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  1. Another great ride lead by the birthday boy and Cobaw king Dakota. He promised different and it was - a lot of tracks done in reverse and I even think he pondered which tracks he took us on. A contrast to his usual "this looks interesting lets see if we can make it up." He also controlled the pace and it meant we managed to ride all day to 4.30 and make the most of the day. There were a few riders which had limited dirt bike experience, however they made us all look amateurs on the downhills. They were very fast, fluid and fearless. I was at the tail but I wouldn't say I was a good sweep as by the time I got to hard spots everyone was helping everybody else. Man of the match is the Hoff as he many times saved the day and I think its fair to call him the David Hasselloff of dirt biking. Did you know Cobaw had rocks and they don't move when you hit them? My radiator discovered that today as the bottom radiator hose glanced a sticking out rock as I rode past it. The hose being caught forced the bottom of my radiator to fold in however it didn't pop (phew!) Today I also remembered to save a certain hillclimb. Many of you will know what this one is: See you on the next Cobaw adventure.
  2. all details in this pdf http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/0f4095_197672bf5afe4b0d96c2909acdec58ac.pdf
  3. I know of a few dirtriderz giving it a crack. I'll be heading there solo. Anyone else coming for a look?
  4. Dakota's Cobaw 3+ (+ what, a million)

    Dakota came out of hibernation and we were all glad he did. With perfect riding conditions he took us on tracks and trails that had us cheering, leering, and at times tearing. Some spent the day adding extra scars to their steeds, whilst others put their bodies on the line to save their new plastics, most saved themselves and their bikes with the throttle on and pure faith in the dry rocks for traction. Most were happy to see the cars and then even happier when Dakota threw around a few ice cold beers. Thanks to the sweeps for giving me a hand or some time to conquer a few of the obstacles. I can only imagine how hard those tough parts would be in the wet. Hope you are ok Tiny.
  5. Cobaw with Cujo and HT

    A gentlemen hours start time allowed a sleep in for all. Poor HT jumbled up the start times and arrived fashionably late. He also spent most of the day forgetting my name but I am sure these events are unrelated So much grip out there which meant we were confident to explore. We did a lot of the old tracks, found new tracks, found tracks we hope we never find again and in the end managed to loop it all together and get back to the cars at 5pm! We all had a go leading, sweeping, and being cornernman. Honestly this was a really fun ride as we managed to fortuitously stitch together an excellent loop, kept a good pace, and shared good banter to go along with it. Cobaw is awesome - it the place where even the Fire Trails are a challenge.
  6. Greendale For Two

    Thanks Habs for sweeping Conditions were perfect and there was grip aplenty. Except of course on the hardest hill of the day as that was wet. Thanks Habs for graciously helping me out and then hiking back up the hill. I had designed a new loop and he was the first to get a look at it. Slowly reducing the boring bits out of the ride. Nothing else to report as the pace flowed and no big offs. Be wary if you head out as in one section "someone" has got too excited with a chainsaw and felled a random selection of trees over a 50m stretch. Beautiful native bush destroyed for no reason.
  7. Wombat winter wonderland

    I got in touch with the no show. I got a response from one disappointed bloke. He had his bike loaded ready for the ride - on Sunday! Whoops.
  8. Wombat winter wonderland

    From the peanut gallery we held our breath at your offs at that little pinch. I thought the italian princess would be riding you.
  9. Clear skies greeted us after the downpours of the night before. Tracks were slippery, water was abundant and ruts hid their depths. A great group of riders meant we got through the tracks quickly and everyone helped eachother out along the way. Thanks as usual goes to Honest Tom for hovering around the back and his commentary of the carnage that unfolded in front of him. I feel in two creeks today which fortunately only left me to drown in my despair. Bike was ok for those wondering. There were stacks a plenty with everyone having their chance to inspect the damp earth. I'll let them tell their own stories.
  10. Thanks mate. Thanks for clarifying that adding the extra links won't mean I run out of adjustment.
  11. The mighty FX comes out factory with a 51T rear and I have put a 52T rear on it. I kept the chain length the same at 114 links however it is very close to the chain guide. It is almost new sprockets time and I was wondering if I made the chain longer by 2 links (assuming here you cannot make it 1 link longer) how far would this send the rear tyre back more? On the adjusters it is currently at the 3rd from the right.
  12. Well done Marko for keeping a bunch of gun riders entertained. Today was a fast pace (well really fast for me) and slippery. I was having an average day and took the option of an early exit whilst the rest did a second loop. Why rivalry ride? Amongst the gun riders today was an overtaking, undertaking, bar to bar racing, hill challenge bonanza. All elevated with a side of banter and bets (all in good nature). I can see a few of them being duels in the future - especially for hill climb champion. Thanks bayerj for being my personal sweep today. You are a patient man.
  13. First up thanks to CentralVic for putting together a loop that is a hard slog be it wet or dry. The legend even sent it to my last night to ensure the boys today had a terrific day today. Although it may of been because I promised to cover the route done yesterday and pick up all the broken bike parts. On the journey I saw front fenders, headlight surround, barkbuster plastic, bit of radiator guard - all orange funnily enough. To todays ride, and as usual I was amongst gun riders. I was riding at my 100% and behind me they were still warming up... sigh Weather was perfect and the sun shone all day. Grip everywhere unless it was slop. Thanks to those who gave me a help out at various points, and to the peanut gallery - thanks for nothing Twincam suffered a puncture and tried the cable tie method to keep it together. After that last 10m he called it a day. We covered the usuals that included Washing Machine and the Wall. I love riding out there.
  14. Cobaw.... it was nice

    Awesome turnout with Dakota as usual being the man of the moment. Organising, leading, laughing, preparing the grill, explaining that onions do not come pre-cut, and even starting the ride report. Starting the ride with these blokes I quickly realised I was going to be bored so another Yamaha rider (I forgot his name) and I decided to have our own ride instead. It was nice. We did some of the tracks in reverse or as we were putting it "the harder way" to spice it up a little. Thanks also to the sweeps, and to Tiny who happily always plays the escort - that is the one who will get you out of the bush wherever you are and even tow your bike back to the carpark.
  15. Yes I Bought A Yz250Fx

    This /\ /\ I usually buy my parts from OS but this time I tried local as I needed them within a few days. Next time I am going back to my man in Japan.