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  1. Hello All. My son and I both use custom CTi's and have done for some years. Knee braces in general don't stop knee injuries, but a world-wide study did note that riders who use them are less likely to injury their knees on the bike. Fit is the important issue, so a custom option or a sub-frame that contains the leg tissue well is required. Protection from direct impact is also a must, so good shell strength makes sense. Looking at the deep scratches on our CTi frames suggests they are absorbing plenty of impact. Our business was the CTi distributor for some years and our experience
  2. thanks for a great ride today fellas - a bit of everything and great to meet you all......we nursed Dicko Jnrs bike back to the carpark, but only just !!! Hope we can ride together again soon.....thanks esp for your hospitality Cruiser. Dicko
  3. sounds good Dean, I expect we are just around the corner from each other.....next time I'm going for a ride I'll let you know....unless you're a 25 year old sponsored enduro rider that is - I might hold you up....... Cheers, Steve
  4. Thanks Fellas - I've checked the ride grading system and it looks fine - from what i see I'll be OK with most of what pops up......mainly been riding up behind Alexandra for the last few years on private land whilst my son is under age, now a bit more at Toolangi, King Lake etc for a quick morning blast.... my 18 yo son is very handy, but he finds the old boy a touch slow now...looking forward to meeting you fellas some time. Question - what's the best way to be informed about local rides and upcoming dates?? Thanks and regards Dicko
  5. Hey Mate, Wonga Park / Sth Warrandtye way......i see you are in the Yarra Valley top spot... Cheers Steve
  6. Hello all, Just joined - live in Eastern Melbourne and keen to be aware of rides on weekends....look forward to meeting the crew on a ride sometime soon. I ride a 2017 350 exc-f and love single trail Regards Steve (Dicko)