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  1. Got my hook plate out on Wednesday arvo, feeling good. Shoulder is a bit grisly sounding when it moves though.. Follow up with surgeon and physio in 2 weeks, by then it's been over 6 months off work.
  2. Looks like I'll probably be off work for a similar duration. Spoke to boss today and said don't come back until you can do usual duties. Getting used to chilling at home with my kelpies, at least I can throw a tennis ball or
  3. 8 weeks today since fracturing my collarbone, nearly 5 weeks from hook plate surgery. Seen my physio yesterday, she says no lifting weight until union of bone. Which is 3 months from surgery approximately, hopefully plate is out at 4 months. Looks like light duties at work when I go back on the 14th. Hey cruiser how much time did you have off work all up?
  4. Just over 3 weeks since my hook plate went in. 6 weeks + off work so far and surgeon has me off for another 3 being a labourer, even then I'm not sure when I'll be able to actually do my usual duties. He said I didn't actually tear the ac tendons, bruised a couple and one tore off the bone with a piece of bone attached (clavicle has multiple fractures at this end). Biggest setback I see at the moment is muscle loss.
  5. Good ride report TRAILZ. Avoca is my favourite riding spot.
  6. Fractured 6 ribs a bit over 3 weeks ago now. Felt like broken glass when rolling over in Did collarbone at the same time, just got a hook plate put in yesterday.
  7. Sweet rus, looking forward to the other side. Plate going in on Monday morning.
  8. Seen my surgeon (Mr Ash Moaveni) today, he suggested the hook plate for my situation. Hopefully goes in next week.
  9. I've joined the ac separation club guys. Been reading other people's experiences in this thread to get educated... Lol See an orthopedic surgeon this Wednesday, see what he says.. Looks to me like a grade 3 separation and fractured end of clavicle. Broke 6 ribs and dislocated thumb at same time, popped thumb back in right after incident and ribs are feeling good at the moment. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks. Really hoping this gets sorted soon.
  10. Inner tube 100 - 110psi is stated to be checked prior to every ride according to tubliss instructions mate.
  11. There's a procedure to follow. Loosen lower triple clamp and axle pinch bolts. Roll bike forward and apply front brake hard, repeat and then tighten bolts to torque specified. Something along those lines..
  12. No problem here either mate.. Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
  13. Ride In Peace Tazzy Condolences to his family, sad news indeed.