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  1. Yeah mate hopefully next time i see you there 🤙🍻
  2. Hey guys and girls, check out my latest youtube video. I competed in the open roads rally and i raised over $4500 for the kids with cancer foundation Follow us, like and subscribe for more cool shit coming this year Cheers guys Joel
  3. Hey Guys and girls, Check out my brand 'A Dirtbike Story' I am doing a small rally event next weekend and im trying to raise money for kids with cancer foundation. Check out the link below. Follow us on facebook, instagram and youtube. @A_dirtbike_story @Adirtbikestory Just something im doing for the love of bikes So far i have raised $2850 to help the families in need. Any donation will help thanks guys/girls
  4. I joined this rally looks awsome link below Its For dual sport adventure riders wish me luck, Also Check out my pages (A Dirtbike Story) youtube insta and face book Cheeers 🤙🍻
  5. Thanks mate i will keep you updated. If you end up buying mig welder and want to build something im happy to give you some pointers mate to get you going cheers
  6. Hey guys , just thought id post some pics of an old $200 trailer im turning into a dirtbike camper for the family. Were stuck in lockdown in rosebud vic so i do a few hrs each weekend and the odd rdo to work on it. I have a new rooftop tent with a 6 man annex to go ontop on the front half. The rear is just roof storage with tiedown points. Our kitchen will be a gazebo tent with foldable table etc. Unzip the 6 man annex and we will be able to walk into a toilet and the otherside steel door will be storage. All the dirtbikes go in the back (bit like a patriot toy hauler) Ive had caravans and cam