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  1. Welcome to DirtriderZ! Hopefully we’ll all be out riding in a few weeks. Look out for an organised ride.
  2. Welcome to Dirtiderz Jo! I’ve got great memories of fishing Khancoban, Corryong and Lake Eucumbene. I used to come up a few times in a year just for the trout fishing and camping. You’re living in a great location. Riding there must be amazing
  3. Great bike! You’re going to have some fun on that!
  4. Welcome to Dirtiderz mate! What bike are you riding?
  5. Fair comment! We’re even, didn’t help you were behind me making me nervous though [emoji51]
  6. All good, I didn’t know it was you. I thought it was [mention]Gypsy501 [/mention]. I thought I better get out of the way he’d already tried to propel me off his bike with his back tyre earlier [emoji38].
  7. What a day! Perfect conditions with a back to back loop totalling 100kms. Awesome ride, great loop to work on your pace, a great place for me to return to! Thanks [mention]Britto [/mention] for fine leading and [mention]egg cr500 [/mention] for sweeping all day! Great encouraging group of riders, it was good to put some faces to forum names and catch up with other riders. A real mix of riders which added to the fun of the day. Bendigo didn’t disappoint! Thanks to all for a great day!
  8. Well done Ben! Best result ever! Awesome [emoji106]
  9. 2018 - KTM 250tpi - happy 2020 - KTM 300tpi - more happy [emoji2]
  10. It’s a good result! I’m grateful we can get back out!! The Premier did say, hiking, outdoors etc is resuming for these next 3.5 weeks then re-access again.
  11. I know that one, I took the photo, but that would be cheating.
  12. Done! Happy Easter mate! Matt
  13. Welcome to Dirtriderz Andrew! Hopefully someone will be posting up a lower level ride soon! Good to jump on meet some others and build more confidence on the dirt.
  14. Thanks[mention=5267]Pepperjack[/mention]! Ordered the unit. I was using a ram mount with my old unit, do you suggest stay with the RAM Xmount or the quad lock mount? From the thread I think I read you’ve used both at different times? Cheers