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  1. fab

    FABulous Dissa

    Thanks all for coming along yesterday. A great group of riders ensured we made good time through all the obstacles. I don't think the sweeps had much work to do except judge the easiest line to take. Tracks and hills are getting more and more worn out but thats what you get with time. At least it ups the skill needed to negotiate them all. A few bike injuries with a total loss of front brake fluid (first time I had seen a brake line open up) and a flat tyre however both bikes were able to get back to the car easily. On a side note, I am loving the 300 in the tight stuff - it gets even easier when the tough stuff comes along. Still need a bit more practice on long rocky uphills as the hamburgers took a bite out of me today. I'm impressed how well kbuxx has adjusted so fast! Apologies again for being late - I was early then a comedy of errors changed that. First time ever but still one too many.
  2. Ha! I have so many responses to this, however this is a G rated site. Lets just say its always good to know whats in the box.
  3. I cut it in half to take it off. It was that or break the chain which at that point I was like "wheres the hack saw?"
  4. Thanks for the replies. I was actually after what that nipple looking thing is.
  5. I heard it was Pepperjack's first organised ride and he did a good job of it too. He managed to get 22! yes 22! riders off on time and nobody got lost during the day. Cudos to the sweeps and the other lead rider too for keeping the group flowing. Thanks to the fellow riders for all coming with prepared and well maintained bikes so that we had zero mechanical issues (besides learning the importance of tightening your tyre valves). Poor Trailz has to say goodbye to his helmet as it did its final duty of protecting his handguard as his bike hit the ground. Tracks were nice and flowy, we even had dust in some sections when around the corner it was just slick.
  6. Next question is underneath the bike... what is this hole for? That black plastic is the "PROTECTION CAP STARTER ENGINE" Rear of bike is to the bottom of this picture Rear of the bike is to the right
  7. Took a while to answer my own qns 1. Bike shop forgot to include the originals in the box of things they removed. 2. Needed to remove it to install swingarm protectors 3. Contacted Force and they said it shouldn't be an issue 4. Barkbusters will work with standard levers. You may need to bring the perch inboard though a touch. 5. On the LHS between the left bar mount and the left barkbuster mount.
  8. I saw the first post just after it went up and thought to myself “great, another of my finest dirt bike moments caught on film.” I wasn’t in the best mood so I decided not to look at this thread again until tonight and I thought it best reply. It has (still is) been a tough road to get the dirt bike out that day. Tensions were higher with the banter the night before, a poor nights sleep, a torrential downpour on the drive there exhausting all concentration as the car feeling like it was aquaplaning at 110km/h, a rushed PRP, and some manic adjustments to try cure a sticking clutch in the carpark just before we departed. Oh, and forgetting to properly bed in the brakes which lead me to blast past the first obstacle. To reset I thought I best just do a little loop around the tree however at 180 degrees I saw the red dot of the camera track me like the scope of a gun scope laser. The heart rate was already at a million beats per minute and this bought on tunnel vision – the result being not seeing the twig and coming off like I had been shot. Sigh. Excuses, excuses I can hear you all say Good news is that it put the brain into dirt bike riding gear and the KTM activated its go faster mode. The rest of the ride was great in comparison with the bike, a 2T engine and me gelling well. It was good to see the muppets Steve and Howard together again on their matching Betas. I was amazed that even if Howard has a bad day he still makes it look good. Watching MRKTM never quit on some hard obstacles inspired us all to not try at all New Bike first ride thoughts My initial thoughts are it is much easier to ride in the tighter trails than the Yamaha. Suspension wasn’t as good as the GasGas 300’s out of the box setup. Engine is fantastic at lower RPMs i really enjoying having hits of power available at will to loft the front over rocks and logs. I just need to get a handle of using the clutch to control the hit of power from a standing start as you can see In the video above. I’ll hold my full Yamaha vs KTM full comparison for a later time (including quality, fitment, engineering, maintainability, WTF finds) The FX is still in the garage with an uncertain future. The bike is mechanically perfect so I am in two minds around selling it. My brother is keen to start riding so he make some use out of it in the short term. Oh and Jake KTM I hope you recover quick.
  9. 5. Where are you placing your GPS mount on your bars?
  10. I'm having fun setting up the bike. Hopefully someone out there can help with a couple of questions? 1. After removing the factory deflectors I am left with brake and clutch pivot bolts that look too long and don't have a lower bolt to fasten it in. I am correct assuming that the bike shop has put the deflectors on and they have not given me the original brake and clutch pivot bolts? 2. This top chain guard. Do I keep it on or is it just a dirt collector? 3. Anyone else running the Force Billet Radiator braces and a trail tech fan? Installing it all I am left with a few mm gap between the brace and the fan... am I in for a world of hurt if I drop it? 4. I have not installed the Barkbusters yet (Rideworx ones). Do they fit with standard the clutch lever or do I need to get a shorty lever? Thanks
  11. I watched this the other day. May help? Other ideas... - blocked vent hose
  12. Thanks for both answers. File is 500MB! so most online services will not let you do it. I'll keep looking
  13. Anyone know how to make a 500mb pdf file searchable? The pdf file looks like each page is an image so will probably need something that will read it and save it into the pdf?
  14. Thanks. I haven't taken any of the bike assembled. Here is the first time I laid eyes on it.
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