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  1. I had a few parts to order for my clients' suspensions, I took the opportunity to add 2 small parts for the CR, it will end up as a factory bike if it continues. .. bonus
  2. Hi everyone, I know it's not a very funny subject since we haven't seen any reassembly of the bike and its progress yet, but I still haven't been able to start working on it, so I continue to receive parts in view of its reassembly, which I hope will stimulate you a little the result of some small parts for the reassembly of the motorcycle, that I had ordered more than 2 months ago now, I thought that I would never have them, but hey one is missing, I hope that it will be delivered to me shortly. there are the rear pad springs and the brake hose guides, the centering pads and studs for the installation of the cylinder on the crankcases, the crankshaft key, the spring washer of the clutch nut, the 2 countersunk screws for one of the gearbox bearings ....
  3. Good and well cracked, since I sold the footpegs I had taken at the start for the 250 CR. There will be grip under the boots, they are beautiful and the weight gain is just impressive. don't worry guys i plan to blunt the tips ;)
  4. the days pass and the restoration of the motorcycle is still on stand-by, as long as I have not integrated my house and my workshop or I should start work soon. small reception of the day, the stickers for the radiator fenders and those that will take place on the fork with the old KYB logo.
  5. Oh !!!! it is well the exit of confinement, finally I receive a small package of Parts Unlimited with some treats for the 250 CR, 6 months that I waited for the clutch lever. Yum !!!
  6. 1st video concerning the restoration of the 250 CR 91. This is the 1st part, so as not to make the video too long which can make you want to zap. video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAxQNL_P-74
  7. Hello All containment Covid-19 requires and not the possibility of going to do the work of my new house and workshop (15 km therefore prohibited, I would have to be within 2 km) suddenly I do not advance on the restoration since I have no place to work, the bike is completely in pieces so in the boxes it does not take up space. I therefore finished covering the radiator fins, since it was not found in new ones, unless I found a model of another motorcycle that could be mounted on it. and some pictures from before
  8. Hi all not much new since, it's still on stand-by, but I received a bag of Pro Circuit stickers for temperature control and the shock spring preload nuts. it doesn't take much to be happy, as Balou would say
  9. half clutch housing and rear shock body returned to the house and small covering work (misery cache) on the radiator grilles, just to give them a little facelift while waiting for new ones one day.
  10. Here is the rear shock absorber and the half clutch cover in cerakote paint at a friend's house with my son, I will collect them tomorrow afternoon.
  11. I needed a Boyesen Rad Valve for a client, so I took the opportunity to add parts for the 250 CR so as not to have to add additional shipping costs when reaching carriage paid. So not much, a key for the clutch because I have the vise grip made for but I do not like to use it too much, it is more stable and for the price I do not care to make it a. The good hose to connect the tank to the carburetor, being the wrong size last time, a can of filter oil (very good I use it since 2010) and finally a small part made in Racetech for my rear shock absorber , for those who know ;)
  12. OEM 1991 vs HotRods 92-2001 they are the same
  13. Small arrival of parts for the 250 CR today, it is always a pleasure even if it is not much. You can see there a HotRods crankshaft which is logically sold for the 250 CR from 92 to 2001, but after information taken, it turns out that the HotRods (probably other brands too and OEMs) are compatible with the 90/91 ( see even since the 86) so I wanted to check for myself, the vilo of my engine being nickel I will either keep this one in case I have a problem one day and since it will become a rare commodity (it it's been a while since it was not in stock) or resell it. or in the last case I mount it direct, I don't know anything yet. Then for the handlebars you know it I like the gray handles grips (and if you do not know it now it is done) to make connection with the air box and the future protections of fork and disc in gray also as in the era of factory Honda RCs, and to finish the piece "Vintage" by excelence, the front fender stiffener, I had that on almost all my motorcycles in the 80s, so this is also a little reminder of the past . I don't know yet what my motorcycle will look like after reassembly, I have only a vague idea, but I hope that it will turn heads in the paddock with fractures of the retina of the eyes
  14. not too much time for the CR, but today I took a few minutes to check and repair the needle of the low-speed compression adjustment of the shock absorber that will take place on the bike. So rectify the needle and it starts again. see to have the red screw re-anodized.
  15. I like days like that, well it's really not much but it is a pleasure to receive parts for the 250 CR. To test, but I think it will do the job, compared to the old original hoses which may no longer be very tight.
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