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  1. Awesome ride as usual 2t4me 👍🏻. i had a blast and safe to say everyone that attended had much the same sort of response. Thanks
  2. All with massive arm pump after prolog 😂
  3. Always a top ride, good group of guys. Certainly tuff conditions. thanks again 👍🏻
  4. Cool topic, one Iv been playing around with the last 6-8 months with diet and fitness. I’m no superstar rider but dropping a fair bit of weight and really concentrating on fitness and diet has improved my riding massively. my current routine consists of the following minimum 3-4lt water everyday night before a bigger/harder ride. Chicken, eggs, lots of vegetables. And some good sleep the morning of a ride. lots of water first up (With magnesium powder) 2-3km run and some good stretching to get the juices flowing banana and berry smoothie first up the
  5. Haven’t run the nitro mousse. about to try though. dead feel: makes the front wheel feel heavy and creates some gyroscopic type sensation, hard to explain 🤣.
  6. Currently running tubliss front and rear. will continue with tubliss front as I like the feel better with it over the mousse. Wasn’t a fan of the dead/heavy feeling with the mousse 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. I’m also keen on going to a mousse setup in the rear. But last time I used one the tyre ended up slipping on the rim no matter what I did. Wondering if you can run 2 rim locks with a mousse ? Currently running tubliss and haven’t had any problems YET, but really just want to eliminate any future flats etc during an event.
  8. Fantastic day, thanks for a great ride Dusty & others. Really good to meet a lot of new and great people. thanks for having me