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  1. Thanks Bear and sweeps. Great day, great group and great to meet you all. Thanks all for the BBQ and Trailz for the footage 👍
  2. lucky man .... I had work today ....and tomorrow
  3. Great topic / discussion / tips everyone. All valid hints and safety considerations. Pepperjack I'd go your #2
  4. Great day everyone. Good to meet a great group. Michael, the beer was sweet thanks ! It tested me but I'll definitely will go back to Cobaw. Thanks Pepperjack / Riles / KiwiMike. I'm buggered also ..... of course !
  5. Hi guys met Ian M and Joe at Blackwood on the weekend who were kind enough to ask me to join them. It was a great day, challenging at parts certainly taught me some new skills which was great. I'm on a WR250F may see you around Blackwood / Anglesea / Tallarook / Neerim