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  1. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Welcome to the forum mate.
  2. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    So much grip, so much dust, so much speed. This was the fastest average pace ride I have ever been on. (I await a comment from Bruce along the lines of too many breaks ) It was basically pin it to win it - and we all won. Kmatts and Marko strung together some excellent tracks today. Some old favourites and some new ones too. It always makes me laugh how we decide to explore at the end of rides and then wish we hadn't. We even had rock royalty with us. Paul's + 1 was none other than the Boss - Bruce Springsteen aboard a WR400. Although he swears he is actually Aussie. Highlight today for me was watching Crusty nail the hill before the 3 sisters. He did it on the pegs and made it look effortless whilst the rest paddled behind.
  3. Wow, wasn't that an interesting ride? I thought it would be a cruisy one but it was hard enduro all day. I think Mother Nature is really a dirt bike rider. Thanks to the sweeps and all for having a good attitude despite the conditions. Funniest moment for me today was meeting the local track fairy. He/she had come to say hello and somehow knew exactly where we would be and at what time. I soon realised it was no fairy, it was the Pied Piper as they ended up subliminally convincing most to call it a day and helped them back to the cars. After this is was just Marko, Cujo and I. We did a few more tracks but called it a day mid loop. It was a hard day on/off the saddle.
  4. RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    It all worth it... for the kids
  5. RCHA Cobaw Saturday Ride

    Hopefully the Easter bunny has some highlights captured on video (or lowlights depending on the the point of view of the person on screen)
  6. Thanks to Fixxy, Captain Slow and Cujo for coming along for a tour of Cobaw. Cobaw's rocks were unforgiving however the rain earlier in the week made grip everywhere. That was nice. The set loop soon became an explore ride and we found a few good ones. At the end of one I came to find Fixxy looking at the clouds as his back was complaining that it had had enough. We all had little offs. My brown pants moment had the bike at vertical and threatening to become my new hat. Fortunately a clutch pull and it rolled back and down. I think we were all happy to see the cars in the end. Only 30 odd kms with a completion time of 6ish hours. It was that kind of ride
  7. For those running bald tyres
  8. Yes I Bought A Yz250Fx

    200 hour update. ~50 hours since rebuild and it hasn't skipped a beat. Countershaft seal is weeping only slightly so next sprocket change that will be replaced. Both brake discs have been replaced. It will be bearing regrease time very soon in readiness for winter. Side note - Remember to watch those lower shock bearings as I have had another rust out.
  9. Thanks to all who came along today. Dust was bad so we kept to certain tracks to minimise this. I was very happy with the tracks we did and the new ones we found. It was deja vu for me as I bent my gear shift on a log (https://www.dirtriderz.com/topic/15539-fabs-gearshift-day/). I tried to keep riding with it but it was no good. Fortunately some bush mechanics made it better than it was before I bent it. Riders were dropping like flies. 99Percent wasn't 100% sure what was up with his bike as it flashing the engine light. Husky310 decided to pierce a radiator hose in the most hidden spot of the bike. Some others called it early because they missed their buddy or were happy with their efforts thus far for that day. Lots of little offs everywhere, lots of bars meeting trees, and lots of laughs with a great crew to ride with.
  10. Fabs Gearshift Day

    Lol. Today was brought to you by the letter G. Greendale - awesome conditions with new tracks found. Grip everywhere. Gear Levers x 2 - needing to be changed or bent into shape. I'll let the victims explain richardG - is back!!! Geoff - forgetting everything. Including getting ready to ride as he was too busy gasbagging Gumby - Most of us hit the deck today for silly reasons. I had the bike stalled at the mono balance point on a hill, but then gravity won. Great bloke - Cujo for sweeping all day. Gear - I bought a Kriega R15 backpack and it is awesome. and finally Gratitude - to the three blokes who came along today.
  11. Gypsy you were 100% right. Changed the tyre and its all good again.
  12. Its been alright for the winter season. I guess the tyre had enough. I'll install an old tyre I have in the garage tomorrow and see if the problem persists.
  13. I checked again and it may actually be the tyre. U used a cable tie to watch the rim as it went around and there was not much variance. Whats the fix? Do I unseat the bead and reset it? Is the tyre now junk?
  14. Spinning the back wheel I noticed a big buckle to one side at a certain section of the rim. Anyone have a recommendation for someone who can fix this? Pref West Suburbs of Melb (I can bring it into the local bike mechanic but would prefer someone with expertise)
  15. Another great ride lead by the birthday boy and Cobaw king Dakota. He promised different and it was - a lot of tracks done in reverse and I even think he pondered which tracks he took us on. A contrast to his usual "this looks interesting lets see if we can make it up." He also controlled the pace and it meant we managed to ride all day to 4.30 and make the most of the day. There were a few riders which had limited dirt bike experience, however they made us all look amateurs on the downhills. They were very fast, fluid and fearless. I was at the tail but I wouldn't say I was a good sweep as by the time I got to hard spots everyone was helping everybody else. Man of the match is the Hoff as he many times saved the day and I think its fair to call him the David Hasselloff of dirt biking. Did you know Cobaw had rocks and they don't move when you hit them? My radiator discovered that today as the bottom radiator hose glanced a sticking out rock as I rode past it. The hose being caught forced the bottom of my radiator to fold in however it didn't pop (phew!) Today I also remembered to save a certain hillclimb. Many of you will know what this one is: See you on the next Cobaw adventure.