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  1. Hey Andy 350, nah wasn’t me on the tracks on Saturday, I was at a house near the fire break trail, aka big greasy hill in town, last I heard it was a bit sketchy as to whether you could get fuel and food for that matter at Woods point......track 28 used to be a speedway, until the permanent locks on the gates at each end, park road ect are all pretty mint tracks though, I’ll keep a look out for harrydagers next ride
  2. Will do Captain Kenny, have you ever ridden from Noojee to Woods point lately
  3. Hello guys, i was sitting at the Noojee pub having dinner with my wife on Saturday night just gone, and about 8 or so blokes with dirtriderz hoodies turned up and I thought that must have been part of the group I saw earlier that day riding .Then I went for ride on Monday this week and asked a couple of the blokes there who dirtriderz were and here I am now. I’ve been riding only since the late eighties, done a few Blue light rallies in the nineties until they ceased with the last one with over 1000 riders, used to ride the Nolan, Stockmans, Sawmill, but now the only I try to get to each year is Amtra ride weekend. Started on a xt 250 then tt350, wr250f......broke that one so got another one, then a couple of gas gas ec300 and currently beta 300. As I say now “2 bangers are the way of the future”. Hope to catch up and jump on some rides.
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