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  1. Had a chance to ride with Thomas, Iwok and Adam on a little trail finding mission in Bali. Some good bamboo forest trails as well as a dried riverbed.
  2. Been on a couple of these lately. Unfortunately I'm off to Europe now to ride a completely different climate.
  3. Here's a clip from the local forest. The wr400 is so much more agile than my klx250
  4. Ive got a 1998 WR400F. It still packs a punch, but man would an electric starter be great!!
  5. I’ve tried both. I went with a mate a while back and could only get hold of a couple of knackered old klx150’s I then went on a organized tour with Adam an Aussie running tours out of Bali. I’ve done a Flores trip and recently a Bali to Bromo 4 day tour. In Jakarta I managed to get an ok bike but it’s a long way away from Bromo and Borobudur. Id do another guided tour. It was such a hassle getting bikes on our own and we had to service them before leaving. Shoot Adam a message on +6282144367599 (WhatsApp) or info@advridersindonesia.com and he should be able to sort you out
  6. Greetings riders! I’m 44 years old and after about a 10 year break from dirt bikes got back into it 5 years ago. Loving it, getting away from traffic and crowds rather than riding tracks. Also done some trips in East Africa, Cambodia and Indonesia. Got a few different bikes but the thumper is a 1998 WR400F
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