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  1. Only watched the RedBull highlights. I always find it amazing that after around 20hrs of riding over 4 days the top two finishers are only a couple of minutes apart. Sandra Gomez has become the first female to finish Romaniacs Gold Class.
  2. My 2C's, I wanted to get back into dirt bikes after being off them since my teens. My son out grew his JR80, and we settled on a Husky 150XC for both of us. He has been enjoying it for the past 3 years. I moved onto a 300 so we could ride together and not have to share a bike. A 150 or 200 would be a great step up for your son, and when he outgrows it he should be in a position to buy his own! (That is what I am hoping for with my son)
  3. Cut my teeth on a Yamaha DT80 then went for the three wheeler - Honda ATC 110. Put that poor thing through hell and kept on going. Only engine work it had done to it was a new cam chain. I would hate to guess how many hours I put on it. There were not too many days that it did not get ridden.
  4. A few years ago their was an online petition to try and get a "junior License" with restrictions. Argument was you can get junior license for boating and hunting and can get a pilots license at ??15 or 16. In Canada and the USA you can get your car / motorcycle licence at 16. Some states learners start at 14.
  5. I did mine and had surgery. Did three months physio prior to surgery - wanted to try physio first as I know a few people that were happy with the outcome from physio and did not get surgery. I did not realise how weak my muscles were until I started physio. Had the op and had a real good recovery period. I believe the physio prior to surgery helped in my recovery. My wife has been living a very active lifestyle for past 10years with a complete ACL rupture. I am going to presume you did your ACL not riding?
  6. Yep, rain will turn the easiest track into one of the hardest.
  7. Cruiser, looks like a fantastic job. Did you consider building a slide out ramp from underneath the van? or will you just carry a ramp inside?
  8. When practising you can cut your two pieces apart, across of the weld and will give you a better idea of your penetration. Look at the back of your weld swell to see if you are getting drop through. It is easier to start on thicker material and work your way down to thinner pieces. Some TIG welders like to weld two razor blades together to show off. When welding two pieces of flat together start away from the edge and work your way to the edge, otherwise it is very easy to create a big "hole" at the edge if you try and start there.
  9. Once you are happy with your settings for a particular material / thickness write it on the machine for future reference.
  10. As Murdoch said - panels are hard. do not do more than about a 1cm length at a time and do what you are doing - having your welds spaced out. A bit at each spot and continue working around the perimeter. Are you using MIG or TIG? Is their space behind the panel for a dolly? Peening your welds as you go will also help in preventing warpage. Heat is your enemy here. For panel work I like using pulsed TIG. For the experienced most of my tips below will be known. I really dislike gasless MIG. Went to gasless when I was not welding much and you could not purchase bottles. I n
  11. Would one of those Whirlybird vents on the roof help? Or the type you see on top of some ute canopies.
  12. To help pull the bearings you can gently heat the swingarm with a propane torch - same when you go to put the new ones in. You can freeze the bearings over night and they slide in easier. On one of my bikes which was bought used I had a terrible time trying to pull the bearings they were stuck that bad. Eventually to get them out I used a trick my dad taught me - I removed all of the needle bearings out of the cups them I TIGed a bead of weld around the inside of the cup and let it cool. Bearings came out easily then.
  13. G'day all, Been riding tar and 4wdriving for past 20 odd years and decided to get back onto the dirt a few years ago. Main reason for getting back on dirt is to sharpen technique and build fitness. I want to eventually join the adventure rider crowd. Have the Simpson crossing on my bucket list. Looking for possible riding options. Tallarook is a fave spot for the 4wd and would love to check it out on the bike so hope to join a ride there sometime. Have a couple of Huskys a '11 XC150 and a '13 WR300 Hope to meet some of you on the trails someday.