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  1. Ruger


    Who smashed the Tullamarine underpass on Mickleham Rd with about 20 of these? Haha!
  2. I forgot to update you guys! Turns out it wasn't a fracture. I broke my triquetral bone
  3. I'm reading this as I'm eating a large capricciosa with a small nutella pizza for dessert.. I regret nothing!
  4. Ruger


    Do you think he'll notice..?
  5. Thanks for putting up the ride Andy. So as it turns out lithium and gel batteries don't like 1 degree weather. Definitely need to look into buying jumper leads or a battery pack. Also just a PSA. when6 installing stegz, you may want to put your boots on and test their position BEFORE you go out on a ride. Otherwise you'll have to adjust them mid ride. Also also, don't try to grab a tree when you wash out. You might pull your shoulder out.. Also also also, damn mother nature for putting that branch on the track. Wrist is all swollen up now! Lucky I'm right handed 🙄
  6. He made that look so easy, it's frustrating
  7. We even had a little awards ceremony!
  8. @Raffy22 thanks for putting up the ride bud! @Bear absolute legend for leading and @maccastrewth for sweeping. One or two hiccups along the way, but it's bound to happen with new members. Always a fun day out at the Whipsticks. Everyone will be proud to know that I only had 2 major outbursts that could be heard for miles around! I'm slowly learning to control the anger and frustration 😅 Awesome ride gents, Spewing I forgot the GoPro at home! Might as well thank @TRAILZ for cooking again haha!
  9. Could have been worse. Could have just launched your bike into a tree like me haha
  10. Also can we try to keep @Kelly85M84 away from tracks and logs within 5 meters of a body of water? I thought we had to go swimming at one stage 😅
  11. Haha anytime buddy, no issue at all. I'm slowly but surely getting there. Less cracking the proverbial shits and more stopping to assess the situation.
  12. I wanted to ride this weekend but I couldn't find any easy and calm rides. Thanks to Kelly for putting out the eoi and gaining enough traction for the ride to go ahead. After the mild inconvenience of having to pick up @TRAILZ 😂 we were made our way up and into the forest. After we unloaded and jumped on the pegs we did a quick warm up. Which lead to another warm up. Which followed up with another warm up. After our final warm up, we finally ended up at the car park. Fired up the BBQ and had some snags and onions on top (screw you Bunnings, you can't tell me how to live my life!)
  13. Oh no, did @Laaland do what I did and join a 2+ ride without the required skill? I got my ass handed to me at Tallarook! Been there before buddy, don't stress haha!