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  1. What about a KLX250, is that more appropriate for bush riding?
  2. Ok, here's the million dollar question? Eveyone says that you need a licence to ride in a state forest, I can understand rec reg but what if you're a 14 year old child and don't have no interest in riding MX. How are you supposed to get a licence then to ride with your dad? I know police watch this so explain that one to me. No 14 or 15 year old can legally get a licence to ride until they are 16. Someone please clarify this ridiculous rule?
  3. To be honest I'm reconsidering going. Last thing i can afford or need is trouble. I'm studying the guide now which seems like a piece of piss and booking in for test next week or well at least one of those learner ride school places anyway
  4. Awesome Paul. We'll be out there this Saturday 3/10/2020 around 8-9am. We park up off Bush Inn Road not too far from the creek crossing. My number is 0400488436
  5. Would a KX250f be a better option?
  6. Hey fellow enduro nuts. Need advice on the best dirt bike GPS.
  7. My bike is rec reg'd but I dont have a bike licence or learners. Are there any members that have a learners book that i could borrow or help me to get my learners permt please? Happy to pay you for your time. I love riding in the bush and want to go on Dirtriderz rides so want to make sure me and my bike are legal
  8. We found that tight through the ferns you mentioned. Only got as far as that hill that curved off to to the right at the top. Would have been an epic fail if i tried it. That hillclimb was easily a 3
  9. We were there on Saturday too. Parked up off Bush Inn Road in the blue truck. Be awesome to go for a ride with ya bro. My son would be a level 2+ whereas I am a level 2. Depending on the weather hoping to get out there again on Saturday. Gonna park same spot or might go in off Maddens rd
  10. Out riding in Creswick State Forrest and another member and his group rode up to us. Introduced themselves and told us about this group/forum
  11. Hi guys. New to this forum and group. My name is Rob, I ride mainly with my son and best mate. My son and I ride RMZ 450's and my bud rides an old skool XR 100R. We mostly ride wombat and only just discovered how maddddd Creswick State Forrest is. We are at at an advanced beginner/intermediate level of riding