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  1. Hi Geoff, 1 x XL black orange 1 x XL black white Please. Cheers Sean
  2. I also want to show my appreciation for Murdoch, the ride and new trails he showed us. And for all of the other riders that made me feel welcome on my first ride with Dirtriderz. I gotta say I was questioning my decision to come after about 200m of the first trail. With my head hanging over the tank and me gasping for oxygen plus hearing the angry two strokes and one four stroke stacking up behind me, I was wondering if I was cut out for a 3+ ride. Still with some very much welcome help at some key points along the way and a few rest stops whilst I watched the more talented ones tackle
  3. Thanks Trailz, I’ve got all the parts but it’s still a way to go. Barrel is on, powervalve is clean and piston is on. Still need to reassemble most other things. I picked up a freeride 250r and went out last weekend to dissa. Have some fueling problems with it though otherwise I’d be there. Thanks for keeping me in mind. I’ll definitely be out again soon. The weather is definitely getting cooler. See you all soon.
  4. Yes, amazing food. Very generous too. Looking forward to some good rides. I’ll keep an eye on the ride section once the bike is back together. We’ve had some good riding weather recently which is strange for summer.
  5. Yes, thought I’d register while the forum was still front of mind. Thanks for the introduction!
  6. Hi all, I’m a medium experience rider that came late to dirt bikes in my 30’s. Have been riding bikes for most of my adult life. Have a 2011 KTM 300 exec for the trails and commute daily on my GS. Have owned a range of bikes from sports bikes to nakeds and motard. Have done most of my riding at Mt Disappointment with some at Wombat, Neerim St, and a few rides in Beachport SA. Keen to learn some new places to ride and meet some new riders. Bike is in pieces at the moment getting a top end and a few new parts after looping it. Cheers