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  1. Thank you, haven't done much sand at all on my heavy mule, but I will definitely think about it, got the bug back, as soon as isolation over I be pout there getting my strength back
  2. Thank you again, I received stickers and beanie today, much appreciated. Never have I put stickers on my bike until now. I think they look good. Proud to advertise such a welcoming group.
  3. Just a baby 2012 xt660r. Love it. 10,000 k's problem free and had a ball with it.
  4. Planning a trip with a couple of mates at end of this year to our great southern island. Any ideas and pics of places would be great. Thank youGetting bike ready nice and early, can never be too prepared.
  5. I love camping just near home on the mighty Murray river, good boat ramps, plenty of flat, although a bit bumpy trails for your bike, and the fishing not bad at certain spots. I usually go just behind Red Cliffs. Get the fishing out, and the water ski gear for a bit of fun
  6. When I've done long rides, apart from puncture kit and gas bottle pumps, I carry a tube for front wheel only, if back tube blows, can squash front tube into rear wheel to get you out of trouble to next town, but you can't stretch rear tube to fit front on most bikes.tore a rear tube near Texas, NSW, worked easier then it sounds. Have seen front tubes carried between forks over gaurd to save removing wheel , but that not an option on my bike due to low headlight.
  7. Thank you , 2012 model, bought it new, few mild modifications, suspension, tuning , front gaurd , pivot pegs. Does not get used enough sadly. Don't know a single person in my area with similar bike . Am planning a Tasmania trip at end of year. Hopefully I can pull that off.
  8. Cheers buddy, some interesting stuff on here
  9. Awesome job buddy, my trade was building and refitting/repairing caravans and motor homes, looking forward to seeing finished product. I've cheated, I have a small bus, and behind it I have purchased a double horsefloat to cart my bike in as well as use as my shower and toilet. A lot less work for me. Keep the pics coming , looking great
  10. Just saying g'day, I ride an XT660R, looking forward to getting to know you all
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