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  1. It may be difficult to weld as there is a fair chance oil has impregnated the metal. Talk to a welder and see what they say - nothing to loose in trying to get it welded.
  2. When I did my water pump seal had trouble getting the impeller off, went back to the manual and yep I was turning things the wrong way. Luckily nothing broke.
  3. While doing some work on my bike and almost damaging a sealed bearing while putting it in got me thinking of some of the mechanical mistakes I have made. I am no mechanic and will most things a go if I think I am capable of, but sometimes things do not go as planned. Maybe we all can learn from others mistakes. What is your best / worse screw up? Here is one of mine. Working on a road bike I changed my front brake disc and pads - fairly simple straight forward job. First ride to work (about 8ks in the city) I was doing some extra front braking to bed things in. The front brake w
  4. I use Alpine quest. I trialled it for a while then bought it, at the time was less than $10.00. Is fairly basic, and on the purchased one you can plan routes prior to going out. Can be used offline but have to have downloaded the map of the area you are going to (only need to do it once). You can also save routes. A mate has the Vic emergency maps - is only available for iPhone / iPads, and only covers Victoria. It is probably the best maps I have come across. i have not used it so do not know all of its functions, and from memory around $50.00. From memory when i looked into it th
  5. After the bike has been started / test ride take the oil filler plug out and have a look - if oil looks milky it has either been through deep water or more likely the water pump seal is gone. Have a general look around the sellers yard - if everything is neat and tidy and appears looked after there is a fair chance the bike has been loved, if the whole place looks neglected - the bike has most likely been too. If the bike has rego you can do a rego search through your states registration body e.g. Vic Roads.
  6. Put a new rear hoop on. Picked up new rear wheel bearings and seals today - currently sitting in the freezer waiting patiently for there turn to go in.
  7. AMX superstore is out your way as well. I have seen larger sizes there. Go up stairs to the discounted area - never know what you will find there.
  8. After waiting nearly 2 months for parts, finally got the water pump seal replaced. Just need to test ride to see if fixed or not. The seal definitely feels tighter than what was removed. Fingers crossed. Needed to take the clutch cover off to get to back of seal to drive out. The Husky dealer I used also sells Hondas and said that they have had Honda parts on back order for over 3months. A mate that does a lot of importing from the USA says he has had trouble getting containers to ship to Australia because no containers are going out so the shipping companies are rel
  9. What about putting in a tank sealer kit like the POR15 product. They work well in a metal tank but do not know if it would stick to the plastic. I have also heard of people using a mixture of plumbing primer and glue used for PVC plumbing pipes.
  10. Trying to replace water pump seal. Have pa separate post about it.
  11. Trying to get the water pump seal out of my '12 Husky WR300. I do not think it has ever been changed and I have pretty much destroyed it trying to get it out but it is still stuck in. Any tips on getting it out. It looks like it has a metal outer ring that is pressed into the case - but not sure if that part comes out or not. The rubber bits are just tearing apart. I was wondering if I could some how get a bent flat screwdriver behind it and pry it out. Any ideas or suggestions?
  12. There is as review of the CTI's on the forum here somewhere. In my opinion PODS are next best after custom CTI's - are Aussie owned and can be used for other sports including water sports. I have Leatt carbon C-frames
  13. I was off the bike for around 6 months. Got on the road bike first then took it easy returning to dirt. Did not get on the dirt bike until after getting knee braces. I took the post surgery physio pretty seriously and worked hard at it - so had a good recovery. If the professional footy players can get back playing footy after around 8months post surgery why shouldn't I be able to get back on the bikes around the same time. Your body will tell you when you are ready to get back on the bike. Believe it or not - depending on your life style and what you want out of the surgery you can
  14. Know anyone with a lathe? Could make your own custom spacers. There is nothing that can't be solved with time and money.