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  1. Hey guys great ride you guys are sooooo fast was difficult to take in the view ! so well organised and excellent leadership great bunch of guys riders bbq s are always great ,pity I had to zip off this time for work that night thanks again guys
  2. mickf


    Clare castle port melb
  3. mickf


    Hey Cam love to catch up will give you a call cheers
  4. mickf


    Hey guys the Clare castle port melb yeah bike has rec reg and im licenced that would be great look forward to meeting some of you after Easter cheers
  5. Hey guys just joined you on recommendation from motoheaven in moorabbin Have been riding since i could walk but have had 4 years off as too busy to go Now sold one of my businesses a Pub that took up alot of my time so looking for rides on a wednesday or friday Im in Hampton My old bike (YZ 250 1997) which i love the most out of all the bikes (Rms WRf s ) i have had is just getting a spruce up at the second and will be back on the tracks in a couple of weeks Anyone interested as im not keen to ride on my own just yet done some stuff up at Labertouche neerim south and out Bullungerook way Would start on 2+ rides a its been a while
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