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  1. Great ride Fab! Indeed my first level 3 ride and I loved it. Enough challenges along the way and good pace. Was happy to pull the pin a bit earlier, energy level was pretty low after that creek and started making small mistakes. Hopefully next time will be better!
  2. Awesome ride today Pepperjack! Thanks a lot for leading. And thank you all guys for a great day!
  3. Thank you all for a fantastic day! You definitely made it an awesome first ride in Australia for me. Hope to see you soon again!
  4. Thanks! GasGas EC 300, amazing bike!
  5. @ BIGGIE, thanks! Riding here is quite different. Since Netherlands is mostly flat and majority of trails are made up of sand. So Australia brings a nice change!
  6. Just signed up! Keen on getting to know you guys and join some rides! I’m Daniel, originally from the Netherlands but living in Australia for almost a year now. Have been riding 4 strokes for some years. But decided to go for something different now and bought a 2 stroke about a month ago. Did some shorter test rides around Kinglake, Wesburn and Anglesea to get to know the bike. Next would be to join some of the level 2 to 3 rides soon!