), powerful bike after a 15 year break! Wish me luck! For anyone reading this thread, recommendations on businesses to service Suzuki RMZ450? I want to do the basic stuff but some work I'd prefer a professional to do. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I'm a new member here. Returning to riding after about 15 years. Just purchased a RMZ450 and have some maintenance to do before hitting any tracks. I'm located near Whittlesea, VIC and looking for local rides but also have a shack in Woods Point, VIC and would like to get up there for a beginner type ride. Family and kids don't let me ride every weekend but looking forward to getting back into it for some decent rides on a half regular basis. My riding style isn't full trail or enduro, a nice basic track. Somewhere to do some monos will suit me just fine! Cheers