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  1. We must had posted threads at almost the exactly the same time. Looks like quite the adventure. Which appeared to start with my rig failing on the way up to the desert. Sorry gents for not providing the bacon and eggs I promised or the bike trailer support! Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. Well ladies and gentleman, I was meant to be on the ride as support with a bike trailer, and more importantly egg and bacon sangas for lunch! Unfortunately I was struck down with my own mechanical failure but I am still keen to hear about the ups and downs of the trip in more detail! My trip ended on the Western Hwy with a broken crank haha.
  3. The big ol bus! I bet any money it was in over 4000kgs as a unit haha. Moroka hut! One of the nicest i've seen, probably due to no idiot access for 4wds. The pinnacles and her looks to kill! Never will I get sick of the veiw! Arbuckle junction fuel up! Thank the lord for the awning! Pulled up at Bennisons lookout for a quick squiz! And finally Abe again, cause its Abe. Do have a few more photos, but this was hard enough to accomplish haha. Cheers everyone.
  4. First fuel up and feed! Most of the gang Dimmick lookout Kossy and Abe
  5. Well well well. I'll type a quick blurb and post some photos when photobucket stops being so shit. All but one of the car crew took the Friday off, we cruised up to Heyfield and had a feed and fuel up, then headed onto Licola. Made camp and slowly but surely the riders filtered in. The fourth and final car of the fuel support rolled into Licola 4-5ish. My uncle Peter said the gauges had been dropping out and funny things going on in his Pajero on the way up, I jokingly said "probably a cactus alternator". A bit later he went to move the car in and it had a flat battery. Here we go I thought to my self. A quick jump start and a whip out of the multimeter, sure enough a dead flat battery and an alternator not charging. Great. We made the plan to cable tie my solar panel to the roof in the morning and swap his main battery and charged secondary battery and it should have enough to power the vehicle provided no accessories were used. He made it all the way from Licola to Dargo and back home like this! Go team! Once we were on the road Saturday morning it was all smooth sailing, putting off stopping at a few places and straight to Zeka spur, cooked up some snags and fueled the riders! They carried on, we packed up and cruised towards Dargo stopping at Howitt hut, Derricks lookout (I think haha), Moroka hut and then walking the Pinnacles while the weather was good (no matter how many times I go there its always awesome). We then rolled into Dargo about an hour after the riders, then shot off for a beer at the Dargo Hotel. Then there was dinner and plenty of drinks at the River Inn! Two bikes had decided they had enough of the trip once they arrived in Dargo, so we loaded them up! Sunday morning we left before the bikes to head up Billy Goats and cook up a million egg and bacon sangas for the riders! We then pretty much took an express route to Arbuckle Junction where we setup the awning and waited. The trip back to Licola was pretty uneventful with a stop at Bennisons lookout (i missed the bloody old cattle yard) then back into Dargo where we all waited for all the riders to return. Peter took off to use the sunlight as his alternator and Koss man followed. Me. Matty, J-man and Sharuk cruised home with a stop in Trafalgar for my 3rd parma in as many days and a cold one to make the depressing trip home that little bit better!!!! Thanks J-man and Arbo for sorting it out and all the riders for making it a great weekend. We all enjoyed ourselves. I personally love the River Inn and I look forward to returning everytime I go, the ol hotels good for a froff but thats about it. Sorry for getting carried away in that boring quick blurb haha. Ill get a few of the photos up from our trip ASAP!!
  6. Come on J-man, a thread without pics? You know better than that.
  7. Yes sir, just very fussy handing my money over to people with second hand bikes.
  8. Yeh after 5 years I got over the constant maintenance. Thinks its been 8-12 months now since the bike got sold. Getting close to wanting another one though.
  9. Coolant in a bike wont boil until around 130-140 degrees in a good working cooling system (specially a KTM, as their cap pressure are normally pretty high). You can work it out off cap pressure plus coolant boiling point. If you cap is down on pressure at all, that boiling point is greatly reduced. Both the 300 and 500 automatic temp switches were junk and couldn't be trusted. Manual on off switch on the bars was always my preference.