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  1. That’s great stuff good work mate I lost my garmin at the top of the ridge where third gear is look every time I go near it never to be seen again
  2. The Mad Scientist would be a a fitting super villain name for you my god what a ride you put on that terrain is the reason I ride dirt bikes, the effort you put in for all of our enjoyment 5 gold star’s for you sir
  3. Thanks Toby for putting on the ride been over a year since I’ve done your loop out at tallarook and it never disappoints. Being just the two of us and knowing the temps were going to sore we set out on a pretty fair pace, the breeze was quite nice as we wizzed through the tights. Tobys new steed looks the goods can’t wait to get my hands on one. Looking forward to the next ride we go on a ride out there eyed off some very interesting terrain.
  4. Is there anyone who’s like a gun hill climber who would know where this would be? Maybe they can give us a Lvl or how hard the ride would be there
  5. I can’t see it being in Victoria
  6. Not sure will have to suss out goughs for some decent hills next time in there
  7. Anyone else see this on grass roots page today? looks like they are going to do a hill climb competition, should be good any one thinking of entering, anyone a mad hill climber on this forum ???
  8. the famous rock garden at erzburg hard enduro
  9. Ohhhh was it very rocky like Carl’s diner spec? Or just long hill climbs wouldn’t mind seeing that type of riding at wombat
  10. Ohhhh was it very rocky like Carl’s diner spec? Or just long hill climbs wouldn’t mind seeing that type of riding at wombat
  11. Yeh poor choice on my part I actually went cobaws and did some creeks and and some hills but no lvl5 That’s just crazy talk
  12. Lvl 5 that’s mint count me in for the next one must of been insane hard, thought it was just flowy tights and some hills thrown in I’ll make sure to come on the next one
  13. Yeh ridings going good, learn something new every time I go out. Very grateful for all the help I’ve been getting lately little tips and tricks of the trade. thanks wade aswell little quiet achiever you. hey gypsy umm most likely not To be 100% honest I’ve been enjoying doing my own thing lately and some things about the grading system bugg me so decided to take that route might see me make special guest appearances every now and then. hopefully Murdoch can put on a bbq for the occasion (bloke can cook)