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  1. Hey Fro, I’ll grab a large white please mate. [emoji869]
  2. 1 navy and one white please fro, both large. Cheers.
  3. Thanks, I hope I'm never in that position but I also know that any other Dirtriderz would do the same for me.
  4. He was on a kato 300, 2010 I think and his son was on a kato85. His car is a blue commodore station wagon with a Dirtriderz sticker on the back. He had a cage on the trailer with wheel slots. I think the kid said he was from somewhere near Taylor's lakes but not completely sure about that.
  5. We were riding Ballan on the weekend when we ran into an Ambo trying to retrieve a rider with a broken leg out of the bush. Abe75 grabbed his 4x4 and got the Ambo's to him and managed to get him down to the Ambo. We then recovered his bike and loaded his trailer along with his sons bike who was in the Ambo with his dad ready for his mate to come and get his car. I noticed a dirtriderz sticker on his car and was wondering who he is?? His son did very well to get help for his dad but looked a little shaken by everything going on. Whoever you are I hope your recovering well!! I think yo