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  1. Had a blast. Just wished the body would have held up longer. I'm gonna have to blame the heavy bike hehehehehe.Just let me know when the next one is! Jeff.
  2. Being my first ride with the group, I knew it was going to be a different ride on a very chilly morning. New tracks, great bunch of blokes to go riding with and all very very helpful. The riding conditions and tracks were different for me and being the too cautious rider that I am, I just should have let the old thumper do its thing. A huge shout out to all the riders welcoming me to the group and a big thankyou to@Andy350 for organising the ride and@KennyB for sweeping and yelling at me (he was only giving me tips!) Cheers guys and I can't wait for the next ride.
  3. Hi all, I'd be one of the new members that have signed up! Been navigating the forum for the last few days and reading about organised rides, ride reports, viewing pics and watching the recent rides on YouTube. It's time to join a ride and get out there with fellow riders. The TTRs ready and I'm ready. Thanks for the add and all that have shared. Definitely found the right forum to be a part of. Cheers.