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  1. Big shout out to Tracey, a well organised ride, great variety of tracks, good pace and no pressure at all. Thanks also to Arbo for sweeping and cheers to our mystery guest for a few riding tips. 👍 In fact, it was that good Tracey, put me down for the 20th please. Great to see so many girls out on the bikes too...
  2. That may be a good idea, I will check them out on the weekend. 👍
  3. Never thought of that scenario, now you have me worried 😟 You are right, you could have bike off the trailer and be gone in under a minute. There is no locking system with them and as the struts slide in and out of the floor plates, you need to lock these in your car when going off to ride. In saying that, it only takes seconds to refit. The standard Lock and Load are one piece and screwed down so do need to worry. I may try a bike chain lock for piece of mind. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to BD ride and will be good to catch up!
  4. Sounds good Matt, just let me know. Just starting to get back on the bike with a Tallarook ride this weekend and booked for Andy's Black Dog ride at Big River in March. Haven't forgotten about Anglesea, will arrange and let you guys know when we can do.
  5. Hi Matt, hope all is well mate. I use the Lock and Load Pro system and it works a treat. I have two trailers and have the floor plates fitted to both (still to fit plates in ute) and then just fit the struts to whatever I am taking to the ride. Loading and unloading each bike would take 30secs or less. Until I was confident that the bikes were secure enough by the foot pegs, I did use tie downs on the front loosely just in case. After the second trip, never used tie downs again. Travelled at 110kmhr, dirt roads, rutted, bumps etc, bikes never move. Being compressed at the foot pegs it holds do
  6. Cold start when you are gearing up at -3 degrees! Turned out to be a good day, sun came out & we warmed up pretty quick. Tracks were slick especially in the pines area and at one stage came around a corner to see one of the bikes swallowed up to its bars in a rut! Great to ease back into it & get out for some K's after a few months of no riding. I think Andy350 passed his shoulder woes onto Ruger (hope not too bad mate) and one snapped gear lever for one of the Huskys. Thanks to Andy350 for leading another great ride at Ballan, thanks to KennyB for sweeping, good bunch of riders as usu
  7. Hey Geoffro, I can grab 2 please mate ? Cheers,
  8. Hey fro, no start topic for ride report section for me either. not highlighted in the start topic list also.
  9. Hey Geoffro, Can I order 1 x navy medium & 1 x navy large please mate Will transfer money tonight. Great design. Cheers,
  10. Another SBC brother vote for you! good luck mate...
  11. sorry not luck with finding that size riveter. I will keep asking though with some other contacts...
  12. I may have a gun a work, I will check in the morning and let you know. do you have the rivets ?
  13. Great day had by all! Big thanks to @Andy350 for arranging just a popular day to suit all riders and cooking the sausages (with the secret herb & spices), I am sure the feast tonight will be superb. Thanks to @TRAILZ for leading the L2 and for the tips given to us. Thanks to @Lindon for the sweep duties, he was that good he could do anything for you without even getting off his bike! Probably a good thing he was sweeping as the plumbers crack we all saw when he was going up that hill will stay in some people’s memory for a long time... Good to meet a few new faces and great to see so many
  14. With 9 riders we were on the pegs just before 9am with a bit of fog and mist around. Rain from during the week kept the dust down and filled up a few pot holes and ruts around the place for a bit of fun. Pepperjack picked some good tracks for us with everything from tight to free flowing, great hills up & down that pushed some of our skill levels but got through everything at the end of the day and yes, very tired & sore! Great to see some of the guys have a play on the bigger hills, a clutch lever substituted with a stick & tape was all that was needed so not too bad. About 90k’s
  15. How easily it can get out of control, probably could have roostered the fire out with the bikes!