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  1. Hey mate I remember re reworking this bike well if you need any info ; spring rates ect just contact me , Darren 0408 344260 cheers
  2. Hi Tim you can try these settings if you like fork comp 16 out reb 20 out 120 to 125 psi with bike off the ground; also remember to bleed air out of both forks before and after riding ,store bike with front wheel off the ground to so air remains balanced between the 2chambers shock comp 16 out high speed 2 out reb 13 out sag static 36 to 38 mm rider 105 to 108 with cold shock find a happy medium Sensible adjustment range is around 4 clicks in or out from these settings Text me on 0408 344 260 if you need a secon opinion Darren Trac Rite
  3. Hey guys Darren Lee here from Trac-Rite Suspension, First of all a massive thank you for the opportunity to be a part of DirtRiderz.com, It’s awesome to see that Trac-Rite has an abundance of riders that are apart of this online community. We are excited to get to meet, chat and share our knowledge with all of you, current customers, new customers and even someone who just needs help. Trac-Rite currently supports riders at Pro level to novice in all off road Riding from motocross, enduro, dirt track, desert racing or just riding for fun. A big part of what we do is helping out the “normal” guy or girl rider that lives to ride their bikes on the weekend and we love seeing and hearing all about it. I will be offering forum members a discount, and look forward to meeting some new faces https://www.facebook.com/tracritesuspension/ https://www.tracritesuspension.com/ Cheers for now Owner and Technician Darren Lee
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