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  1. It was such a great weekend. The girls welcomed me and my annoying-ness with open arms.... you’re all going to regret that!!! [emoji23][emoji23] You are all absolutely amazing riders and I cannot wait to ride again real soon. I’ve found a buyer for my bike.... my brother.... so when ever I can jump on those 150’s to check them out, won’t be long after that I’ll have something more suited. [emoji1377][emoji1377] [emoji3590][emoji3590][emoji3590]
  2. Happy 10th birthday!!! So proud to be apart of this! I have met and am yet to meet some awesome people!! Best thing I’ve ever done!!!
  3. Absolutely!! That’s awesome. I never thought to try mens. I wear everything else men’s!!
  4. Yeah it’s hard to find the right thing. As soon as I find something that works I’ll let you know!!!
  5. Nope. I’ve only seen the Alpinestars one. BUT I never thought to try mens, which I think she said is a men’s one in small, but I’m cowries about it squishing everything and then it being uncomfortable and ending up hurting. I could probably try... never thought to.
  6. Yeah same.... It’ll happen! I’m determined!!
  7. Yeah the front plate was tiny!
  8. Yep! That’s the one I saw. It’s like $300 and looks like it would only protect my nips [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  9. That’s some awesome feedback thanks guys!! I’m looking into everything, hardest part is finding it and trying it on with all the gear and hoping it feels good when you ride! Everything is so limited for females that ride Bush and definitely struggle with the curvy-ness. Maybe I’ll start making them.... [emoji848]
  10. I was going to ask the same question.... I’ve only ever found ONE for females and it’s horrible. Men’s squishes too much and I can’t breath... maybe up a size?!
  11. Hey! [emoji1366] I’m a Lvl 1-2. I’ve ridden Mt Dissa for a couple of years now. I’ve also ridden a whole heap of other places but just a day here and there. I ride a yz250fx and I’m still unsure this is the bike for me. But I’m giving it a red hot go!! I’m always up for a ride. I take very opportunity I can. [emoji854][emoji846]
  12. Thanks for the great info! Yeah I’ve got Tech 7’s and fill them out. Haha. It’s so difficult to find things. I 100% need new gear. It’s all torn and I’m not covered.
  13. Perfect! And I’ll do the same!
  14. I’d love to tag along, I know Dissa pretty well but will ride anywhere. Im good to ride on Sundays cause I usually work Saturdays, but I’ll keep my eye out for what’s going on and put my hand up if I can make it. [emoji16]
  15. Hahahah!!!! All good. If you’re looking for a riding buddy or want an extra to tag along let me know!!