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  1. Thanks for the ride. I was surprised in the carpark to be nominated to lead but luckily I had an old loop to get us around. I quickly remembered the loop was challenging in parts but everyone gave it a go and would help eachother as needed. Thanks 99 and macca for showing me some new track and pointing out the way to go at times. The danger of going past the cars mid loop is that people gravitate to their trailers. Fortunately a reminder of lockdown and time for a snack got those back into the spirit. I managed to find the deepest hole in the place for my front wheel in and sailed over the bars. No damage except to the ego. Macca had done a double header and it was his second day out in a row! Don't know where he found the energy.
  2. Saw these whilst searching around - not sure if peoples know? 3 months extra warranty from Yamaha during COVID season (lots of conditions apply) https://adbmag.com.au/editorial/yamaha-motor-australia-offers-a-three-month-warranty-extension/ Possibly ktm but can't find evidence beyond this: https://infomoto.com.au/news/yamaha-and-ktm-offer-three-month-warranty-extensions/
  3. Hello FAb. I am very keen to do a whipsticks level one ride like you did last saturday. I have only ridden there alone. I am an older rider, I need to do a level 1 group ride to assess my skills . Let me know when the next one is. Im available the next two weekends and most of school holidays.

    Regards, Laaland

    1. fab


      Laaland, we rode together at Cobaw. I was the sweep :) 

      That other Whipsticks L2 step up ride on last Saturday would of been perfect for you!

      I probably won't be there for a long time. If you see an L2 step up ride I think thats the go for you.

    2. Laaland


      thanks fab. I remember you picking my bike up . thanks.. .. .Might put an auto clutch in it as cheaper option than a newer bike but they are out of stock in Australia at the moment.


  4. fab

    BenG is a hero

    Thanks Ben (and all the other volunteers) for sacrificing your time to find him. For those who didn't watch the interview Ben didn't even take any credit for it, he immediately recognised that everybody found him. Top bloke.
  5. He was a good sport about it to and made a smart call at the right time. Laaland I look forward to riding with you when you get a few more techy rides under your belt
  6. Great ride today. No rain, mostly grippy and a good selection of tracks. It was an easy day for me at the back as everyone chipped into help eachother as needed. Thanks Rider and Riles for leading us around. Rider you are a machine with a big week at work, a few hours sleep, and you were straight into chainsawing when we got back. Hot tip is always get changed and pack your bike up before enjoying a beverage. It is a lot harder and requires more motivation to do it after a couple.
  7. fab

    Sealing garage floor

    thanks mate will do
  8. Long shot... Anyone here had their garage floor grinded and sealed? I've been ringing up for a few quotes but they all seem to use different jargon and different ways of quoting! Looking at the finish lasting a very long time and not peeling.
  9. Thanks all for coming out today. Thanks Riles for sweeping and all the other leads that helped us all find the good tracks. Interesting action today We started with 9, then went to 6 and a few mins later were down to 3. Three due to rescue; last three seeing a chance to head back early A stick jumped out and tore the fuel fitting out of a Husky. Rescue Ranger Rider then helped push him out most the of way, towed him the rest and then bee lined him back to cars. Legend! A few of us going sideways down a hill and clipping a log side on - and surviving! I am terrible with names. But Old mate was on his first Level 3 ride today and was up to the terrain! (no not me) There was a step up about 30cm dug out soil and above it a 30cm round log. Most riders go around it but today I thought I got this. I cleared it easily (amazingly) and to celebrate started fist bumping and turned around - there was nobody behind me to see it lol. Unlike when I fell off there seems to be a crowd! See you all on the next one with hopefully less dust.
  10. fab

    FABulous Dissa

    Thanks all for coming along yesterday. A great group of riders ensured we made good time through all the obstacles. I don't think the sweeps had much work to do except judge the easiest line to take. Tracks and hills are getting more and more worn out but thats what you get with time. At least it ups the skill needed to negotiate them all. A few bike injuries with a total loss of front brake fluid (first time I had seen a brake line open up) and a flat tyre however both bikes were able to get back to the car easily. On a side note, I am loving the 300 in the tight stuff - it gets even easier when the tough stuff comes along. Still need a bit more practice on long rocky uphills as the hamburgers took a bite out of me today. I'm impressed how well kbuxx has adjusted so fast! Apologies again for being late - I was early then a comedy of errors changed that. First time ever but still one too many.
  11. Ha! I have so many responses to this, however this is a G rated site. Lets just say its always good to know whats in the box.
  12. I cut it in half to take it off. It was that or break the chain which at that point I was like "wheres the hack saw?"
  13. Thanks for the replies. I was actually after what that nipple looking thing is.
  14. I heard it was Pepperjack's first organised ride and he did a good job of it too. He managed to get 22! yes 22! riders off on time and nobody got lost during the day. Cudos to the sweeps and the other lead rider too for keeping the group flowing. Thanks to the fellow riders for all coming with prepared and well maintained bikes so that we had zero mechanical issues (besides learning the importance of tightening your tyre valves). Poor Trailz has to say goodbye to his helmet as it did its final duty of protecting his handguard as his bike hit the ground. Tracks were nice and flowy, we even had dust in some sections when around the corner it was just slick.
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