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  1. Ps bike is booked in to get the button sorted! All shops are hectic busy! Minimum 2 week wait. All good it is what it is 😀
  2. Cheers guys all relevant and helpful tips. Hopefully get out as much as I can. Our current covid situation doesn’t help unfortunately.
  3. Thanks mate, No I’ve only ever ridden twice since purchasing the bike a couple of months ago. In saying that The trails were probably a bit much for a nubie on bike without any experience lol. But I enjoyed it none the less. I Guess riding with such experienced guys was a bit intimidating as well. Also no elec start on an already steep/deep rutted tight trail just added to an already tough trail lol.
  4. Hi guys, I’ve bought a wr250f and keen to Clock up some seat time. I’m located in Croydon sth Vic, so out around the eastern suburbs. Hit me up if your happy to have me tag along 🤙🏽 Cheers guys