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  1. After 2 days of rain....???? you are leaving us hanging. I
  2. I wish I was there too, but the bloke you need there is the one who will give you the full "Central Vic experience"
  3. Great ride. Had sore arms all yesterday and today A few pics from a perfectly timed rest stop.
  4. Thanks Dan and Eric for coming along. I too was watching the mercury all week and was weary of a ridiculous hot day but we got lucky with not a bad day at all. There was traction everywhere and as Dan said we powered through them quite quickly. We would have been much quicker if I didn't test out our u-turn skills so often I'll need to spend some time there to link together more tracks to keep off the fire roads as there were a few 4wds about. Topic of the day was sp(l)ooge and the right amount - there was no right answer and just more questions.
  5. Thanks all for coming along today. Great day to be on the bikes. The rocks don't get any softer in Summer - my body has been telling me that for hours. Thanks for those who offered to sweep and all for being patient as I got lost at many times lol - the tracks need a bit of maintenance. Lots of little offs by all but no injuries except to pride and plastics. Ryley, hope to ride again with you in the future after you get your bike sorted for the slower sections.
  6. Well wasn't that an interesting ride. The total count of riders drifted into the late teens with my humble thanks to riles for offering me the ability to come along at last minute. Tracks were flowing and most of the the rider skill level were well above advertised and it was good to watch them all race and try outdo eachother. It was dust free in the morning however not so with the afternoon sun. No major injuries just a few sore hands from a slap on the dirt and a slap of a passing bike - I'll let those involved divulge more I took out my side girl today (yz250fx) and after a few hours got reacquainted. That said I'll be happily going back to my main girl next ride. The loop was aptly named after a fizzy beverage and liquids used to remove paint. For what we did it didn't disappoint and was topped post ride with the thirst quenching and overly generous riles bringing around his magic yamaha-blue esky filled with fizzy beverages. After the events of the day I'm guessing a few people will be using special liquids to remove paint from within their undies. Thanks to hoff for technically not loosing anybody. Also, thanks to the other sweep whose name escapes me.
  7. Thanks Riles for leading us around yesterday. Shout out to Habs and Eric for eating the most dust during the day. Being so dry the conditions were slippery except on the rocks. The dirt now resembles sand and it liked to eat your front wheel around a turn or deny you that squirt of traction you needed from the rear. A great spread at the end was enjoyed by all and washed down by various beverages. Great way to bring on Christmas.
  8. Thanks all for coming along for the first ride out lockdown. The tracks have changed since the last time I was there with more logs and water about the place. A few tracks that in hindsight should of been missed with my lack of riding, fitness, and 80% health. Appreciate the assistance of muscle at times, well at many times. The crew made up for the time off the bikes with a half seasons worth of misadventures in one ride - an accidental splash (sorry Eric), cornerman failure (fortunately all were found), clanging bikes (sorry toys), a helmet proving it is not a bike stand (unlucky hoff), and a mid ride calculation of the average age of the ride completed with the phone calculator.
  9. Thanks for the ride. I was surprised in the carpark to be nominated to lead but luckily I had an old loop to get us around. I quickly remembered the loop was challenging in parts but everyone gave it a go and would help eachother as needed. Thanks 99 and macca for showing me some new track and pointing out the way to go at times. The danger of going past the cars mid loop is that people gravitate to their trailers. Fortunately a reminder of lockdown and time for a snack got those back into the spirit. I managed to find the deepest hole in the place for my front wheel in and sailed over the bars. No damage except to the ego. Macca had done a double header and it was his second day out in a row! Don't know where he found the energy.
  10. Saw these whilst searching around - not sure if peoples know? 3 months extra warranty from Yamaha during COVID season (lots of conditions apply) https://adbmag.com.au/editorial/yamaha-motor-australia-offers-a-three-month-warranty-extension/ Possibly ktm but can't find evidence beyond this: https://infomoto.com.au/news/yamaha-and-ktm-offer-three-month-warranty-extensions/
  11. Hello FAb. I am very keen to do a whipsticks level one ride like you did last saturday. I have only ridden there alone. I am an older rider, I need to do a level 1 group ride to assess my skills . Let me know when the next one is. Im available the next two weekends and most of school holidays.

    Regards, Laaland

    1. fab


      Laaland, we rode together at Cobaw. I was the sweep :) 

      That other Whipsticks L2 step up ride on last Saturday would of been perfect for you!

      I probably won't be there for a long time. If you see an L2 step up ride I think thats the go for you.

    2. Laaland


      thanks fab. I remember you picking my bike up . thanks.. .. .Might put an auto clutch in it as cheaper option than a newer bike but they are out of stock in Australia at the moment.


  12. Thanks Ben (and all the other volunteers) for sacrificing your time to find him. For those who didn't watch the interview Ben didn't even take any credit for it, he immediately recognised that everybody found him. Top bloke.
  13. He was a good sport about it to and made a smart call at the right time. Laaland I look forward to riding with you when you get a few more techy rides under your belt
  14. Great ride today. No rain, mostly grippy and a good selection of tracks. It was an easy day for me at the back as everyone chipped into help eachother as needed. Thanks Rider and Riles for leading us around. Rider you are a machine with a big week at work, a few hours sleep, and you were straight into chainsawing when we got back. Hot tip is always get changed and pack your bike up before enjoying a beverage. It is a lot harder and requires more motivation to do it after a couple.
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