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  1. Hey Dominic, I have a broken humerus at the moment. I’ll be ready for that ride in about 6 weeks 😃 Thanks Andy. Happy to be here. See you out on the trails soon 😃
  2. Hi Dominic, would be awesome to go riding. Can’t wait to get back on the bike. Hi motochick, I saw some pics on Facebook. That’s awesome so many ladies were out there. Looking forward to riding with you all soon 😃
  3. Hey, I just joined and here to say hi and hopefully find some more places to ride. I usually ride Neerim Sth and Taggerty with mates but keen to camp and ride new places. I’ve ridden bikes since I was 7. Raced MX about 12 years ago, shattered my ankle pretty good, had some time off the bike (bout 8 years) and have been back mainly riding bush. Just sold my Husaberg 450, loved the power but was heavy through tights and got a Sherco 300 2 banger, so getting used to riding a 2 stroke again but loving my new bike and how light it is. I’d say I’m level 3 with some help if needed but may be a level