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  1. Agreed. Although I'm sure it would have been an easier hill if I wasn't expected another couple after it Went to the doc to checkout the headaches I sometimes get after riding. He sent me to the Pyshio. The Pyshio said I need to do more riding! So pretty happy with that. But I should have got a prescription to show the wife. .
  2. Thanks again Stuart for a great ride. Totally new ground conditions for me, any spin and the rear just disappeared into the ground. 45mins to get 10m up a short hill, after being stuck for 30mins on the previous hill was a bit of a physical challenge (actually a major challenge for me). Especially when you got through in only a couple of attempts. Momentum. But I'm glad we made it through to the end. And a couple of new techniques learnt.
  3. Thanks for the comments, Update. Finished off the head as shown below. 1.3mm squish and same total volume. The shape of the chamber is quite a bit different. Originally it was more or less just a shallow dome, but is now far more broad in shape. All went back together without issues. New base gaskets to get X to pretty much spot on zero. Didnt change any carb settings. Went on Just4fun's ride on Sunday to test it out. Changes are quite noticeable. And hopefully real, rather than psychological. Most bad symptoms significantly improved, but unfortunately none
  4. I understand the air leak concerns. For the moment I'm betting its not the problem. Too consistent for the number of times I've had the top apart. Although I havent split the cases or done the test. So could be wrong. New slide. Float checked. Needle and seat o.k. Timing checked. Z checked. Power valve Etc etc. Put it all back to almost standard before starting to play. Note I can ignore the issues and ride around the problems, and it still goes quite well. But just not what it should be. But I'll find out in a few days if the machining has made an improvement
  5. I have a good selection of needles. Mostly the original NOZ* triple taper series, but also a couple that are a close match to the JD needles. Which are indeed far leaner at 1/4. Also got a software tool to compare the specs. Think Ive got a #6 slide in it at the moment. But got another one somewhere thats been opened up a bit and came either with this bike or my previous 380. Also have many base gaskets. X was at -0.35 (piston proud) when I first got this bike, and lately been running it at -0.15. Dont actually recall, but my notes say the change to -0.15 was a noticeable impro
  6. Been riding my old 380 a bit lately and decided to have another go at improving the jetting. 2nd major attempt since owning this bike (gave up the first time). Runs well top end, but plays up at closed and 1/4 throttle. Has had these issues: 1. It will surge on closed throttle overrun. Going down a steep hill, its just fires all of a sudden and lurches forward. Great if its slippery! 2. Impossible to ride at a steady speed on level road with 1/4 throttle. Surges like crazy and you need to select 2 gears higher and make it lug on 1/2 throttle. 3. Unstable idle when
  7. Thanks Stuart. Great ride. Conditions were perfect.
  8. Been falling off bikes since I was young, but been busy with other things for the last couple of years. Now time to get back on. And get the fitness back up. Getting harder to get the old riding buddies motivated, so need to find some new ones. Keen to get on some rides east of Melb. Should probably start pretty easy, Got a KTM 380, now getting on a bit, but should be good enough to fall off from. Hope to see you on a ride. Barry