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  1. Hey Geoffro can I please grab: 1x original black large 1x stamped black large thanks mate!!!
  2. Lance you should have said something the other day when we were out at Enfield and you could have had a spin on my 350 to see what you think!! Mines a 2020 with nearly 50 hours on it now and has been great no issues at all!!! 🤙🏻
  3. G,day Dusty, I’ve got Oakley airbrakes and am really happy with them!! Pick them for two reason there prizim lenses are supposed to be super strong and they have a great lever release system for the lense makes them real easy to clean!!! They are better than my older fox gogs when it comes to resisting fogging but like any goggles if your going slow and sweating like a pig you can’t see much 🤣!!
  4. 🤣🤣 bloody software updates always painful mate just glad we could give the fans what they want me heading over the bars!!!! 💪🏻
  5. @BearMX when are we going to see all that sweet footage from the ride mate I didn’t stack me bike all those times for you not to share it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. The Bendigo 100!! What a great day out on the bikes!! Big thanks to @Habs for organising and leading and to @Olly610 and @BearMX sweeping!!! Conditions were absolutely perfect with all the rain during the week and a lovely clear and cool Saturday for a blast on the bikes!! Ended up being a small group but that meant the ride flowed really well and the pace was up for the whole ride even with me doing my best to slow everyone down😂🤙🏻 @Clarky hope you enjoyed ya first blast with the dirtriderz and at @JimyQ your flying on that 250 mate great riding with you again!!! @Jeffro
  7. Buninyong just outside of Ballarat!!!!!!
  8. Yeah I know mate I was on your lvl 1+ step up hard enduro!!! Sounds like a blast hopefully can get out there again soon with you guys!!
  9. How was the ride fellas spewing I missed it great day for it!!!
  10. Absolute ripper weekend on the bike with a great bunch of Dirtriderz!!!!! Everyone lucky enough to have a spot on the Black Dog L2 is in for a treat as it’s a great loop of mixed terrain sure to have smiles on everyone’s faces! @BushyBrows DBT and @Andy350 are putting in a lot of work getting this loop together pre riding and making sure everything is tip top and they along with all other ride leaders and sweeps should be congratulated for there work!!!!! Jay thanks heaps for the encouragement mate really appreciate it and as usual an absolute blast riding with you mate!
  11. Perfectly said @Roscoe it’s what riding dirtbikes is all about finding new terrain to challenge yourself and build new skills!! Cobra lead a fantastic ride not only showing us around his cracking trails but also jumping of his bike and quickly getting back to any of the bigger obstacles to make sure we all got up and over safely! Much appreciated @cobraone can’t wait for our next spin mate!!!! 👍🏻
  12. Huge thanks to @cobraone for putting on today’s 1+ step up ride 🤣!! You and @Roscoe have obviously done a lot of work out there to get these loops together much appreciated!!!! Certainly a hot tough slog out there today and I don’t think the DRZ was the only thing that wanted to throw in the towel at the 7km mark!!!! Thanks to the great man @Bad Badger for keeping all the sheep headed in the right direction all day!!! Was great to meet a few more new dirtriderz members today as usual absolute legends and can’t wait to ride with you guys again soon!!!!!
  13. As always a great day out riding with the dirtriderz crew I had an absolute blast! Thanks to @angelena for getting the ball rolling on this ride and to @2t4me for taking the reigns and getting this ride together! Thanks to @Bear for slapping together yet another awesome loop must have been nice up there in the dust free fresh air🤣 and to @BushyBrows DBT for sweeping all day!!! Lastly a huge thanks to all involved in keeping this forum afloat and allowing all us dirtriderz to connect and organise these great days out in the dirt!!! Merry christmas all see you for a ride soon!!
  14. Terrible news hope you have a speedy recovery @Michaelc good works as usual by the dirtriderz crew and emergency services getting the job done in a bad situation!!!
  15. Thanks for the tips guys appreciate it!!! Will lube up this tube and chuck it back in and hopefully when we can get back out for a ride it’s all sorted nice to know you guys have been running around at the pressures I want to run without any issues 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻