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  1. To help pull the bearings you can gently heat the swingarm with a propane torch - same when you go to put the new ones in. You can freeze the bearings over night and they slide in easier. On one of my bikes which was bought used I had a terrible time trying to pull the bearings they were stuck that bad. Eventually to get them out I used a trick my dad taught me - I removed all of the needle bearings out of the cups them I TIGed a bead of weld around the inside of the cup and let it cool. Bearings came out easily then.
  2. G'day all, Been riding tar and 4wdriving for past 20 odd years and decided to get back onto the dirt a few years ago. Main reason for getting back on dirt is to sharpen technique and build fitness. I want to eventually join the adventure rider crowd. Have the Simpson crossing on my bucket list. Looking for possible riding options. Tallarook is a fave spot for the 4wd and would love to check it out on the bike so hope to join a ride there sometime. Have a couple of Huskys a '11 XC150 and a '13 WR300 Hope to meet some of you on the trails someday.
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