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  1. 254 hour update (Took a while to clock this 50 up). Still going strong. Besides replacing consumables (coolant, oil, brake pads, chain, sprockets etc) the only other replacement has been the battery. Just had valve clearances just checked. No movement. Replaced an exhaust valve bucket that had begun to wear its hardening.
  2. Oh Belinda, you were the only thing going through my mind as I approached the carpark. Clear at home and cold summer rain at Spring Hill. I was greeted by a few familiar faces returning after the Summer hiatus and we all braved the cold wind and rain to gear up. It rained for around an hour and we all had fun with our summer tyres on the slick leaves and clay. By the afternoon the tracks had dried and the pace picked up. Marko lead us through the best of Spring Hill. Pushing that plus to plus plus at times. A few play hills on the way and we watched in awe at the mountain goats getting up with ease. A few had enough of the bad jokes and split earlier. Most were were happy to see the cars at end of the loop (Summer of drinking has not been kind to ones fitness). video to watch whilst you read this ride report
  3. One day.... soon... At least this bike matches the boots great photos
  4. Christmas was in the air and so was the dust but this didn't phase the six riders. It was another great ride with a bunch of fellow elfs. Being a generous bunch we all gave eachother presents - Mother Nature was very generous with rocks, rocks everywhere. My body aches - Cujo/Crusty/actually I think everyone, gave charity in the form of being sweep. - Steve gave us a guinea pig. As we were this for one of his tracks whilst he went around and chuckled from the top. - Steve was visited by the ghost of Chewton past and re-enacted a famous scene at a famous spot. I'll let the gift of the gab explain that one - Ghost Rider and Floody bought the entertainment and both tried to launch their sleighs into the next chimney. - I gave the gift of extra kms and u-turn practice and when handed the reigns I headed towards the South Pole. - We all bought the ham, and tried to ham it up when a camera came out All in all, a gift of a ride.
  5. Results - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/5171675#all-results Check out 15th place overall
  6. Great Pics Chris. You made me feel like I was right there with you
  7. Only videos I took. Mev on the mid section of the Log Step Up Mev on the last section of the Log Step Up (camera makes it loose less steep than it is)
  8. Awesome day out there today. Thanks Mev and Buzz for the invite to hang out pre-race in the pits Buzz smashed out 5 laps. Mev was doing well until his bike started to give him issues. Rage drove 32 hours to get to the race, and then raced it! A few pics of Buzz. Videos uploading....
  9. From the names I could recognise, best of luck Mev and Buzz I'll be there solo. Who else is going for a squiz?
  10. Great photos. Thanks photographers
  11. Thanks to Mike and Chewy for leading us around some great tracks today. It was good fortune that you guys knew the way around as there were some monster downhills that I was grateful were not our uphills. Marko and I were commenting in the morning why we have both only been to Kinglake once. We couldn't figure out why? Slippery clay, monster long rocky hills, roots, slippery logs, did I mention logs, and dust (yes some areas were bone dry). Oh and Puddles or as I will refer to them now - KingPuddles - so deep that they swallowed your bike. I saw Marko almost have an orange submarine and I went through one that water went into my boots from the top. This is my kind of fun and i'll be back again No mechanical issues, besides Stegpeg removals, and no injuries. Oh and it was 4 Stroke city today with 5/6 sploogless. Also 3 YZ250FXs out of 6 bikes. Lunch break. Jazz put himself into the naughty corner.
  12. We didn't get to do it either Ran out of time.
  13. Good to see you guys out there today.
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