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  1. Great effort Gyspy I always enjoy Lal Lal Hills were awesome the boys out there doing a great job cutting tracks ! Nothing has changed on the Gyspy rides fast pace and not much time for chit .
  2. Fantastic effort from you Murdoch On all your hard wrk prepping this track . today was one of the best rides I’ve had at Dissa mate thanks to Gyspy for sweeping and the guys for there support . Great ride [emoji108][emoji108][emoji256][emoji256]
  3. Big thanks to Gyspy and habs for this epic ride !conditions were very slippery and foggy from the start . 5 mins in I’m over the handlebars on a downhill section [emoji2][emoji2361] Tracks were great I’ve been up there on a few of Gyspy rides and goughs never disappoints. Thanks fellas .
  4. Great day out fellas was fun and the hills were insane [emoji108]
  5. Thanks Gyspy for a great ride in Dissa [emoji108] Buzz made a surprise visit and showed us a few beautiful spots along the way The black snake was surely a surprise [emoji47] Great riding boys Thanks to crusty Doug for joining us And sabo for sweeping
  6. Great ride fellas weather was beautiful thanks to gypsy for putting this ride on. Thanks to Mick buzz and Sabo for sweeping. Great single through the creeks and the odd hill for a challenge Ontill next time boys thanks