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  1. Terrible news hope you have a speedy recovery @Michaelc good works as usual by the dirtriderz crew and emergency services getting the job done in a bad situation!!!
  2. Thanks for the tips guys appreciate it!!! Will lube up this tube and chuck it back in and hopefully when we can get back out for a ride it’s all sorted nice to know you guys have been running around at the pressures I want to run without any issues 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Hi Yammy did consider getting tubliss but after doing a bit of research decided to stick with the tubes!! In terms of the pressures never went bellow 13psi on the front when I had standards in but as the UHDs are a lot stiffer tube get the same feel and squish in the tyre at about 10psi if it was dry and rocky would air up a bit for sure but was riding at Barwon downs in the otways and was a slippery mud fest so the lower pressure was needed for a bit of grip from what I’ve heard should even be able to run them a little lower at like 8 psi if needed anyone got any feed back on that????
  4. Thanks mate sounding like the lube is the go I marked the rim and tyre last time out as I assumed this might be the issue but no movement of the tyre on the rim just the tube went walkies!!!
  5. 👍🏻 Awesome mate yeah I didn’t have an issue on the rear still dead straight!! I will try lubing it up and see how we go!!!
  6. Hi vesparacer I was actually thinking something similar like greasing up the tube just didn’t know if it would make it worse as it would slip easier but sounds like it’s working for you so might give it a go!!! Was yours front tyre or rear mate???
  7. Thanks orangeboy yeah first time I just assumed rim lock wasn’t tight enough and tyre had shifted that’s why I marked it up but not sure what’s going on with it!!!
  8. G’day guys just wondering if anyone can help. I recently changed tyres and tubes on my Ktm 350 shinko 525 rear michi starcross soft front and put in Goodtyre UHD tubes. First ride out noticed front tube had rotated and valve was on an angle so popped they tyre off straightend it all up and marked the tyre and rim to make sure rimlock was doing its thing! Next ride out same deal was only about 15 mins in jumped of and it was cocked over again but tyre had not shifted on the rim!!! This seems pretty strange to me and I can’t really understand it both rides were in muddy conditi
  9. Mission accomplished!!!!!!!!
  10. Great day out on the bikes with the dirtriderz crew as usual!!!! Big thanks to @Britto for putting together a great loop and @egg cr500 on sweep duties for the whole day!!! Weather couldn’t have been any better and tracks were absolutely prime!!!!! Brittos loop was a good challenge to a Gumby rider like me self but plenty of help and advice from the experienced members there to help get through it all which as always was greatly appreciated!!! Certainly gassed on the run home after those hill climbs but a great day and can’t wait to get out with everyone again soon!!!!
  11. Can’t believe I forgot to thank @TRAILZ the master chef on the BBQ also @Bear for bringing a couple of grills and making sure nothing got burnt when trailz got distracted talking to people 😂😂 probably only low point of the day was that some idiot decided to bring frozen onions for the bbq who ever that clown 🤡 was wants to have a good hard look at himself!!!!!!!! 😉🤫
  12. Forgot to mention the two new dirtriderz members @Marty Mc and @Ollie dominated on there first ride hope you boys enjoyed and will be jumping on plenty more rides in the future!!!!
  13. Not a full ride report but just wanted to throw out a quick thanks to everyone on the whipsticks ride today especially to @Bear for leading us on an awesome loop and @maccastrewth for sweeping!!! Was a great group to ride with and flowed nicely!! And can’t belive with such a big group no one got lost or took a wrong turn all day 🤫🤫🤣🤣🤣 see ya next time fellas!!!!
  14. I can’t believe I forgot to thank the great man @Lindon also!! It was pretty dam cold out at dissa Sunday morning and @Lindon could see I was struggling a bit so suggested we push his bike for a kilometre to warm ourselves up for the ride!!! Its that kind of thoughtfulness from the experienced guys that helps us new guys out thanks mate!!!!
  15. Thanks for leading a great ride @coggs and I forgot the fella on sweep duty’s name but thanks for making sure no one got lost! Another great dirtriderz outing heaps of good people out enjoying the bush! Thanks to all the more experienced guys for coming along and helping out defiantly gives the group a lot more confidence having the good riders there for advice and a helping hand on the harder obstacles a special shout out to my Shepard for the day @stinky who took care of me all day even after I roosted him with mud when I got the arse end of the bike stuck in a hole he still stuck by me