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  1. Great vid @Andy350. Loved the commentary and it looked like a great ride.
  2. @Geoffrois there a way the IT consultants can set up a total counter and track the number of users connected at any given time? Or better still, the number of users trying to connect and cannot? That is, a trouble shooting exercise... It could be related to availability of open connections (ports) - just like when the government tried the online census a few years back and Australia only had a population of 26. It could be the server's are being flogged to death!
  3. Hi @Robbie G I also was having all sorts of issues with being unable to connect to the server and not getting notifications on subscribed topics and posts. Are you using Tapatalk? In the end Tapatalk was the last straw for me. I have uninstalled it on two devices and am now just using Chrome with no issues. A little harder to view on a phone but that's what tablets are for! A bit of history on my encountered issues. Tapatalk was working great in the early days for me since I joined the forum in June last year. About 8 months later, connecting issues begun. Found later to be all related to my ISP (Internet Service Provider). They (Telstra) could not fault that it was them so I tried other things. Changing the DNS from Telstra to Google worked fine for a couple of weeks, then stopped working. Telstra are always performing upgrades to their system or should I say drive-me-up-the-wall-grades. Connected through a VPN worked a treat for the next 4 to 5 months until I was having issues again after Tapatalk updates. This is where I gave up on Tapatalk after reading many reviews on the app store. I have not had any issues using Chrome. I am not the help desk here but some of these may assist: 1. If you are using Tapatalk - try connecting through a browser such as Chrome. Clear your cache/data/history to start fresh. 2. Are you having connecting issues using WiFi only - try using your phone mobile data or a different carrier. 3. If you have not changed your ISP settings, it's probably still at default from your ISP - try changing to Google DNS (configuration settings on the modem). You should then restart your modem and then restart all your devices. 4. Try using a VPN service to change your current IP location. 5. Have you tried connecting at different times? Try the early morning or late at night. Hope some of this helps. Cheers.
  4. Uninstalled Tapatalk on both devices today after recent Tapatalk update as couldn't view anything (error messages: "network error" or "post has been deleted by admin"). As stated in a previous post, notifications to subscribed topics still weren't coming through. Read plenty of reviews on Tapatalk tonight and I'm not the only one with issues! Back to the browser for now...
  5. @dazzrmx I may now have to buy another bike, new riding gear, shave my head and beard so fellow riders won't recognise me. Maybe even a new forum name - ha!
  6. Thanks for awesome vid Vince. Great feedback for what not to do and what to do.
  7. Well... thats 9 rides done and dusted for 2021 thus far and the 9th being a tad slippery. Never ever have I ridden conditions like this where the rear has slid from under me unexpectedly so many times but what a rush when you take back control and are still upright somehow. On the first hill climb of the day, a lack of momentum didn't get me up, but the second was a win with a 5m longer run-up. Going up the gully (as trailz mentioned above) after getting past the gnarly bits, the bike decided to take a little lay down. After picking the tank up, Bear said to hop on. Bear and Mess tried to rotate that front wheel but the rear just kept spinning. Bear seemed to have disappeared and I then heard a hissing sound and there he was letting air out of the rear. I put my hand up to take last position so Mess could mess around within the group. I was so happy to do this as I had one less thing on my mind. So Bear, Dazz, matrix7 and myself played leapfrog for last position a few times. This thought of slowing others down will eventually disappear like a fart in the wind. Further into the ride I was showing an increase in pace. I don't know how to explain it, but each time I'm in front of Bear, I'm up a gear. Is this the norm, trying to outrun a bear? Hehehe All in all, a fantastic day, fantastic group to ride with, lessons learned and I can't express how much I enjoy riding and meeting great people. So a big thankyou to all once again. I can't wait for the next one, but the body can...
  8. Thanks@Geoffro. Only started using tapatalk since last December so good to know about the headaches. Cheers.
  9. Heya all, just throwing it out there but is anyone else not getting notifications through Tapatalk on topics they've subscribed to? I have not received a notification since the painful lockdown 4.0. All my settings are the same prior to lockdown with the app on two devices set to max power and allowed on start-up. The only thing remaining to do is to uninstall and reinstall the app.
  10. Already watched the full hour and 5mins. Bloody awesome. Great video quality. Thanks@TRAILZ
  11. What a fantastic day. We couldn't have asked for better weather and it's great meeting new riders and putting forum names to faces. Damn you guys can ride. I have bucket loads more to learn. The ride was a different one after giving the 22 year old some TLC. It really is amazing what a clean throttle tube, oiled throttle and clutch cables, clean greased axles, freshly oiled air filter along with some hand-me-down tyres do. A special mention to[mention=5602]maccastrewth[/mention] here who provided and fitted the tyres for me (free disposal). My 11 year old rubbers started tearing knobs and a few were already missing. With a softie on the front and a medium on the rear, it wasn't the same feeling when comparing to the old hard knobs. The old girl bounced around more than usual and the suspension felt lighter. Or have I just lost weight? Thanks to[mention=4608]TRAILZ[/mention] for leading and supervising the group,[mention=5377]Matt337x[/mention] for sweeping and helping me get out of a rooted shit rut. Thanks to[mention=2788]dazzrmx[/mention] for the reminder to look way further ahead (tips are always encouraged no matter from whom). Mental note to self: Don't wear your goggles on the back of the helmet while doing hill climbs. It may cause them to slide over the helmet and spring in front of you - and don't even attempt to catch them in mid air taking one hand of the bar. You all can guess what happened next. What a gumby! [mention=4897]cobraone[/mention] and[mention=5450]Barclay[/mention] - I may have a go at those optional hills in a couple of years. Watching you guys tackle them was an eye opener and a pleasure to watch. The hunger is there! Thanks to everyone for attending and letting me have a crack. Twas awesome seeing the smiles during and after the ride. Cheers.
  12. Might as well start it off with something a little different. There won't be any ride details (from me) apart from the dust. We may as well have had a goatie competition - except for the lead Tracey. A big thanks for scouting the area and slapping together a different loop to@Tracey Pepstar and@Goodie, @splints for sweeping and@Bear doing the usual track duties and quick repairs. Everyone else just made it the perfect day. Anyway, the something little different bit as my little tractor gave me a different ride. She had me over the handlebars, working up a sweat She had me through the puddles, only to get wet She had me high above the ground, purring with the sound She had my legs up in the air, with no-one else around She had me crouching upright now, standing on the pegs As she layed her cushioned seat, inbetween my legs She had me going sideways, she had me on my knees Even though she worked on me, the muscles will be pleased She had her front up in the air, slipping to the rear The crowd was watching on, to whisper loud in cheer
  13. Get well Dave. Thoughts and wishes out to you and family. You were on my first ride ever with dirtriderz in June last year up at whipstix scrub. Rest up buddy. (The long haired lout on the old blue TTR).
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