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  1. Welcome to Dirtriderz’s mate!
  2. That’s great you were able to catch up with her again. Well done mate! Thoughts and prayers are with her and the family.
  3. What a great weekend! It was obvious to see how much effort went into this weekend! Wow! Quite a show! Andy, Murdoch, Cruiser, Stinky/Romeo300, Harry, Bushy, Splints and all the sweeps and those that helped out, well done! As well as Geoffro and team and everyone else behind the scenes. DJ Badger, you are amazing, so many talents, hope you heal fast! Highlight was meeting so many new riders, great chats and hearing people’s stories. Bringing a topic that has affected so many people in different ways into the light!! Lastly Big River, what a place to ride and blast through the hills with a grea
  4. That’s great to know you’re running the Pro type Tim. Thanks for the detail, I will check them out and possibly follow up and check your set up out. We’ll have to meet up on a ride soon too. Have a great rest of the week!
  5. Hi Dirtiderz family, just wanted to ask if anyone runs the Risk Racing Lock-N-Load bike locking system fir their bike - either fitted to a trailer or Ute? I’m looking at this system to install on my trailer and avoid using tie downs, fork saver etc. I imagine it’s easier to load and unload as well as having less pressure on front suspension etc. 1. Are they an effective bike locking system, secure and practical? 2. Do you think using this system is sufficient for safely securing the bike? 3. This pressure on the pegs and mounts as the only fastening point ok? I appreciate any feedback a
  6. Welcome to Dirtiderz Jeffro!
  7. Great day out with an awesome DirtriderZ crew! Thank you to all involved, @angelena, @2t4me great work organising, and @Bearleading and @BushyBrows DBTand @brucektmguy keeping us all moving and together, surely you guys coped the most dust! Great loop and then finish with a bbq to top a great day off, thank you to all that spoilt us!! It was great catching up with some old faces and meeting many new guys and gals!! Everyone did so well, great to see the encouragement and support offered all through the ride! Looking forward to the next one!!
  8. Welcome to DirtriderZ! Hopefully we’ll all be out riding in a few weeks. Look out for an organised ride.
  9. Welcome to Dirtiderz Jo! I’ve got great memories of fishing Khancoban, Corryong and Lake Eucumbene. I used to come up a few times in a year just for the trout fishing and camping. You’re living in a great location. Riding there must be amazing
  10. Great bike! You’re going to have some fun on that!
  11. Welcome to Dirtiderz mate! What bike are you riding?
  12. Fair comment! We’re even, didn’t help you were behind me making me nervous though [emoji51]