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  1. Mission accomplished!!!!!!!!
  2. Great day out on the bikes with the dirtriderz crew as usual!!!! Big thanks to @Britto for putting together a great loop and @egg cr500 on sweep duties for the whole day!!! Weather couldn’t have been any better and tracks were absolutely prime!!!!! Brittos loop was a good challenge to a Gumby rider like me self but plenty of help and advice from the experienced members there to help get through it all which as always was greatly appreciated!!! Certainly gassed on the run home after those hill climbs but a great day and can’t wait to get out with everyone again soon!!!!
  3. Can’t believe I forgot to thank @TRAILZ the master chef on the BBQ also @Bear for bringing a couple of grills and making sure nothing got burnt when trailz got distracted talking to people 😂😂 probably only low point of the day was that some idiot decided to bring frozen onions for the bbq who ever that clown 🤡 was wants to have a good hard look at himself!!!!!!!! 😉🤫
  4. Forgot to mention the two new dirtriderz members @Marty Mc and @Ollie dominated on there first ride hope you boys enjoyed and will be jumping on plenty more rides in the future!!!!
  5. Not a full ride report but just wanted to throw out a quick thanks to everyone on the whipsticks ride today especially to @Bear for leading us on an awesome loop and @maccastrewth for sweeping!!! Was a great group to ride with and flowed nicely!! And can’t belive with such a big group no one got lost or took a wrong turn all day 🤫🤫🤣🤣🤣 see ya next time fellas!!!!
  6. I can’t believe I forgot to thank the great man @Lindon also!! It was pretty dam cold out at dissa Sunday morning and @Lindon could see I was struggling a bit so suggested we push his bike for a kilometre to warm ourselves up for the ride!!! Its that kind of thoughtfulness from the experienced guys that helps us new guys out thanks mate!!!!
  7. Thanks for leading a great ride @coggs and I forgot the fella on sweep duty’s name but thanks for making sure no one got lost! Another great dirtriderz outing heaps of good people out enjoying the bush! Thanks to all the more experienced guys for coming along and helping out defiantly gives the group a lot more confidence having the good riders there for advice and a helping hand on the harder obstacles a special shout out to my Shepard for the day @stinky who took care of me all day even after I roosted him with mud when I got the arse end of the bike stuck in a hole he still stuck by me what legend!!! Also have to give a thumbs up to @RIDER for the ice cold post ride beers and for producing a Maccas cheese burger mid ride for a snack! See ya’s next ride Raffy
  8. What and awesome ride on Saturday was great to meet so many like minded people all just enjoying rinding dirt bikes and helping each other out!!! Massive thanks to @Andy350 for organising such a great ride mate I know from all the smiles around the BBQ everyone and a great day!!!! To @TRAILZ thank you for leading the L2 ride and for taking the time to stop and give a few of us less experienced guys some really great advice and assistance through out the ride mate I really appreciated it and learnt a lot from the ride for sure!!!! To @Lindon thanks for sweeping the L2 mate and for throwing a few stunts in for the group up the hills mate!!! Also to the other more experienced riders on the L2 ride for getting behind the guys with less experience was a great confidence booster thanks fellas!! To @BearMX for leading the second loop and helping out the newer guys like me who decided it would be a good idea to stop halfway up a rocky hill!!! Was a great loop mate!! Lastly @Geoffro for starting this awesome forum and for being like Santa Claus after the ride handing out prizes and stickers to all the riders great work mate!!! What a great day can’t wait to ride with everyone again!!!
  9. Thought I would throw up a quick report on a great ride out at Anglesea Saturday morning hopefully get a few of the Geelong boys and girls on here keen to post up some rides! Met up with the boys at tanners rd campground at 8:30am geared up and on the pegs by 9:00am! A bit of rain the week before and a foggy morning made for great conditions without much dust!!! Thanks to Breedz with the local knowledge I think we covered just over 50 kms of tight trails with a bit of everything rocks sand ruts few small hills great riding!!! Thanks to shercoDan for posting up the ride and to Breedz for leading us around all day also to Breedz and Antz for some great tips and advice for me as a newer guy appreciate it boys! Cheers, Raffy
  10. Thanks for the feed back fellas! Will keep an eye out for a lvl 2 posted ride if nothing come up out this side of town happy to travel and jump on a ride somewhere else always good to check out a new location!! Catch up soon, Raffy
  11. G’day guy’s and girl’s. Ive been stalking this great forum for a while now and thought it’s time to get involved! Im 31 and live just outside Geelong have done a bit of trail/track riding on my 01’Cr125 but due to me questioning the old girls reliability I have been reluctant to get it out on a longer ride with the crew on this forum! So have saved my pennies and just picked up a new ktm 350 and hoping to get out a do a lot more riding in a heap of different spots this year!! Not a great rider would be a lvl 2 but really keen to learn a lot from the experienced riders on this forum so I don’t put to many scratches on the new bike! catch up for a ride soon cheers Raffy
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