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  1. The day started with meeting everyone at the start of carolls lane we were one rider short so i waited at the meet point for a further 10 minutes to see if they turned up. The rest of the group had gone down to the off loading area to get ready to ride . Last rider no show and no message so we all got ready to ride. We had a visit from the DSE OR PARKS VICTORIA they just wanted to check rego. Held us up a few more minutes then it was off down the first track with ring in lead rider BIG PETE he knows the area better than me so i took sweep duties at the start we were all going along great then it started to drizzle and when it was not drizzling it was raining and i forgot to mention wombat turned on a steaming hot 8 to a balmy 10 [emoji23] to say it was a bit chilly doesn't cut it . Not being a sook but it was a cold day but the riding was still lots of fun and big pete done a great job with a variety of tracks that keeped it interesting and we had no real dramas with bikes or riders getting stuck i think we ended up doing about 50 km's of mostly tight stuff we could have done alot more but as i said it was bitterly cold and wet all bloody day. Half the group left at about 1.00 to head for the cars the rest of us done a few more tracks i think 4 or 5 and we were back at the cars. Completly soaked and with smiles all round a great day 's riding. Thanks to everyone who came and braved the weather hope you all had a great a day as me. mention thanks to all who had a go at sweep rider and to pete fly for the photos.
  2. Time for the RM to have a bit of maintenance before the long weekend. Work done brake pads front and rear,chain and sprockets,chain guides on the swingarm,new bearings in the chain rollers,new rear tyre and tube, lastly gearbox oil and clean and lube clutch cable,clean air filter.
  3. Do you know monkhouses they made alot the tracks there awesome riding at Valencia creek planning on camping trip when we're allowed.πŸ˜‘
  4. Must be something about the colour makes people completely in love straight away the orange bikes have never had a special place in my heart πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Rm 250 lectron carb **** awesome πŸ‘
  6. If the 2019 was so good why buy 20 model.
  7. Was 10 minutes late to car park big Pete was already waiting for my arrival. So quick hello and let's get to riding😁gear on and off to the first track have to say conditions were perfect today lot's of traction and 16 degrees doesn't get any better. Today was a small ride before work it was very hard to head back to the car park. No dramas at all just lots of great tracks and smiles. Ride finished at about 10.30 ,11ish perfect day only thing better would be to stay out there all day long.
  8. Welcome to dirtriderz mate what part of Melbourne are you. Riding out all sides of city. Look forward to seeing you on a ride soon.
  9. The tag says it all got to the meet point and it was wet and slippery. Meet everyone that was on the ride a quick chat to make sure everyone knew the corner man system and it was off to the first of many great tracks for the day. Leaving the the road i could tell we were in for a good day the first track was muddy with water every wear from the amount of rain that had fallen over the past week.So for the first few hours it was a bit challenging with the light rain and very muddy going. The ride was moving along at a good pace despite the conditions and everyone was having a good time going by the amount of smiles. After a short break it stopped raining and another 5 or 6 tracks the conditions were taking there toll on the riding group with the pace starting to drop off a bit i started to steer us back in the general direction off the cars another break after a few of the group got stuck in a gully. More good tracks on the way back 5 or so and back at car park smiles all round. No real drama's for the day thank you to big Pete for sweeping all day and to everyone who came hope you had a good time and see you soon on a ride. Sorry about the photos not real good with a camera.
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