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  1. Thanks guys for the great ride, don't ever recall riding that hard even when was riding often back in the day, my shoulders where sore for nearly a week form all the tight stuff we did, the big berg is getting looked at Thursday the 7th at Slipstream Sunbury, getting the carbie and suspension looked at, all ready for the next ride
  2. Hi Baz450, Ktm Shane, Andy350, thanks for the replys, I live in Melton now, has a good look through the site yesterday, did look at the grading and the videos on it, i would think I'm about L2, but has been a while, used to ride Wombat, Mt Dissa, Tallarook, even Bunyip and Labertouche
  3. Hello fellow members was told about DirtriderZ on a facebook group, have not been of my bike for about 5 years, got sick of pushing it around my shed, so serviced it checked it over, no its time to start riding again, as in life my previous ride buddies either don't ride or have moved away, so looking for other people to ride with,