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  1. Cheers mate. Wasn't sure if they had to be a snug fit. Much appreciated.
  2. Okay. So I'm sure there are better forums for this but I shall give it a try anway. I have a garage opening of 2750 x 2050 it currently has one of those tilt panel doors that fits tight into the brick reveal. My question, can I fit a 3000 wide door overlapping the internal brick work by 125mm. Are there any installers that can see a problem with this? Cheers people. Any help would be grand.
  3. Thanks everyone for the excellent help. I feel much better about it, was kinda worried. What a great community.
  4. Cheers mate. That really helps. First sirt bike so its hard to know where to get started. Much appreciated.
  5. Cheers for the reply. It's an SWM RS 300. In essence a new Husky TE 310. Should have put that in original post lol.
  6. Cheers Gypsy. It gets better when warm. It is a 4 stroke. It's an SWM Rs 300 basically a new husky Te310. I guess I expected that the bike in gear with clutch engaged should behave like a bike in neutral. Freinds with road bikes have said dirtbike clutches should drag. Just not sure if this is true or how much.
  7. Evening people. I have approx 600km on my bike and while the bike will start in gear with clutch in it really doesn't seem to enjoy it and takes more effort to turn it over. It is also significantly harder to push when in gear with clutch in, vs neutral. When on the bike stand and in gear with clutch in the rear tyre will rotate with moderate force but certainly wouldn't spin as it would if in neutral. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.
  8. Are those tracks seasonally closed? I thought must 4x4 trails up that way had been closed for winter? If not I'm keen to head up that way. Wouldn't mind doing Caledonia track.
  9. Bought an SWM RS 300 a few months ago. Very impressed with the bike thus far. I have done 600km the bikes fit and finish is very good and the components are all high quality. Early days but can't fault it yet. It's no hatd enduro rocket ship but I installed a throttle tamer with excellent results.
  10. Thanks again for taking the time to show us around. Very much appreciated. Was really good to ride with people for a change. And cheers for the advice and helping hand.
  11. Hi Derek. In exactly the same position. I joined last week. I'm new to riding as well maybe about 2 years. I always ride alone and joined in an effort to improve my riding. It's hard to get better when you ride cautiously because you are alone. I'm probably L1+ maybe L2. Ride an SWM RS 300 and frequent gembrook and labertouche. I'm going on the Hazelwood L1 ride this Sunday. Seems like a good place to start.
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