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  1. I reckon you're right I ordered the Scott otg enduro goggles and the quick straps. I'll see how that conbo goes and go from there
  2. Wonder if you could run quick straps with air flaps? Best of both worlds?
  3. Looking at grabbing some Scott split otg and air flaps to go with them. Has anyone tried either or both together? Hoping they'll work together and stop glasses and mask from fogging up. Not sure if the airflaps work with normal goggles only or work with otg's as well - worried it might push the goggles too far out?
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply - just wanted to say thankyou! That pdf was a great read!
  5. Thanks guys, will have a read over there. Hopefully get some good news from Dan the Man on Sunday so we can tee up a ride!
  6. Just curious to know the similarities or differences between these needles?
  7. Hey splints Yep rec reg is all sorted, though I need to sort an issue with the lights which is frustrating as I can only troubleshoot with the motor running and the neighbours tend not to care for it too much 😁 Brownie points shouldn't be a problem, she's practically pushing me out the door. Think she can tell I'm itching to get out of the house haha
  8. Thanks for the help today Pete, have had a read and would be keen for L2 when we get out of lockdown!
  9. Gday everyone. Chris here and getting back into riding after a break to have kids etc. Last bike was a 93 KDX200. That bike copped it and kept coming back for more, year after year, without me ever doing a top end. One day I decided to do some maintenance, stuffed it, and she sent chunks out the exhaust. That was the end of that. Got into roadbikes for a bit. Got out of roadbikes. But the dirt bug never left me. Just picked up an 08 exc-e300. Under 100hours, TSP head, fresh top end, tubeliss and a few other bits and bobs. Living in Coronaville, means the best she's gotten was a putt putt around the block. Can't wait to get out of iso and see how it goes.
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