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  1. Results - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5171675#all-results Check out 15th place overall
  2. Great Pics Chris. You made me feel like I was right there with you
  3. Only videos I took. Mev on the mid section of the Log Step Up Mev on the last section of the Log Step Up (camera makes it loose less steep than it is)
  4. Awesome day out there today. Thanks Mev and Buzz for the invite to hang out pre-race in the pits Buzz smashed out 5 laps. Mev was doing well until his bike started to give him issues. Rage drove 32 hours to get to the race, and then raced it! A few pics of Buzz. Videos uploading....
  5. From the names I could recognise, best of luck Mev and Buzz I'll be there solo. Who else is going for a squiz?
  6. fab

    Kinglake - more like KingPuddles

    Great photos. Thanks photographers
  7. Thanks to Mike and Chewy for leading us around some great tracks today. It was good fortune that you guys knew the way around as there were some monster downhills that I was grateful were not our uphills. Marko and I were commenting in the morning why we have both only been to Kinglake once. We couldn't figure out why? Slippery clay, monster long rocky hills, roots, slippery logs, did I mention logs, and dust (yes some areas were bone dry). Oh and Puddles or as I will refer to them now - KingPuddles - so deep that they swallowed your bike. I saw Marko almost have an orange submarine and I went through one that water went into my boots from the top. This is my kind of fun and i'll be back again No mechanical issues, besides Stegpeg removals, and no injuries. Oh and it was 4 Stroke city today with 5/6 sploogless. Also 3 YZ250FXs out of 6 bikes. Lunch break. Jazz put himself into the naughty corner.
  8. fab

    Greendale - Nice for some

    We didn't get to do it either Ran out of time.
  9. fab

    Barclay's sailors falls fun

    Good to see you guys out there today.
  10. Well, today was interesting. The terrain was either bone dry or greasy. With the tracks the former and the hills the latter. Thanks all for coming along today and to those who swept. In the end I had to cut out a lot of tracks due to the setting sun, riders fatigue and the excess time taken to refind old tracks but hopefully all still enjoyed it. It wasn't all roses though. The thorns were : CentralVic didn't make it out of bed with "Car Trouble." Richardg launched his husky into outer space and then retired hurt. Beeaye WR ran out of electricity and he called it a day. Mike got a puncture but we managed to get it fixed (he was told he had a HD tube and it wasn't!). Shame Shame Shame all of you. Seriously though, it was a good ride. See you all on another soon.
  11. fab

    Rockin and rootin at Chewton...

    All lies... it was a horrible day. It was cold, it hailed, there were rocks everywhere and it was slippery on most of the climbs Truth be told that was what made it fun. Thanks to glorious leader CV and humble sweep Cujo. The loop is getting better and better. .... and yes I rode the TPI with Nasty's setup. What a bike!
  12. Thanks for the mention Trialz. Biggest thanks goes to the track fairies who sacrifice hours not riding to give us new tracks to explore. Speaking of fairies, Mr Goldmines @centralVic more than deserves a shout out.
  13. fab

    Dissa in winter

    Brett, CentralVic and I did all 3 (or 4 or however many they are). Hamburger 1 is flogged out! The rest of the hamburgers seem to be the same although they now have more tracks on the sides of it (in the fresh dirt). Forget to mention that Brett gets the award for the latest signup for a ride ever (he beat the record set by riles). 50 minutes before the meet time Brett asked to join - and then he beat a few people to the site.
  14. fab

    Dissa in winter

    Thanks all for coming for a ride today. Weather was fantastic and the tracks had just enough grip - most of time time. I thought there was going to be a mutiny when I missed a turn on the first track of the day and has us stuck on a hill for 15 mins. I was amazed how rooted the tracks are, well until another group came in behind us and I saw how those deep ruts were made (100% throttle and digging holes). Rest of the day flowed smoothly with Brownballs and Brett leading at times and showing me some new tracks to add to the loop. Poor Bruce struggled with a shagged rear tyre and I struggled with remembering where all the tracks were (its been a while in between dissa rides). Highlight of the day was seeing the jump in skill and technique of people I have been riding with over the years. The tracks are now harder, but they flow over them easier.