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  1. @maccastrewth that depends on how hungry I am on the day! When you feel like a tag-a-long and a cruisy ride, you know how to find me.
  2. Have a second pair of eyes with you on inspection. You may miss something that they may pick up. Make sure you raise the question on finance owing. Other than that, ask if you can take it for a ride. You never buy a second hand car without taking it for a test drive.
  3. Just spewing there was no footage from when we started the hamburger. I suppose there is always a next time to power through it again.
  4. Hi Geoffro, Just a suggestion but you could make this post or create a new about cancelling at the last minute and/or not having the decency to notify the organiser as an announcement in the top sticky section of the organise rides section as most have likely subscribed to get these notifications. I'm fairly new to the forum and have already noticed this behaviour. It really is unacceptable and unfair to others that can make that weekend but aren't able to go as ride numbers are capped. I really do hope this behaviour stops as they just don't realise how awesome this group and forum is - an
  5. The only way I can keep up the good work is with more rides. Bring 'em on!
  6. Well, Tracey knows how to do it - plan another perfect ride. The loop flowed magnificently. Another memorable and enjoyable ride added to the list with the pace, terrain, obstacles and scenic views. A huge thankyou also to the neverforgotten sweepers and helpers. You guys make my day a hell of a lot more comfortable and I think its beginning to show. Every time I'm out with a dirtriderz group, I don't want the day to end.
  7. Any day on the bike is a good day. Any day with dirtriderZ is a great day.
  8. A BIG thankyou to@maccastrewth for his time, patience, lead, assistance, tips, humour and smiles. You were just as happy to be out there like me, however I at times feel like I'm a glutton for punishment! Knowing that I ride slow and not a L2 rider (yet), maccastrewth just let me go at my own pace with the old girl doing what she does. However, there was a bog (me) that ended up with two blokes lifting a 124kg bike up (damn those watered ruts were soft and not very nice looking). Tugger straps will now be on the shopping list. Riding down the ladder was awesome with maccastrewth suggesting
  9. Do you trickle charge with the negative of the charger to the negative of the battery while bike wiring terminals are connected? If yes, experts (I'm not one of them in any way in this field) say this is no-no and should never be done. You should connect the negative charger to a large bolt on the engine or chassis as you need a suitable ground location. Keep in mind that the bolt should be free of dirt, grime and oil.
  10. What a bloody great workout. You don't need a gym membership - you just need to get on the pegs and ride with a great bunch of fellow DirtriderZ. A gracious thankyou to Tracey for putting together a fantastic loop, Arbo for sweeping and Tracey's plus one for barricading part of the track(s) where the "oh shit" would have been the last words (for me anyway) coming out before a potential rubber side up! All up, just under a 50km loop in two hours riding time. You name it, the terrain was covered (excluding river crossings). Seen parts of Tallarook on YouTube vids that I didn't think I'd see
  11. Being my second ride with the group and as expected, all smiles at the end of the ride. Fantastic loop put together with different terrains tackled with all staying upright and rubber side down. Thanks to@Yates for the loop, riding tips and varying the loop and terrain challenges. Thanks also to@angelena for sweeping and@BearMX for his assistance with the group. BBQ and beers at the end of the ride was a perfect way to end the day with putting forum names to faces and vice versa. Merry Xmas to all, stay safe and see you on the dirt soon enough.
  12. Had a blast. Just wished the body would have held up longer. I'm gonna have to blame the heavy bike hehehehehe.Just let me know when the next one is! Jeff.
  13. Being my first ride with the group, I knew it was going to be a different ride on a very chilly morning. New tracks, great bunch of blokes to go riding with and all very very helpful. The riding conditions and tracks were different for me and being the too cautious rider that I am, I just should have let the old thumper do its thing. A huge shout out to all the riders welcoming me to the group and a big thankyou to@Andy350 for organising the ride and@KennyB for sweeping and yelling at me (he was only giving me tips!) Cheers guys and I can't wait for the next ride.
  14. Hi all, I'd be one of the new members that have signed up! Been navigating the forum for the last few days and reading about organised rides, ride reports, viewing pics and watching the recent rides on YouTube. It's time to join a ride and get out there with fellow riders. The TTRs ready and I'm ready. Thanks for the add and all that have shared. Definitely found the right forum to be a part of. Cheers.