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  1. Finally got new jets to try. Put the smaller one in but only had a quick spin to see how it was running. Will switch to the larger jet and see what happens then will start playing around trying to fine tune things.
  2. That has been changed. My understanding is that failure causes erratic idle - which you can not set. Which mine was doing at the time and that repair fixed it. Thanks for the suggestion
  3. Finally had a play today. I am pretty happy the way it is idling. It has some smoke and there is a bit of oil around the exhaust but I would not call it too excessive, its not a runny mess by a long shot. From your point 8 - I would rate it as a lean bog. I went and did a stupid thing and backed the air mixture screw out too far where I lost it on a test run. In the lower gears and taking off it is pretty crisp, as you wind the throttle on and go up in gears it will start to bog,-all most as if it is flooding, as you hold the throttle it then seems to catch up to its self and takes off. The other thought I have is would a damaged reed valve give these symptoms.
  4. Thanks for the info. The Husky 150XC was a road registered bike made for the US market and not sold in Australia. Carb has been apart a couple of times and thoroughly cleaned. Made an adjustment to the needle clip, made a slight difference. Up to 3/4 throttle it is fine especially if you don't open the throttle too quickly. It is that 1/2 throttle to WOT - especially if you open it quickly. When I get a chance i will pull the main jet and get a couple different sizes to change. The other thing I might try is swap carbs with my 300 and see what happens. Have read good things about the Lectron.
  5. Have bled it a couple of times, using the recommended fluid. Figured that the feel I am getting is the best that I can with it, thought would post the question to see if I was missing something. Appears not!
  6. The previous owner of my WR300 converted the cable clutch to a Magura Hydraulic clutch. Love how easy it is to use, but I do not like the "feel" and find it very hard to find the fine "friction point" as you can on a cable clutch. Tried numerous times to adjust it and have gotten some feel in it. Is it possible to adjust it to get this feel or am I fighting a losing battle?
  7. Have a 2012 Husky 150XC. It is a "grey import", they were produced for the US market. They are pretty much a CR/WR 125 with a big bore kit. Carby has been pulled apart and cleaned. The long standing problem we have been having with it is it bogs down at WOT. The other problem is you can not quickly crack the throttle from 1/2 throttle to WOT otherwise will bog down. Up to 3/4 throttle it will rip. I'm running 40:1 oil in it, pretty sure previous owner ran it around 50:1, manual actually says 32:1 Should I be going up to a larger main jet?
  8. Have they moved the rings? From my understanding if you have a piston with more than one ring the ring gaps should not line up. Interesting that the ring gaps are located precisely where the score marks are????
  9. Jofo62 - congrats on your purchase. If you don't mind me asking what was the deciding factor of the T7 Vs other brands? Did you test ride a few different bikes before making the decision? More brands are entering into the ADV market. MV August will be coming out with a 550 and 800cc model and Aprillia will be releasing their Touareg, Huskies Norden will be out next year so lots to choose from. The Aprilia looks good on paper - very similar to the T7 but with more electronics.
  10. For those long stretches of freeway - cruise is a nice feature, gives you a chance to relax the right wrist. Same benefit as using cruise on car. I do not have it on my road bike but have ridden a mates bike that had it. It was well over 20 years ago and his was an aftermarket system that was a basicly a throttle lock.
  11. Pol Tarres rode his Tenere 700 to an 18th place in the Bronze class of the 2021 Romaniacs hard enduro. He is the first person to finish the Bronze class on an adventure bike. Check out You tube to see what he can do on this machine.
  12. Yes that old chestnut - will have to take a look at that.
  13. That is not entirely true regarding the key system. That is the last I will say about that topic. Again it will be sad to see Wombat closed.
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