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  1. I have also used the NuTech paint on two sheds. The older one is 8 years old now, and no signs of the paint failing. Get the petrol/oil resistant one though. It’s about $250 for 20lt.
  2. I bought a heavy duty steel checker plate 6x4, with some extra fastening points, spare wheel, Reg and jockey from a Europe Trailers in a Thomastown. Very happy with it, appears to be very well built. Paid $1600.
  3. No stress, sounds great. I have a couple of rides teed up with my brother around Wesburn area, so that will keep me going for a while. I travel a bit for work, so it can sometimes be hard to get away too, what with family commitments and all. When you are ready, I will keep my eyes out and join the ride.
  4. Thanks guys, not keen on camping at this point, I no longer have any camping gear, but I would definitely jump on a lvl2 at mount clay. Cheers.
  5. Hi guys and girls, thanks for the add. I am 48, started riding when I was 10, have been playing on an Africa Twin for the last two years but prior to that was off the bikes for about 18 years after a nasty road bike crash. Just bought myself a CRF450L cause the AT is a bit heavy to get into the bush. I need to get my dirt confidence back, so I think I am currently a LVL1.5. I live in Warrnambool now, but grew up riding east of Melbourne around Warburton, Healesville, Narbathong areas. I have some rides planned with my brother who has ridden all his life up around the spots I just mentioned, he still lives east of Melbourne. I am pretty keen to do a bit of exploring around the Grampians.
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